The 2 Ultimate factors that determines your Click Through Rates

Looking to increase your click through rates? Of course why not. Except if you want to Stay broke Online

If you are running a PPC campaign that is not getting the result you need, you definitely want to increase your click through rate.

The desire of every advertiser, is to get more people to click their adverts and this is what makes CTR a very important consideration when running PPC campaigns. After all, a high CTR will increase your relevance or quality score, and the higher your quality score, the lesser you pay.

“All things being equal” a bad PPC campaign can become a very successful one by just adjusting one or two things that will trigger the increase of the click through rate.

Now, Increasing your click through rate is not rocket science, or some magic that only the great wizard of Oz can perform. It is something that can be done with a little tweaking here and there.

This is why, today, I would like to share with you… the two ultimate factors that determines or controls your click through rates.

When you focus on these factors, you will definitely increase your click through rates and impact your PPC cost and profit in general.

Without further ado, here are the…

2 Ultimate factors that controls and Determines Your Click Through Rates (CTR)

1. Target Audience

Targeting is the brain and center of your PPC advertising. If you get it right, you will smile to the bank, get it wrong and only Google, Facebook, Bing or any PPC platform you are using will smile to bank.

So you must focus on making sure that you get the targeting right. Nothing beats having the right offer before the right people at the “right time

If you have the right offer, it is important to know who the right persons for your offer will be. So you should do your homework well by building a persona and defining your target audience.

Know the

  • Demographics
  • Keywords,
  • likes and interests and
  • what they will typically do online or go.

Another way to get your targeting right is by spying on your competition and see what their audience looks like.

Tools like Quantcast or Compete is quite excellent and can be a good starting point for finding demographics for your target audinece.

Your PPC campaign depends on your ability to get the right people to click on your ad. And knowing your demographics will help you figure out what and who your potential buyers will be.

Finally on finding keywords, you can simply conduct a good keyword research or use Alexa or compete to find keywords from similar or competitors search.


2. Ad Copy

Your ad copy is what makes the click happen. It is like the heart of your PPC campaign. If your ad copy sucks then better say goodbye to your campaign.

Your Ad copy is your salesman that speaks directly to your audience. It should pass your message across, and contain your Unique Selling Proposition or Point.

It should share a benefit and an offer and make the user or prospect thirst for more details. So if you wish to increase your click through rate, consider tweaking your ad copy and improving it by testing different headlines and swipes.

You can also use a tool like What runs where to spy on your competitors ads and see what is working for them. You can even use their ad copy as long as it is infringing any copyright or trademark.

While there is no perfect ad copy, there are good ad copies that get results. So just a get a good ad copy that will increase your click through rates.

In Summary

It is worthy to note that CTR, doesn’t apply to only PPC alone, in fact it applies to all areas of marketing and traffic generation. Ranging from solo ads to SEO, to Email Marketing and so on.

Sometimes, when your PPC campaigns aren’t bringing in the sales leads and results that you are expecting, you don’t need to scrap your entire campaign.

You just need to do a little tweaking of your campaign to improve your click through rates (CTR).

Increasing your Click through rate is only the beginning of the journey, since other factors like landing page will also come into play to determine what your conversion rates will look like.

So now that you know the two ultimate factors you should always bear in mind when running PPC, make sure to apply it in your PPC campaigns.


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