Businesses and corporate organizations have continuously adopted better methods to operate digitally since the start of the third industrial revolution, also known as the age of the digital revolution, in the middle of the 20th century.

Businesses didn’t start utilizing digital tools at a rapid pace until the late 1990s, at the height of the internet boom. The dawn of the digital age was heralded by the emergence of products like cloud software, which revolutionized the way businesses and organizations store sensitive information. Gone were the small physical hard drive sizes of the 1960s and 1990s and replaced them with powerful, enormous servers run by software giants like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, and Google Cloud Platform.

Utilizing effective and cutting-edge digital tools has many benefits, including improved internal and external communication, time optimization, low customer churn, information centralization, and customer satisfaction and retention.

  1. DT Assessment tool
  2. Microsoft Teams
  3. Zoom Video Communications
  4. Whatsapp Business
  5. Zendesk
  6. Sage Cloud Accounting
  7. Hootsuite
  8. Google Workspace
  9. Twitter
  10. Asana
  11. Google Marketing Platform
  12. Google Data Studio
  13. Dropbox
  14. Microsoft Azure
  15. Instagram
  16. WordPress
  17. TalentSoft
  18. MailChimp
  19. HubSpot
  20. Trello

1: DT Assessment tool

Nine out of ten times, businesses that adopt digital technologies with no other plan than the desire to compete find themselves in trouble. This emphasizes how crucial it is for businesses to use the digital transformation assessment tool.

Based on their current operational process, businesses will be able to assess their readiness to adopt technology using the digital transformation tool. The tool will also make recommendations to help businesses understand what technologies they should adopt. In the end, this will make it possible for companies to promise significant returns on their investment in technology solutions.

2: Microsoft Teams

One of the best digital tools available for companies seeking an all-in-one solution is Microsoft Teams. It rose to prominence last year during the pandemic. The collaborative software includes a chat feature where users can chat seamlessly with other users both one on one and as a group, file sharing, meetings, live events, and a video/audio call feature. It replaces other Microsoft messaging and collaborative platforms like Skype and Classroom.

3: Zoom Video Communications

20 Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2023

When the COVID 19 pandemic hit its peak last year, the Zoom app, which was essentially an unassuming digital tool, quickly became popular as the preferred method of social isolation. Zoom received 477 million downloads as a result, making it the fifth most downloaded mobile app globally in 2020.

The best applications for the video conferencing platform are remote working, online learning (commonly referred to as webinars), and all those tedious Monday meetings.

The app is available for download on desktops and from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

4: Whatsapp Business

The WhatsApp Business app is the go-to digital tool for the majority of small businesses, particularly on social media. Whatsapp business offers businesses the ability to improve operations and give them a professional and individualized way to engage with their customers. It has features like a business profile, catalogue to show your products and services, auto messaging, QR codes to invite new customers, and other features.

Facebook developed the messaging app, which is available for download from the app store and the play store, as a stand-alone program for company owners.

5 Zendesk

If your company hasn’t yet integrated with the appropriate customer service software, communicating with a large number of both current and potential customers can be a hassle. Zendesk can help in this situation. With features like messaging and live chat, a ticketing system, voice, an answering machine, and much more, the tool optimizes your customer relationship.

6 Sage Cloud Accounting

The Sage business cloud accounting platform, one of the best accounting programs available, is a truly transformative digital tool for any company that has adopted it. The software can be used in all industries and is fully equipped with advanced inventory, stocks management, invoicing, debtor management, etc.

7 Hootsuite

In order to communicate with their customers, businesses and organizations are increasingly using social media. However, social media management tools like Hootsuite are necessary to manage multiple social media accounts at once. You can manage, schedule, plan, and analyze all of your company’s social media platforms and contents (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube) with Hootsuite.

The platform is available online and can be downloaded from the app store and play store. It has three different pricing tiers: Professional, Teams, and Enterprise.

8 Google Workspace

20 Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2023

Due to its ease of use and seamless integration, Google Workplace, formerly known as Google Suites, is arguably the most popular digital tool among businesses and individuals. It is a potent tool for digital transformation. Employees can share real-time information using the collaborative suite, which includes popular online tools like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Slides, My Tasks, Drive, and many others.

The G Workspace package includes a variety of digital tools that can be used individually or in tandem.

9 Twitter

Twitter was one of the most popular online tools used by Nigerian companies for the rapid dissemination of information about their offerings before it was banned.

It is a go-to, low-cost marketing tool for small businesses because of its capacity to draw in a sizable audience in a matter of minutes.

10 Asana

Asana is another well-liked online tool for group collaboration that companies can use for remote work. Asana is a web and mobile application developed by Dustin Moskovitz, a former co-founder of Facebook, to assist teams in organizing, managing, and tracking their work.

Asana differs from Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace in that it has fewer features, such as automated workflow and reporting, but it’s still a fantastic choice, especially for startups and small businesses.

11 Google Marketing Platform

One of the best digital marketing tools for B2B or B2C businesses seeking exposure and traction is this one.

For both small businesses and enterprises, the Google Marketing Platform provides solutions like Data Studio (see below for more details), Analytics for reporting, Optimize to test your app or web products, and Surveys to quickly and accurately gather customer feedback.

12 Google Data Studio

The Google Data Studio is the first digital data analytics tool on the list and is a unique data analytics tool. The tool, which has a straightforward interface, is used to transform data into customizable and illustrative dashboards and reports.

Data Connectors for seamless integration with other Google platforms like Google Sheets and Google Ads, Data Transformation to turn raw data into useful information, and Data Visualization are features of the Data Studio, a component of the Google Marketing Platform.

13 Dropbox

20 Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2023

As the name suggests, it is a box into which you can place items. It’s a little more than that, actually. You can drop any of your files into this enormous, remotely accessible box and access them from anywhere.

Dropbox makes it simple to share various files, no matter how big or small, with the rest of your team, facilitating collaboration and co-creation. Any computer, smartphone, or web browser can easily access Dropbox, and its developers guarantee users the highest level of security when transferring files.

14 Microsoft Azure

Create applications that use AI and machine learning to satisfy customer demands. Applications can be tested, deployed, managed, and scaled up and down based on demand.

Do all of this, and use Microsoft Azure to even modernize your current applications.

15 Instagram

Should we even get into this one in depth? No, I’m assuming. However, we would still do it for the benefit of those who are not yet aware. Understanding where your customers are and meeting them there is one of the most crucial marketing and digital marketing strategies.

In light of this, consider your ideal clients and what they would probably be doing throughout the day whenever they have a break from work. If you can visualize them scrolling through Instagram feeds, you already know that one of those feeds should contain your company page. (hmmm. That is why they are referred to as feeds. Oh, you just picked up something new. I ought to be paid for that.

16 WordPress

One of the most well-liked content management systems is WordPress. 41.4% of the top 10 million websites worldwide as of May 2021 use WordPress.

Users can use this tool to make websites or blogs for any purpose, and it also assists in managing the contents that are published on the website after it has been made for excellent SEO ranking.

17 TalentSoft

Human resource managers can interact with employees and other managers throughout the company more effectively thanks to the cloud-based HR software TalentSoft. The tool has many features that cover a variety of HR tasks, including hiring, employee engagement, onboarding, and more.

TalentSoft is effective for talent management on a global scale while still adhering to local requirements because it adapts to HR practices in various organizational structures and countries.

18 MailChimp

20 Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2023

Without an email marketing tool, your company is lacking. One of the most widely used digital email marketing tools available, MailChimp is practically used by every company with a sizable or moderate customer or audience base, including news platforms and podcast hosts.

The features offered by MailChimp, such as Audience Management for audience segmentation and targeting, Creative Tools for content creation, Marketing Automation, and Insights and Analytics, enable seamless and quick communication with customers as well as integration with other online tools.

19 HubSpot

Few digital tools provide businesses with as much comprehensive digital interaction as HubSpot does. The HubSpot platform is powerful and can be integrated with other well-known digital tools. It combines customer relationship management solutions, inbound marketing solutions, and other digital solutions into one package.

The platform also provides free, simple features that businesses can use to expand their online customer base.

20 Trello

Trello is a visual project management platform where users can share and manage work. Trello stands out from the other collaboration tools on this list with its strong visual approach to remote work.

Despite having fewer features than other options, it’s still a popular choice among users looking for an enjoyable and straightforward user interface.


Even though running successful marketing campaigns is not simple, it becomes much easier to manage when your team has access to excellent digital marketing tools. The best approach for assembling a set of digital marketing tools is to thoroughly research each tool and choose the ones that best suit your requirements and financial constraints.

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