As companies learn to use new technology, marketing trends come and go, ranging from keyword analytics to black-and-white newspaper ads. Brands cannot simply rely on their tried-and-true marketing best practices in this constantly changing environment. Effective marketing strategies have changed to reflect the changes in consumer values and preferences.

2023 is expected to be a fascinating year for marketing due to emerging technologies and consumer trends. The 16 marketing trends and tactics listed below will help you stand out from the crowd.

Among these trends are:

  1. Repurposing content 
  2. Tracking the effectiveness of content
  3. Creating content with ideal clients in mind
  4. Paying attention to the user experience
  5. Making use of video
  6. Purchasing long-form content
  7. Making voice search more effective
  8. Creating customized content
  9. Making content search engine-friendly
  10. Creating specialized content

1: Repurposing content 

Repurposing content is one of the hottest trends in content marketing right now.

You can: by reusing or recycling content.

  • Repurpose content for use on various platforms, including social media and email
  • Bring in non-searchers to your website and the content there.
  • Support other content marketing initiatives, such as content updating

Avoid copying and pasting your content if you intend to reuse it. Instead, adapt that already-existing content to the channel. Don’t email the entire 1000-word blog post, for instance, if you just published it.

Instead, make the content email-friendly.

For instance, you could cut the text down to 200 to 300 words and encourage readers to read the entire post to learn more. For readers who prefer watching to reading, you might even include a video that summarizes the post.

2: Tracking the effectiveness of content

2023's Best Marketing Techniques

Although you probably already use a website analytics tool like Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your content, it’s still important to learn more about the best performing content. Which posts, for instance, generate the most email sign-ups, leads, and sales?

After that, you can use this knowledge to inform:

  • content areas
  • methods for generating leads
  • oversee nurturing initiatives
  • even more

A marketing automation platform like MarketingCloudFX can be useful if you’re looking for a simpler way to track, evaluate, and attribute content performance. For instance, you can see which content pieces generated qualified leads in addition to leads using MarketingCloudFX.

This information is priceless because it allows you to demonstrate the effect of your content marketing strategy even more.

Instead of describing how your content strategy generated 20 leads during the previous quarter, focus on how it generated qualified leads and how you’re using that information to develop an even better content strategy for the following one.

You can instantly show company leaders your impact and value with that kind of data.

3: Creating content with ideal clients in mind

While it’s crucial to optimize your content for search engines, it’s equally important to customize it for your target audience, particularly your ideal client. Your chances of gaining their business rise when you address your ideal client directly.

There are several ways you can address your target audience, including:

  • taking care of their concerns
  • using words or acronyms from their language
  • predicting their needs, such as by providing relevant content

By creating unique landing pages, you can narrow your focus even further on your target market if you invest in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You have the option of using conversion-focused copy rather than SEO-friendly copy when creating personalized landing pages for your PPC ads.

This freedom enables you to communicate with your target audience more, which may lead to more:

  • tiny conversions, like signing up for an email
  • Large-scale conversions, such as a sale

You can always hire landing page design services if you don’t know how to create landing pages or how to write them. These services assist you in avoiding the learning curve associated with landing pages so that your custom landing pages can generate revenue sooner rather than later.

4: Paying attention to the user experience

2023's Best Marketing Techniques

Putting an emphasis on the user experience comes next on our list of content marketing trends for 2023. The user experience is essential to ensuring that visitors to your content pages remain interested. Let’s divide user experience into areas that are specific to websites and pages since it has many facets.


You must improve the user experience of your website if you want to capitalize on this 2023 content marketing trend. Here are a few strategies for doing that:

  • You should make your site load faster because users don’t want to wait for your content pages to load. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to check the current load time of your site and follow their recommendations to make it faster.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly because many people also read content on mobile devices in addition to desktop computers. Make sure your website is responsive so you can provide a fantastic mobile experience with your content.
  • Use the right font: When you set up the design of your website, you’ll decide on a font style for each page. Use a web-safe font to ensure that users of different browsers can easily read your written content.


There are ways to enhance the user experience on each page of content you publish in addition to web-specific optimizations. Listed below are some best practices:

  • Write in brief paragraphs; if you use 7-8 sentences per paragraph, you’ll overwhelm your reader and make your content challenging to read. To make reading and skimming easier, keep paragraphs to no more than two or three sentences.
  • Use bulleted lists: A bulleted list can make your audience read through information more quickly if you’re outlining a process or listing several options. Lists can be used to separate text into paragraphs.
  • Include images: People don’t want to read long blocks of text when they are reading your blog posts. Add visuals to your content to improve the user experience by breaking up the text and fostering a better environment on your website.

5: Making use of video

For the most part, blogging immediately comes to mind when someone mentions content creation.

Although blogging is among the best content marketing techniques, it is not the only one on the field. Utilizing video is one of the biggest content marketing trends for 2023. One of the best content types for your company to use to engage customers is a video.

Just take a look at a few of these figures to see how effective video marketing is:

  • The average day that American adults spend watching videos is five hours.
  • 90% of people claim that watching videos helps them decide what to buy.
  • Pages with videos get 88% more attention.

As you can see, video marketing leaves a lasting impression on your audience and has the power to sway their purchasing behavior. Therefore, if you don’t include videos in your content marketing strategy for 2023, you’re passing up a tremendous chance to connect with and engage your audience.

For your audience, you can make a variety of videos, including:

  • educational movies
  • explainer or how-to videos
  • A live video
  • Webinars

6: Purchasing long-form content

2023's Best Marketing Techniques

You constantly wonder how long a piece of content should be when you create it. Deciding whether to create short-form or long-form content is difficult. As you enter the new year, concentrate on producing long-form content.

The most beneficial type of content you can provide to your audience is long-form content. By doing this, you can give your audience a wealth of information that they want. You contribute to giving them useful information that encourages them to explore more of your company.

Google’s overall goal is to highlight excellent content. Your audience will remain interested in your content if it is of high quality and length, and Google will rank your page higher as a result.

They feel more informed when you share in-depth articles with your audience. To find useful information, they only need to visit one location.

Because leads will spend more time reading your long-form content, it will also keep them interested for longer. You increase the chances that your company will get quality leads.

Long-form content benefits both your audience and your company. Your audience is given the essential information they require, and you keep them on your page longer so that they can become leads.

7: Making voice search more effective

Among the content trends for 2023 that we’ll examine is voice search optimization.

You can’t ignore voice search optimization with over a billion voice searches occurring each month.

In order to get answers, people frequently use voice-activated technology. Such queries as “What can I replace eggs with in brownies?” or “How do you patch a wall hole?” create content pages that elaborate on the responses to those questions.

But you’ll lose out on this worthwhile traffic if your content isn’t voice search optimized.

What then is the best way to optimize for voice search?

The best way to optimize for voice search is to provide clear, concise answers to queries. The likelihood that your response will be included in the featured snippet rises when it is succinct and direct. It’s important to appear in these searches because featured snippets account for 50% of voice search results.

8: Creating customized content

2023's Best Marketing Techniques

One of the biggest trends in content marketing is personalized content. Marketers are constantly looking for new and improved ways to improve the audience experience. They want every customer to patronize their establishment once more and pick them over their rivals.

A one-to-one marketing strategy called personalized marketing enables you to give your audience a unique experience. You can give your company the advantage it needs to provide a better, more distinctive experience for your audience by using personalized marketing.

Let’s take the scenario where someone goes to your website to look at the free ebook you’re offering. To download the content, all they have to do is enter their name and email address.

Welcome back, [name]! could appear in a message when they visit your website again. This small act of personalization will have a significant effect on your audience. They get the impression that your website’s content was created with them in mind.

You could also give them a list of suggestions for content they should read next. By doing this, you can create an experience that is unique to them and how they use your website. Depending on how each audience member has previously interacted with your content, personalized recommendations will be made for them.

9: Making content search engine-friendly

Content optimization comes next on our list of 2023 content trends. Although this trend has been around for a while, it continues to be valid today. You won’t get customers for your company if your content isn’t search engine optimized. So, how can you improve the position of your content in search results? To help you optimize your content, consider the following search engine optimization (SEO) tips:

  • Include relevant keywords: Include relevant keywords on your website if you want people to find it in search results. To find relevant, long-tail keywords for your website, you should use a keyword research tool like KeywordsFX.
  • Make sure your title tag and meta description are optimized because users will see these two items in search results when they find your content. Utilize your primary keyword in your title tag and meta description while adhering to the character limits of 60 and 155, respectively.
  • Build your backlinks: Backlinks are crucial for SEO because they increase the authority and trust of your site. By producing high-quality content and asking authorities in your field to link to it, you can gain backlinks.

10: Creating specialized content

The development of niche content is another trend in content marketing. Niche content focuses on a particular subtopic associated with your company or sector. It is concentrated on attracting the attention of a select few.

Consider that you run a bakery. You write articles about various recipes that readers can prepare themselves. Because it is general in nature and the recipes pique the interest of anyone who enjoys baking, this content is appealing to a wide range of people.

There are specific groups of people in your baker audience. You can produce content that speaks specifically to vegan, lactose-free, or gluten-free bakers. Even though this group of bakers is more limited, it is still an important one that would be interested in your recipes if they suited their dietary preferences.

You can appeal directly to particular leads by creating niche-specific content. You direct people to your page and engage them with your content. It’s a fantastic way to get leads and nurture them into sales.


It takes time and effort to produce content of a high caliber. It is simple to become overwhelmed when you add optimizing for these 2023 content marketing trends to your list.

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