3 Super hacks to become Super Productive

In our last post, we talked about how being busy is not equivalent to being productive and since successful online marketing is measured by result, it is only when you are super productive that you can get result.

Becoming a super productive person is not rocket science and In this post we will be sharing 3 super hacks that if you implement today, you will become super productive person. Being super productive in your online marketing and in every area of your life is key to a successful and fulfilled life.

And if you have been a “busy bee” all this while, having nothing to show for all the busy stuffs you are doing, then the time has come for you to stop being busy and start being productive.

Here are 3 Keys to Become Super Productive

Step 1: Always Prioritize


What is the one thing that is most important to you right now? One ultimate key to being super productive is being clear with your goals and knowing the top 3 activities that draws you closer to your goal.

Becoming super productive is understanding that some things are more important than the other. So instead of trying to do all activities, you should focus on the most important top 3 activities that draws you closer to your one and most important goal.

Making money online is a choice and you must learn to choose those money making activities that will be generating more income for you. Doing a hundred things without a clear direction will not help you achieve your goals and that is you should identify the top e activities that draws you closer to your goal and make them your Priority.

Always Say No

If you want to be super productive. “Always Say No“. I learnt this lesson the hard way and now, I always say no to anything that I didn’t prepare, anticipate or know will mess up my already planned day.

It is always easier to say “yes” after a no than to say a “no” after a yes.

So, while you prioritize and focus on your top 3 activities, say no to anything that is not inline with your goals, and anything that will become an obstacle to actualizing your objective for that day. If you are going to take up a project or an office, take your time to ruminate over it and don’t be afraid to ask for more time and find out the time, commitment and resources required.

If you fail to do this, don’t blame anyone when you get involved int he rat race and end up… MISERABLE.

Quit Multi tasking

Multi tasking man

I used to think that multitasking was a great thing, after all, you can do two things at the same time and finish them all at once. But I forgot the wise old saying that says:

“A hunter who chases two rats at once will end up with none”

And that was my case. I always end up making terrible and stupid mistakes, I had difficulty paying attention to details and it is very important. Sometimes, I get lost in the middle and really find it hard recalling information, or switching from my current task to the previous one.

One of my favourite scripture verses reads:

My child, don’t be too busy with too many things. If you try to do too much, you will suffer for it. You won’t be able to finish your work, and you won’t be able to get away from it either.” – Sirach 11:10

I cultivated the habit of doing just one thing at a time and I discovered that you get a lot more work done that way. And your work will be more accurate and better compared to what it used to be when you are multitasking.

So if you want to be super productive, always single task and fully immerse yourself into your current activity.

Action Steps

Now that you have the 3 ultimate hacks to make you super productive, here are three action steps you should take right now…

  • Step No 1.: Identify the one most important outcome that you want to get or improve in your online marketing business in the next 6 months
  • Step No. 2.: Find out the best 3 things or activities you can do that will have the greatest positive impact on that outcome
  • Step No. 3.: What 6 things do you need to stop doing or spend less time with to focus on the 3 things that has great impact on your outcome
  • Step No. 4: Using the Hacks above, develop a Daily routine that you will follow to make your one outcome a reality
  • Step No. 5: Print out your routine and always be with it.

Now you have the ultimate keys to becoming super productive. Take massive action forward, do the right things and watch your profits climb to the next level.

See you at the top.

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