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5 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing is the latest buzz word and every marketer would like to leverage it. The challenge is that they do not know where to start or what tools they should use. There is a lot of content available online but its ends at a certain point and you need to know which tools to use out of that list. In today’s article we will look at five best free digital marketing tools that one can use in order to get going with the digital marketing for free!.

There is no dearth of digital marketing tools in the market. There are both free and paid tools for digital marketers. It can be difficult to choose which tools will suit your needs and help you with your projects.The following five digital marketing tools listed below are some of the best free digital marketing tools out there.

Answer the Public

A key piece of any digital marketing strategy is deciding the phrases you’d like pages on your site to rank for. Once you’ve determined those, you need to create content focused on these topics.

Answer the Public is my favorite tool to help with this. Enter your keyword or phrase on the home screen, click the “Get Questions” button, and wait for the results (this usually takes a few seconds).

Once the results are generated, you’ll see a screen with lots of great content suggestions based on real searches happening in Google and Bing. The topic ideas are shown in graphic form, making them easy to read and categorize.

Here’s an example I’ve used in my own keyword research. I typed “Go To Market” into the Answer the People search bar, and got a huge page of results. Here’s just one of the visuals it generated, giving twenty content ideas:

Answer the Public - Go to Market

If you ever wondering what topics people are searching for related to your top products and/or services, this is an invaluable tool to help you decide on a keyword-relevant topic to address on your blog.


Communicating and setting expectations for deliverables, achievable milestones, and meeting deadlines for yourself, your team, or your stakeholders is essential to your success, on or offline.

In the past, project management efforts happened mostly through email. Email platforms are very limited, however, and simply were not built to accomplish the dynamic and fast-paced tasks digital marketing activities demand.

Trello is one of many free digital marketing tools for easy project management. Displaying each project like a “board” containing “cards” with checklists, the user interface is easy to navigate and understand.

Like most collaboration software platforms, there are upgradeable, paid features, but their free basic service includes the important and most essential core features:

  • Easy organization of project tasks, milestones and deadlines
  • One third party app integration per “card”
  • Customizable task categorization or status tags and labels
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Checklists with progress charts
  • Data filtering
  • Deadline reminders
  • Easy file/attachment uploads
  • Email notifications
  • Activity log
  • SSL data encryption (security)

For most startups, Trello is a simple and powerful way to organize and plan digital marketing projects.


Unless you’re a statistician, gauging your website traffic can be exhausting. It involves analyzing multiple key performance indicators in to order to reveal insights into how your visitors interact with your website. With this gold mine of performance data, you can better optimize the content on your website to achieve your online goals.

An extremely user-friendly tool, Smylelytics sends you a bi-monthly report of your website’s traffic data, making the process a breeze. By translating your website’s numerical data into fun, personalized photos, you can see at a glance if your site is improving, holding steady or requires your attention.


No more logging into Google Analytics and digging through confusing charts and graphs of statistical data. Smylelytics includes:

  • Google Analytics data translation for key performance indicators including: bounce rate, new visits, visits, pages per session, goal conversion rate and time on site
  • At-a-glance images depicting good, neutral and poor website performance for each indicator
  • Enjoyable, easy-to-read email reports twice a month
  • Eight fun, free themes you can choose from for email personalization

All you need to get started is your website’s URL, the email address that is tied to your Google Analytics account (you’ll need to have Google Analytics installed), and an email address for your reports to go to. That’s it!



Great, paid options if you can swing it: Sprout SocialMeetEdgar

Perhaps our best time-saving tip for social media marketing is scheduling posts ahead of time for your social profiles. You can batch the social media marketing process: Do all your curating and composing all in one go, then spread those updates out across the next day or week.

How we use Buffer: The forever free plan at Buffer lets you connect a profile from each network (one from Facebook, one from Twitter, etc.) and to schedule ahead 10 posts for each network. If you share three posts per day, that means you can stay three days ahead all the time.

We’ve found a lot of value in the hand-picked content suggestions (thanks to Courtney who finds all that great content!), which are easy to read then add.



Great, paid options if you can swing it: PhotoshopInDesign

Over 2 million people trust Canva to help with creating images for social media, blog posts, and practically any other use you can imagine.

How we use Canva: The optimized sizes and built-in templates make it fast and easy to create tall pictures for Pinterest, rectangular ones for Twitter, square for Facebook or Instagram, and any size in between. We find Pablo (another free alternative) to be great for Twitter-sized images of 1,024 pixels by 512 pixels, and Canva to work really well for all else.


The digital era is here. There are opportunities to take advantage of the ever-expanding digital marketing realm for independent inventors or small business owners that weren’t previously possible just a decade or so ago. The only problem is that the sheer number of tools, how-to articles, guides, etc can leave someone’s head spinning!

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