5 Quick and Simple Tips to Instantly Boost your Conversion Rates

Conversion is the ability to turn browsers into buyers. And the success of your marketing is fully dependent on your conversion rate.

Take for example: If you can get a thousand people to visit a landing page, you’ll only get 10 new leads if your conversion rates are at 1%.

Without good conversion rates, all your traffic will definitely be useless. Conversion rates determines the chances that a browser is more likely going to buy your product.

Any offer with a low conversion rate will definitely cause you to waste your efforts driving traffic to such offer and that is why it is necessary that you optimize your landing page and websites to boost your conversion rates.

Various factors affect conversions ranging from factors you have control over, to factors you can’t control. However, in most cases, you can definitely increase or boost conversion rates by putting some factors into place.

In this article,we will look at how you can boost conversion rates by making a few small adjustments.  This simple adjustments will instantly begin improving the percent of people that complete the desired action on your landing page.

Here’s 5 tips to instantly Boost conversion rates.

1. Have a Clear and Simple Copy

When you’re writing sales copy, keep it simple, clear and easily understandable.

People need to understand your message before they can take action, so it is necessary that you keep your message simple and straight to the point.

Get rid of fluffs and phrases that people might not understand.

Eliminate the use of some words that might not be clear enough to the users. And do not generalize.

Take of example… Instead of using “high-quality product”, you should simply say why it is high quality and use something like “ this product that will change …………… or will do ……. or how you handle……”

This way, you will eliminate any doubt the visitor might be having about the product and communicate your message more effectively to the

2. Capitalize on your USP (Unique Selling Point) 

What is your Product Advantage?

The first thing you should define clearly is your Unique Selling point. Your unique selling point is what makes your product different.

What is your USP? How is your product or offer different from that of your competition? Why should your visitors choose your product over that of your competition?

Figure this out and focus your copy on it. Tell your potential customers why it is important and why your offer or product is the one they must go for. If you are finding it hard to figure this out, one way to do this is by asking yourself this question…

What is the major difference in your product/offer that will make your competitor’s customer abandon your competitors product or offer for your own?

When you are clear on how your product or offer is different from your competition, you will definitely not be focusing on what makes you the same as everyone else. And by focusing on the USP, you can set yourself apart from the rest of your competition.

3. Deal Effectively with Objections

What is the reason why people will say no to your offer?

Write a list of reasons why people may be hesitant to make a purchase on your website. Be honest and come up with the most common objections.

For example, people may be hesitant to purchase from an unqualified source. To address this, you need to explain why you’re qualified to offer your product or service.

Another common objection is that your product may not work for every customer. To address this objection, you should include a variety of customer testimonials.

Write the list of objections and then address them, one at a time. Use this list as a checklist that you go over before going live with your landing page.

4. Keep it Short and Interesting

The next tip I have here is to keep it short and interesting.

By keeping it short, I don’t mean using short sales letters. I mean using short sentences, paragraphs and words.

People are too busy and most people won’t read everything. This is why it is important that you make your copy easy to read and scan-able.

Break up your content and use shorter paragraphs. Use Image and bullet points to pass the message at a glance.

Also consider breaking or classifying each segments into sections and play with different colors and visuals to make it each one stand out.

It is important that you make it easy, fast and short for your visitors to complete the next step. Whether you’re having them subscribe to your email list or register for a webinar, the form they fill out needs to be short.

Typically, you should only include the required fields in your form. This includes name and email address. You really shouldn’t require more than 3 or 4 fields.

Beyond this, your conversion rates start to drop.


5. Clear and bold Call to Action  

This is another great way to boost conversion rates. Your call to action can have a very huge impact on your bottom line. And this is why it is mandatory that you make the call to action easy to find and bold on all section of the landing page.

At every point remind the user what they must do and try to tap into psychology and emotion. Playing with a wide variety of buttons like “Get Access Now, Get More Traffic Now, Download Now etc.” might be helpful.

You should tap into your prospects pains and goals by saying.. Get rid of Fat Now… or Get “Solution/Benefit” Now.. etc.

This can go a long way in making a huge difference in your conversion rates.

In Summary

In order to boost conversion rates or increase conversion do the following:

  • Make your copy simple and clear
  • Focus on your Unique Selling Point
  • Deal effectively with objections
  • Keep it Short
  • Make your Call to Action Standout and Benefit oriented

These are just a few tips for increasing your conversion rates.

There are other strategies that you can implement to boost your conversion, but I always like keeping things simple. So go ahead and try out this 5 tweaks on your next landing page, offer and sales copy and watch your profits climb.

If you already have a good landing page, I would recommend that you A/B split test this tips on your current landing page  and see which works better.

P.S. Don’t forget to share your thoughts, questions and comments below. 

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