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50 Best Email Marketing Designs

Email marketing is a huge way to communicate with your customers and get them to know, like and trust you. These 50 best email marketing designs showcase some of the top trends in email design right now – including videos, carousels, minimalist designs and dynamic layouts – that are being used by creative marketers.

Discover our favorite ideas, tips, and tricks for crafting email marketing campaigns that make an impact with your audience. With 50+ of the best email marketing designs to help inspire you, this is a great resource to have on hand when developing your own email marketing campaigns.

What Is an Email Marketing Campaign?

An email marketing campaign is a series of emails a business uses to communicate with current and potential customers. This planned content is distributed via email with the goal of accomplishing a specific goal for the organization such as nurturing leads or encouraging engagement.

Email campaigns are an important part of inbound marketing, an ongoing process where marketers meet buyers in whatever stage of the journey they’re in.

Inbound marketing acknowledges that not everyone is ready to buy from you at this exact moment. That’s why email is such an important channel.

Through email, you’re able to stay top-of-mind by providing communication to their personal inbox, and you can do it at scale with marketing automation software. It’s important that an email campaign’s recipients have opted in to receive this content and that each piece offers something valuable.

Here are some examples of different purposes your email campaign may set out to accomplish:

  • Traffic generation – Email can be an effective promotion channel for the high-value content you create on your website.
  • Awareness – Not everyone who opts into your email list is ready for a purchasing decision. You can use email marketing to stay top of mind while providing the educational content that is most relevant to them.
  • Lead nurturing – As you stay top of mind, you may also consider ways to identify the leads you have with the highest purchase intent and provide conversion-focused content that “nurtures” them toward a sale (or at least toward becoming sales-ready).
  • Revenue generation – You can create email marketing campaigns for your existing customers to promote upsell and cross-sell opportunities. You can also create campaigns to capture a sales conversion from leads who are close to a purchasing decision. (One example might be creating “abandon cart” campaigns for recovering lost sales conversions.)

The options for effective email marketing are endless. Check out these 10 email marketing tips in 60 seconds:

Ready to take a deeper dive? Effective email marketing campaigns need to be cleverly written to attract attention in busy inboxes. Let’s get into how to create an effective email marketing campaign of your own.

 Business newsletters

Companies are having to scramble to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. Newsletters to both customers and internal communications are more important than ever.

Managing a remote team, communicating a return to work plan, responding to crisis situations and keeping customers loyal and in the loop are all critical. In this section, we’ll address all those concerns.

Business update newsletter design example

Update your staff, investors, customers or clients on the state of your company with this easy-to-read newsletter template. It’s our #1 used newsletter template at Venngage for good reason!

Modern Business Update Newsletter Template


Keep in mind that your email will most likely be read on a mobile app. When you choose an email template for your business, make sure your own content fits into the existing text area. This will ensure that your email is responsive and can be viewed on a mobile app.

Design Tip: A quick hack to help images blend into an email design is to give them a color filter that matches the rest of the design elements. You can do this by adding a color layer over the image and adjusting the opacity within our online editor.

Take a look at how the blue color filter on the image in the email newsletter template above blends in seamlessly with the rest of the design. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you in this template. You can also add your own image from the free stock photos library.

Crisis communications all-company announcement newsletter template

Maybe you need to address a crisis situation within your company. Or announce your company’s stance on external events like the pandemic or Black Lives Matter to your customers.

This straightforward company announcement newsletter is simple to edit and send out quickly.

All-Company Announcement Email Newsletter Template


You can use one of the above email templates for other announcements as well. Find more crisis communications templates or browse our business letter templates.

Remote working guide newsletter

Keep your employees up to date with your remote work expectations or any other company news, guidelines and updates.

Gallup estimates that you can add up to 59 percent more growth in revenue per employee and great communication is critical to getting there. Using a newsletter to keep employees in the loop is a simple but effective tactic.

Remote Working Guide Email Newsletter Template


Using design tools like Venngage makes it easier to slot your own content into existing designs. Double-click the text box and paste your text inside or start writing.

You can also change fonts easily. Add your brand font to the editor via My Brand Kit. Or pick a font from the options available.


Internal back to work announcement email newsletter

As countries reopen their economies during the age of COVID-19, companies are scrambling to put together return to work plans. The CDC’s return to work guidelines is the best place to start.

Then, communicate your back to work plan in an internal newsletter that clearly outlines Do’s and Don’ts.

Internal Back To Work Announcement Email Newsletter Template


Marketing email newsletter template

Use this letter-style newsletter template to communicate either with your customers or staff and stakeholders. It’s easy to edit the text. Import your brand colors, upload your logo and your own photos too.

Social Distancing Email Newsletter Template


Colorful corporate newsletter template

Company newsletters don’t need to be dull. When done well, they are powerful tools for nurturing customer relationships. A beautiful design helps (see below) but be sure to pack it with thought leadership from internal experts at your business and helpful tips and tricks.

Corporate Email Newsletter Template


Design Tip: One way to make your email newsletters more engaging is to use an uncommon layout. Most newsletters follow a simple left-to-right, top-to-bottom layout. But a more unusual layout will stand out from the others.

For example, the snake layout in the example above draws the eyes back and forth across the page, making for a more engaging reading experience.

Professional company outreach email newsletter format

This email newsletter is a great example of what a company newsletter should focus on: your unique expertise and deep experience. You’re not just in your customers’ inbox to sell, you’re also there to deliver helpful insights that help them succeed.

Professional Email Newsletter Template


Design Tip: Picking alternating colors is a fantastic way to break your email newsletter templates into consumable sections.

The different color schemes help the customer see that each section is different and unique. They then see five small sections that they can work through rather easily. You can also use borders or lines, but I think that different colors makes an instant impact in their mind.

Simple monthly company email newsletter template

Design is critical to newsletters. Bad design hurts even the best email content.

And a common mistake that you can make while designing a newsletter is having too much going on visually. That’s why it’s important to keep a singular visual theme throughout the newsletter design.

In this simple newsletter example, the designer did just that. The header is clean, precise, with a bold colored background. They could have just as easily used a stock image or something else, but because they stuck to one theme the newsletter template from this organizatoin looks professional.

Outreach Mobile Email Newsletter Template


Data visualization company newsletter template

Graphs and charts are a simple way to visualize complex data or information. Perhaps you need to update stockholders and show that your company has been doing well lately (we hope).

That said, data visualizations in your newsletter shouldn’t be too complex. Point out exactly what you want the readers to take from a graph or chart by using accent colors or visual cues like arrows.

Monthly Company Email Newsletter Template


Industry news email newsletter template

New to newsletter design? Here’s the one thing you really need to know: don’t make your readers work to get the information they need! Your design should work to highlight your key points, so don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Icons are a great way to illustrate information and emphasize points in your newsletter. Placing an icon beside your headers will attract readers’ eyes, like in this email newsletter example:


Design Tip:Pick icons that reflect the theme of your information. Just be sure to use icons with a consistent style–this will help your design look cohesive. Venngage has over 40,000 icons and illustrations you can use to customize your email newsletter templates.

Branded visual email newsletter idea

Hopefully you already have your brand colorsbrand fonts or logo that your subscribers know belong to your company. If not, no fear, click the links to get tips and pre-made templates to whip up your own.

If those brand elements have already helped you build a strong visual brand for your company, why wouldn’t you use your branding in your email newsletters?


Design Tip: In this newsletter example, The Outline’s visual identity includes extra bold colors, large fonts and a lot of duotones. Each of those things is front and center in their newsletters. Now when it’s fighting for attention in an overstuffed inbox, that branding will help readers recognize it immediately.

Real estate newsletters

Real estate agents may find that purely promotional emails with listings work. But try combining listings with insider information like tips on hot neighborhoods or helping first-time home buyers learn what they need to know.

This will earn your potential clients’ loyalty and trust and increase your chances of landing a sale. Up your chances by filtering your list based on demographics or interests so potential buyers are only seeing the listings and information they want.

Not a designer? Try using our easy-to-edit newsletter templates. You can also browse different types of email marketing software from G2 to help with this.

Realtor newsletter template

This email newsletter design uses a variety of icons and illustrations to make the real estate organization stand out from the crowd.

Real Estate Marketing Tips Email Newsletter Template


Newsletter templates for real estate agents

Peach Real Estate Email Newsletter Template


Weekly real estate newsletter template

Bold Real Estate Email Newsletter Template


Monthly real estate newsletter template

Light Purple Real Estate Newsletter Template


For more real estate marketing tips and templates, our post on real estate marketing has it all.


Our roundup of the best email marketing designs starts with MailChimp. Look at what they do with illustrations and graphic imagery, and see how it can be used to engage subscribers and get them to take action.

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