7 Ultimate Steps to Staying Broke Online

When you saw the title of this post, What came to your mind? Thoughts like….

  • What the heck is that?
  • Who wants to stay broke Online?
  • Why venture into Online marketing is you want to be broke?
  • (Add Your own)

But.. Wait a Minute…. Let me shock you

There are “PEOPLE” Who WANT to stay broke Online

You might be wondering if there is any truism in that Statement, and I can tell you that it is truly true.

Take for Example…

When I was in high school those days, there are two (2) categories of students that you will typically find…

  • The Focused Students – They are focused and all they care about is to “Know what they need to know and move to the next level
  • The Indifference – They don’t care hell about the grades, lesson, and school in general and they hope to perform well in all subjects but never put any effort into this.

Now, the Good News is Both Want to Score good grades and graduate but the Bad News is….

Only the focused student will succeed.

This is similar to how many online marketers behave, they want to make 5,6 and 7 figures online but are careless about what they do.

Their Dream is to live the Dot Com lifestyle but their action is the complete opposite.

They are like the Preacher who says.. “Do What I say but don’t do what I do…” forgetting that action speaks louder than words.

Many  marketers do not say they want to stay broke online but their actions is literally saying so. They are taking actions and steps that will make them stay broke online.

So, If you want to stay broke online then this article is for you.

But if you want to make money online, then consider the steps outlined below and find out if you are familiar with it and break away as soon as possible.

Let’s begin

Step 1: Have the Wrong Mindset

So what is Online marketing? And How can you make Money online?

Well Online Marketing is simply having a laptop connected to the internet that makes you money all the time. And if you want to make money via online marketing, all you need is click a few buttons and watch your bank account flood with figures.

You don’t need to sell anything or do stuffs related to brick and Mortar business. In fact it is the complete opposite of offline business.

  • You don’t need to sell anything or have a product
  • You don’t need to see your customer
  • You don’t need customer service / support and other related stuffs
  • You don’t need to work hard
  • You don’t need to do a thing…

In fact all you need to make money is just click here and here and you will make all the money you want.

My Dear… If you want to stay broke online, then believe this and I 100% Guarantee that you will be broke.

Step 2: Always Listen to Everyone

You MUST NOT listen to a select few of Reputed marketers or model successful business models or Read Quality Blogs like Imarkguru and Hubspot.

Instead you must listen to every Jack and Jill, Jane and Josephine, Bob and Rob and every other wannabes out there.

Always listen to everyone and be part of their marketing. Keep reading sales pages, and open every sales email, don’t unsubscribe from solo lists and always open all the emails they send to you.

Just keep consuming the stuffs they share. One more thing… don’t focus on one thing keep looking for and keep doing everything they ask you to do.

Step 3: Don’t Build a Business

Who says you need to build a business to profit from the internet?

All you need to do is Click on Links like this one and this one and watch how you will make massive money instantly.

The Days of Working too hard to make money is over. The Internet will pay you good money so why build a business? Use Money Making software and websites available for you like Paid to Click, Paid to read emails etc.

Step 4: Forget about Niche and Coaching 

The thought of Niche Research, Niche Marketing and Finding a coach is frustrating and annoying so why worry about it in the first place?

You don’t need a niche to stay broke online. People like everything, so give them anything.Who says you need a coach or an online business consultant in the first place?

They are just charging you for nothing, when you can find everything using Google.

The goal is to stay broke online… So don’t even pick a niche and know that you are an Island and you can surely stay broke without the pricey coaches.

Step 5: Keep Buying all the Make Money Online “stuffs” you find

Why buy Make Money Online Product when I want to stay broke online?

  1. You need to spend all the money you have to be truly broke, so keep buying all the products On JVzoo, Warrior Forum etc. that talks about making money online.
  2. You will know “ALL THERE IS” to know about making money online and you will become a mountain of knowledge that won’t be able to do anything… and this is a sure way to stay broke online

Step 6: Keep Waiting for the “Perfect”…

If you want to stay broke online, You must wait for the perfect stuffs. Look for the perfect system, that works. A system without failure, a system that generates money at the click of a button.

Always look for the perfect in everything..

  • The Perfect Money Making System
  • The Perfect Niche
  • The perfect Product
  • The Perfect traffic sources
  • The Perfect Software
  • The Perfect Strategy
  • The Perfect Affiliate Network
  • The Perfect….

And If you don’t have the perfect PC/Mac/Linux Systems, Go find one.

Step 7: Be a Freebie seeker, Hate Selling and always DIY

If you have done all the steps above then you are certainly going to crush your goal of staying / being broke. However this one last step will definitely seal it.

All those who sell stuffs online are rip offs. So don’t be like them.

In fact hate them and criticize them and only look for free things. Look for the latest Free eBooks, Software, Traffic sources, etc. and Never pay for anything again.

And if you see any marketer selling stuffs to you… RUN…. He/She is a Rip Off, call him/her a thief.

Finally those freelancers who claim they are providing services are jerks. Who need them when I can do it myself?

Since you want to stay broke online, always do stuffs your self….

  • Build your website/blog yourself
  • Design the landing pages/sales funnel yourself
  • Write the sales copy/design your product yourself
  • Monitor your sites your self
  • Be the Founder, CEO, COO, CTO, Customer service  etc.

Now you have it. The Ultimate steps to stay broke online, by the way, you won’t be needing a plan to follow the steps above.

If you don’t want to stay broke online Make sure you avoid these steps like a plague.

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