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Advertising Agency Tools

When you’re in the marketing business, you know that staying on top of your clients’ needs is a full-time job. You need to be ready to generate new ideas and create content that will engage their audiences. This can take some creativity, as well as tools to make your life easier. Some of these tools are obvious, like a social media management tool or an analytics tool. But what about the tools you didn’t even know you needed? Read on for our list of the top 15 tools in today’s marketing industry—and see how they can help boost productivity and creativity at your agency.

As an advertising agency, your agency software plays a vital role in running and managing all aspects of your business. It is crucial that you have the right tools to provide your clients with fantastic services every time. A poorly equipped agency can affect the daily flow of your business tasks and if not improved, could lead to disastrous results in your workplace productivity.

Sticky Content

What is sticky content?

Sticky content is a type of marketing content that keeps your audience engaged with your brand. It can be used in many places, including blogs, landing pages and social media posts. Often times, it’s what makes you stand out from competitors in the eyes of potential customers.

Regular content vs sticky content

Regular content doesn’t create a strong connection with your target audience but sticky does. For example: If you post an article about why you started a business on LinkedIn or Facebook then it will most likely be read by some people who might have liked it if they were interested in reading about the topic but when you write about how great your product is and include images showing what it does then this will make people want more information which means more clicks on links within the post resulting in more traffic back to your website! This increases engagement rates dramatically allowing us all access another platform without having any knowledge base experience whatsoever (like myself!)

Social Media Management Tool

Social media management tools are the most common way for agencies to manage their client’s social media accounts. The tool allows you to see all of your clients’ posts in one place, whether they’re published on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

The best social media management tools allow you to schedule posts in advance and analyze metrics like followers and engagement. Some even allow you to create different types of content such as videos or GIFs without having any technical skills whatsoever!

Here are some great examples of agency-friendly social media management tools:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides insights into your website traffic, including traffic sources, user behavior and conversion. It’s the most widely used web analytics service, used by more than half of all websites.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for measuring and optimizing your website’s performance. It can help you do things like:

  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts (e.g., search engine optimization).
  • Track which parts of your site visitors are engaging with most often—and how long they stay on each page—so you can optimize them accordingly.
  • Determine how many people are visiting your business’s site from specific locations around the world, so you can tailor promotions for each location accordingly with localized language or currency displays

An Event Management Platform

  • Event management software is a type of online tool that helps you organize events, manage the planning process, promote your event, and track results.
  • There are lots of different types of event management software available. Some examples include:
  • Eventbrite – an online ticketing platform where you can create your own event website, sell tickets through their app or website, send reminders to attendees via email campaigns and SMS messaging, accept payments in person at the door or online with credit cards or PayPal account balance transfers (no cash accepted). An optional service called VenueConnect can be added to extend this functionality by allowing users to manage inventory levels for food & beverages sold at their venue using barcode scanners. This cloud-based solution costs $0-$250 depending on how many tickets need to be scanned per week/month based on business size requirements (
  • MeetEdgar – an automation tool designed specifically for social media marketers who want more control over when they publish content as well as how often certain topics get pushed out there ( Also comes with options for syndicating content across all major platforms so it appears in multiple places without having to individually upload each piece every time it changes hands – just one click will do!

Mobile App Builder

  • For those looking to create their own apps, AppMakr is a great tool for beginners. The platform makes it easy for anyone to make their own app. You can design your app with the help of templates provided by them or use their drag and drop builder to customize your designs. In addition, you can use AppMakr’s free online resource center to learn more about app development and marketing so that you can have more success in this field.
  • Another benefit of using this mobile app builder is that they offer various payment plans based on your needs and budget requirements (monthly or annual). In addition, they offer support services via email or live chat during regular business hours which means that users never have any problems working with AppMakr staff members who are always there when needed!

Hootsuite Content Marketing Platform

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts and monitor your social media accounts. It’s free to use for up to three social media accounts, which makes it an ideal choice for most agencies.

Hootsuite allows you to create and manage a library of content that can be shared across various channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. You can also track engagement on each post with in-depth analytics tools.

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar is a content marketing platform for agencies and bloggers. It helps you plan, organize, and publish content.

With CoSchedule you can:

  • Plan your blog posts. Create an editorial calendar to stay organized with the whole team. You can add your team members’ calendars too so everyone knows what’s going on at any given time.
  • Publish better content with social media scheduling tools built-in to help you schedule specific articles for Facebook or Twitter as they are published (or even not). Share new blog posts on social media fast by scheduling them ahead of time so there’s no last minute rush to get things out in front of people’s eyes when it matters most – now!

Canva Design Software and Graphic Maker

Canva is a free graphic design tool that can help you create social media posts, website graphics and more. Canva has grown to be used by more than 10 million people, including more than 1 million businesses, 500,000 students and over 100,000 teachers.

Adobe Spark Post Graphics Maker for Social Media Posts, Videos, and Web Pages

Adobe Spark Post is a free online graphics maker that makes it easy to create graphics for social media posts, videos, and web pages.

It’s easy to use: You can upload your own image or choose from thousands of stock photos. Then you can add text, shapes, images and photos using the “drag-and-drop” editor; search trending templates; or browse popular topics like travel and beauty.

Most importantly: Adobe Spark Post makes it easy for you to create graphics for social media posts, videos and web pages—without having any design experience whatsoever!

Ideas Generator Tool

The Ideas Generator Tool can help you create content, social media posts, and web pages for your business. It helps with creating graphics, videos and web images as well. This tool is an advertising agency essential because it can assist in generating ideas for any kind of campaign or project that your company may need.

The tool is very easy to use and allows users to generate content quickly by providing templates with pre-written text for various types of projects such as brochures or websites. Users can also import their own text into the template if desired instead of using the provided text options within each template category (such as “brochure”).

The tool has received 4 out of 5 stars on iTunes App Store reviews so far which was enough motivation for us at The Ad Agency to try it out ourselves!

Top tools marketing agencies use to help them stay creative and productive.

The tools listed below can help your agency stay creative, productive and organized. Many are free or have a free trial period.

  • Trello

Trello is one of the most popular project management tools in the world. Trello’s web-based interface makes it easy to create and manage projects, task lists, photos and more with other team members online via any device (phone or computer). You can also use Trello on your mobile device without an internet connection while traveling which enables you to stay connected with colleagues wherever you go!

  • Slack

Slack is another popular project management tool that allows teams around the globe to communicate quickly by sharing files through a cloud-based platform that works across devices from anywhere at anytime. It integrates with hundreds of third party applications making it very powerful for both small businesses as well as large enterprises worldwide because it’s super easy for each user type so there’s less training needed before getting started using this toolset overall too!


If you are running a marketing agency, you have to keep up with the fast-paced world of digital marketing. If you want to make sure your advertising agency stays successful, then it is important that your team uses the right tools to stay productive and on top of their work. We’ve covered some of the most important ones here, but don’t forget there are plenty more out there as well!

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