Animated marketing videos are becoming more and more popular, and they’re a great way to tell your story in a visual way. You could even consider using them as the centerpiece of your social media strategy. But what type of video should you create? Here are some tips to help you produce an effective animation video for your business.

What is an Animation Video?

Animation videos are videos that are created in the traditional animation process, which is where frames of animation are put together to create a story or image. Unlike other types of videos, an Animation video typically has a shorter length and can be produced in much less time than a regular video.

How to produce an Animation Video

To produce an Animation video, all you need is a computer and some software. The most common software used for producing Animation videos is Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. However, others include Inkscape and GIMP. You also need a camera and some filming equipment like a Steadicam or GoPro HERO4 camera.

Animated Marketing Videos for Business

Animated Marketing Videos for Business

Microsoft’s Re-Imagining mobile experience campaign 

The users are taken on a journey through their daily lives, the difficulties they encounter, and how they can reduce the number of steps with their single Microsoft suite app in this animated marketing video by Microsoft.

The background music in this video complements the 3D animation’s energy and is extremely cool and visually appealing. The audience is hooked until the very end thanks to the oddball effects and the lighthearted BGM.

Amazon’s super simple payment system – Amazon One 

This one-minute animated video gets right to the point and explains Amazon One’s operation in detail. Just the distinctive palm signature is needed to pay, whether you are grocery shopping or getting a hot coffee at Starbucks. This completely eliminates the need to carry a large wallet or purse filled with cash or credit cards.

With its vivid colors, the animation style is aesthetically pleasing. This animated marketing video not only has an excellent plot, but it also beautifully and succinctly explains the use case of Amazon One to its audience.

Slack’s Communication without chaos – Animated video

Professionals in the workforce must have encountered Slack at least once. Right? Slack’s animated marketing video campaign has one single objective: to simplify communication.

This straightforward explainer video has flat colors, a straightforward font design, and a carefully considered video script. When we work remotely, unfortunately, miscommunications are inevitable. Due to its accurate description of the issue viewers encounter every day, this video has a strong connection with them.

Coda Animated Product Promo Video

Newer businesses are booming in the current SaaS sector. Unavoidably, animated explainer videos have emerged as one of the most successful means of product promotion. This lovely explainer video was made by Coda, a Notion substitute, to show how one tool can support the hyper-collaborative world.

Here’s a very straightforward video style that mostly consists of screen captures and straightforward animations. Coda has produced a fantastic animated explainer video for their product using all of these.

Starbucks Animated Explainer Video

If you enjoy coffee, you’re familiar with Starbucks. Their thoughtful “Why does Starbucks Blend Coffee?” campaign emphasizes an idea-centric strategy. It describes how the coffee blend functions and how new coffee flavors have been created through blending experimentation.

For this video, Starbucks chose a straightforward 2D animation style, and a fantastic voice actor explains the purpose of the video. In conclusion, this is a fantastic and original idea for a 2D animated marketing video.

Intercom – Animated Product Overview

A well-known tool for managing business communications is Intercom. Their product overview video interactively highlights their USPs by taking the viewer on a journey.

This video’s intro includes a brief 2D animation film to pique viewers’ interest. Later, it continues with simple animations that show screen captures from their tool.

Animated Marketing Videos for Business

Hubspot’s Explainer video on Topic Clusters 

The Marketing video channel at Hubspot used an intriguing strategy to produce a well-explained educational video on topic clusters.

The script for this 2D explainer video does a great job of covering all the bases regarding Topic Clusters, how they operate, and how HubSpot makes it simple to locate Topic Clusters using their tool.

Samsung Knox Animated Campaign

Ever see a lengthy explainer video for a single minor product feature? Knox, a proprietary app that comes pre-installed on Samsung smartphones, helped Samsung achieve this. This clearly narrated explainer video travels through the Knox app’s use cases.

The 2D animation used in this video has a lovely and understated color scheme. A person is forced to pause and watch the video because it was brilliantly made.

Razer Naga Animated Promo Video 

This video is a prime illustration of a 3D animated promotional piece. It checks off every box, from captivating animations to enthralling music to keep viewers interested. It provides a stunning explanation of all the key mouse features.

This promotional video uses technology and effects that are comparable to those found in a feature-length film. And in case you missed it, this is one of the few animated videos without any background voiceover.

Ahrefs Animated Product Overview

It can be challenging to comprehend a product at times. The audience will, however, be clearly informed of the product’s features and benefits by creating an animated product overview video.

This 2D animated product overview video features vibrant and adorable little animations. The opening of this video, which is a common issue in the SEO sector, serves as an even stronger hook for viewers.

Animation Video Ideas

Animated Marketing Videos for Business

Every day, creators and viewers alike use the YouTube platform in their millions. It can be difficult to come up with an original concept that other animators haven’t used for their YouTube videos.

You can find some fantastic ideas in this section to help you unleash your inner animator’s creativity.

  1. A Day in Your Life, first

A day in your life animation video is really entertaining and engaging, and it gives your viewers a chance to interact with you by giving your video content a personal touch.

  1. Music Videos with Lyrics

Who doesn’t enjoy animated song lyrics? For their albums or singles, you can work with musicians to make animated lyric videos.

  1. Cartoon-style music videos

The popularity of animated music videos among viewers is enormous! They’re entertaining to watch and do a great job of personally expressing a piece of music.

  1. Videos that tell stories

This is an excellent way to work with your favorite storyteller and assist in providing the best visuals for their plot. The most exciting aspect of these videos is all the little details.

  1. Videos for Education

There is no better way to learn than to do it while watching some captivating images. In a nutshell, Kurzgesagt is a great YouTube channel that posts educational videos on science and many other subjects.

  1. Myths versus facts

Videos comparing myths and facts are a fantastic idea for your subsequent animation project. By dispelling some myths and awarding points with the aid of inventive animations, you can aid in the spread of awareness.

  1. Graphic Novels

They make your audience laugh and are entertaining, which helps. There are many inspiring people all around you, whether they come from your daily life or your favorite fictional characters.

  1. Video tutorials

Viral tutorial videos are very entertaining to watch! With these, you can never go wrong.

  1. Short animated movies

It’s fruitful and satisfying work that keeps your audience interested and even allows them to participate in the plot or storyline.

  1. Animation

Children adore the animated characters, and building the characters allows you to exercise your creativity. A great way to make educational videos for kids is by using cartoons.

  1. Vlogs

Vlogs are a fantastic way to showcase your entertaining, educational, or personal content. Both individuals and businesses can use them.

  1. Explainer Video

Short explainer videos can be used to briefly describe a good, service, or technological advancement. For the most exposure for these types of videos, use YouTube.

  1. Movie evaluations

Knowing your audience is made easy by making a video about your favorite movies. Engage your audience by using creativity!

  1. Reviews of favorite shows

Similar to movie reviews, you can express your opinions or discuss your favorite shows while soliciting feedback from your viewers.

  1. Explainer Video

Short explainer videos can be used to briefly describe a good, service, or technological advancement. For the most exposure for these types of videos, use YouTube.

Animated Marketing Videos for Business
  1. Movie evaluations

Knowing your audience is made easy by making a video about your favorite movies. Engage your audience by using creativity!

  1. Reviews of favorite shows

Similar to movie reviews, you can express your opinions or discuss your favorite shows while soliciting feedback from your viewers.

  1. Share Your Playlist, please

Anyone who enjoys music? People adore animated music playlists, which can encourage them to watch your videos and discover new music.

  1. Video Intros

Make an intro video and share bits of your life with your audience so they can get to know you better.

  1. Take a gameplay video.

These days, live gameplay recordings are very popular! These can be live streamed so that your viewers can comment and engage with you.

  1. Game Review

Considering how well-liked and promoted they are, you can review any new or popular game on the market and amass millions of views.

  1. A Guide to Gaming

In this kind of video, you can explain the rules of a new game that has recently hit the market to your viewers.

  1. Reaction videos

This category is very amusing and aids in your viewers’ comprehension of genuine reactions to a program, film, piece of music, or video game.

  1. Talk about a public figure.

Excellent videos to capture your audience’s attention! You can talk about a famous person who inspires you or has aided you on your journey.

  1. Online Courses 

What better way to help people learn than with entertaining and engaging animated videos since online learning has become the new norm?

  1. Teaching a Skill

For many people, YouTube has emerged as a key resource for education. The platform can be used to impart knowledge about animation, motion graphics, editing, etc.

  1. Life tidbits

This is a popular category! Simply share techniques for improving and simplifying daily life!

  1. Teach a Language

One of the best concepts is teaching a language through animated videos. In addition to learning a new skill, your viewers get to enjoy the process.

What are Some Tips for Producing an Animation Video?

When producing an animation video, it is important to make sure that the video is clear and focused. This will help keep viewers engaged and interested in what you are telling them. Additionally, it is important to follow a planned structure, which will help you create a coherent video narrative. Finally, take responsibility for the video content and use audio and graphics for better effect.

Follow a Planned Structure

A well-planned animation video will have a definite structure. This can be found through your chosen filming method (for example, stills or motion graphics), as well as your choice of narration and music. By following a planned structure, you can ensure that the video flows smoothly and provides an engaging experience for viewers.

Take Responsibility for the Video

As a business owner or producer, it is important to take ownership of your videos. By taking responsibility for the quality of the material and ensuring that it meets expectations, you can ensure that viewers will enjoy watching your animations on various platforms (webcams, online streaming services, etc.).

Tips forproducing an Animation Video that Willsuccessful.

In order to produce a video that is effective and informative, it’s important to use a concise and clear message. This will help the viewer understand what you’re saying and will also make the video more visually stimulating.

Graphics can also be used in order to add excitement and interest to your video. For example, adding cool or futuristic graphics may help to increase viewers’ attention span and make them want to stay longer on your screen.

And finally, use audio to enhance the video experience. For example, adding sound effects or music can help add realism and additional excitement to your videos.


Animation videos can be a great way to connect with your audience and Showcase Your Products. However, it’s important to take some time to produce a video that will be successful. By following a planned structure and using strong graphics and audio, you can make sure that your animation video is effective and entertaining. Thanks for reading!

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