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Apps For Social Media


Social media has become a necessity for many businesses. In fact more businesses are choosing to invest in social media as their marketing platform than ever before. This is a great step and starting point, but it also opens up a whole new set of questions that need answers. How do I allocate resources to maximize my social reach? Where do I start? What apps can my business use to truly reach its goals? The answer to the first question is relatively straight forward, allocate the majority of your resources to one or two social networks that best align with your business objectives. When it comes to finding the right apps and plug-ins, however, things are not so clear cut. When dealing with multiple social platforms it can be difficult find good advice on where to look and which apps to choose.


Buffer is a social media scheduling application that allows you to schedule posts on multiple social media channels. It’s easy to use and allows you to schedule posts in advance, which is incredibly useful if you are busy and don’t have time to post when your followers are online. Buffer can be set up with different schedules for each of your social media accounts, which means that even if you have multiple accounts, it will be simple for you to manage them all within one app.

The best thing about Buffer is that it makes it easy for users of all levels of experience to schedule their posts without having any technical knowledge or training in how social media works. Simply by choosing the correct settings, anyone can use this app because there are so many features available out of the box – such as being able to add images from their phone gallery or desktop into their post automatically without needing coding experience at all!

This app will help increase engagement on your account because whenever someone sees one of these posts it looks like something they want see immediately because they know what type content will come up next (and usually people think “oh look another goodie from _____


TweetDeck is a social media management tool that helps you manage multiple accounts, schedule tweets and monitor mentions. TweetDeck is owned by Twitter and is a free social media management tool. The app also offers an auto-scheduling feature to help users post at the best times to reach their audience, similar to Buffer or Sprout Social.

TweetDeck is one of the most popular social media management tool that can help users monitor and tweet from multiple Twitter accounts. It is made with the purpose to help companies and individuals with multiple accounts to be consistent with their online and social presence; as it isn’t always easy dealing with different accounts or numerous activities. In all honesty, it is a challenge. I, myself have owned multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, you name it. It’s not easy being active on every account and managing these accounts regularly. It is a hassle to switch between accounts. Logging in and logging out multiple times to change accounts. As well responding to messages and notifications on each and every account. However, thanks to TweetDeck, users are able to easily manage, monitor and post with different Twitter accounts without separately logging into each account. It has saved users lots of time and made their social media experience a lot simpler.

One of the biggest benefits of using Tweetdeck is that it allows you to see your followers’ tweet streams in real time as well as updates from people who aren’t following you back. In addition, it has some great features for monitoring conversations around specific keywords or hashtags (like #SocialMediaMarketing) so you can engage with your target audience when they’re talking about subjects that interest them most!

TweetDeck also known for their dashboard which displays separate columns that contains an overview of the account’s activities, notifications, feed, messages and more. TweetDeck allows unlimited columns and you can fit or add as many different profiles or activities you want. In addition to the dashboard feature there are many other features TweetDeck is known for, such as keyboard shortcuts, global filters, and scheduling postings.

The only con to TweetDeck is that it can only be accessible on a desktop or laptop. But there are other alternatives you can find on your mobile app store OR wait for TweetDeck to launch their own mobile app.

Regardless, TweetDeck is very easy to learn how to use and helpful for everyone, that could be those who have single accounts, multiple accounts or business accounts.

I suggest you give it a try! You can play around with the features or watch this video below to learn how to manage your Twitter account.


HootSuite was founded in 2008 and got about $5 million in Series A funding. The company has about 400 employees and is growing rapidly. The platform allows their customers to manage social media accounts from one dashboard. Besides publishing on multiple channels, HootSuite also provides analytics that show how content and campaigns perform on different platforms.

What Is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management tool with features to help with planning, scheduling, and syndicating social posts. Key features include automatic scheduling, social media monitoring, performance reporting, basic task management and more.

Why Is Hootsuite Useful?

  • Hootsuite can save you time with your social media marketing. Instead of logging into each network and posting there one at a time, you can manage Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest all from one place.
  • And its “Streams” feature can help you stay on top of relevant conversations as they’re happening. Again, you can monitor conversions on different networks from a single dashboard.
  • Hootsuite also has a helpful Analytics feature for in-depth social media performance reporting. If you run an agency, you know that reporting the ROI of social media can be tricky. Hootsuite’s Analytics feature helps you show off your deliverables.

Key Features

Post Scheduling

Though its feature set has grown over the years, Hootsuite’s bread-and-butter feature is still scheduling social media posts.

When you schedule a post on Hootsuite, the first thing you’ll do is choose which social networks to post to.


No social media management platform would be complete without reporting.

Hootsuite’s Analytics will allow you to see your performance by individual social profile, or via a “mixed” dashboard with all of your connected networks.

Key metrics covered include:

  • Fans and Followers
  • Posts and Tweets
  • Engagement
  • Traffic

Plus more advanced metrics like:

  • Performance by post
  • Inbound messages with sentiment analysis
  • Total clicks per country
  • Page content clicks
  • Engagement by type

And lots more.

You can also schedule your reports for automatic distribution via email on a weekly or monthly basis. Great for client reporting!


You can manage multiple social media accounts on SproutSocial. The platform is designed to help you publish content to all of your social media channels from one dashboard, and it provides analytics as well.

This app is for businesses and organizations that want to publish content across several social media platforms, but don’t want to hire a team of people just to manage their accounts.

SproutSocial was founded in 2010 and got about $1.4 million in seed funding. The company has about 280 employees and is growing rapidly. The platform allows their customers to manage social media accounts from one dashboard. Besides publishing on multiple channels, SproutSocial also provides analytics that show how content and campaigns are performing on social media.

SproutSocial was founded in 2010 and got about $1.4 million in seed funding. The company has about 280 employees and is growing rapidly. The platform allows their customers to manage social media accounts from one dashboard. Besides publishing on multiple channels, SproutSocial also provides analytics that show how content and campaigns are performing on social media.

The company’s software helps users schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. It also lets them measure engagement metrics such as likes, comments or shares per post; analyze follower growth over time; measure conversions from organic search results (which makes sense since the tool integrates with Google Analytics).

Apps For Social Media

  • Buffer is a free app that lets you schedule posts to your social media accounts. The paid version includes more options.
  • TweetDeck is a free app for managing multiple accounts. This can be helpful if you’re trying to run a campaign on more than one platform at once, or if your brand has an active presence across different networks like Instagram and Twitter.


Ultimately, users of social media are at the mercy of the app developers when it comes to design. Unless you have a voice that can really make a difference in a particular industry, then your voice may never be heard. Sooner or later, one or more (or all) of these platforms will decide to cut back on their development and curate what information/posts they do allow through. It’s just a matter of time. The best we can do is hope we are not on the receiving end of those decisions.

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