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Apps To Limit Social Media Use Android


I hope you aren’t one of the people who always has their eyes glued to their phone, but odds are you do. It’s not your fault! The apps themselves are built to be addictive and encourage us to use them. Still, I think we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to not let our time on social media get out of control. These are some of the top apps for Android that can help limit your social media use!

The world has taken a huge liking to the term ‘personal branding’. Each day, hundreds of people create their own brand identity and begin building what they hope is an empire. The idea of this all being done over the internet is fascinating, isn’t it? To have an identity that people can learn about you through social media without ever meeting you in person can be helpful whether you’re trying to make money or simply trying to keep your friends and family informed. However, social media poses many risks to people especially teens because they are still developing their theories on morality and right and wrong when it comes to the virtual world. The need for adults to monitor their child’s social media activities has become even more important as teens often feel more invincible than adults. That’s why parents are encouraged to put parental control apps on their teenager’s devices for both iOS and Android devices.


MOMO is a time management app that tracks the apps you use, how much time you spend on them and your phone usage in general. It also allows you to limit the amount of time spent on social media, block notifications from specific apps or websites, block access to certain apps or websites for a set period of time (like when you’re trying to focus) or set it so that MOMO can temporarily shut down all apps except for the ones that have been whitelisted by yourself.

MOMO has an Android version but it’s only available as part of an early access program at this stage – which means it may not work perfectly yet and there may be bugs. If you’re willing to sign up for this beta though then here’s how:

  • Install the app from the Play Store
  • Sign up with your email address and create an account (you’ll need this later)


Offtime is a free app that allows you to set a timer for each app. The app is available on Android, iOS and Amazon devices.

Designed for digital detoxification, OffTime is all about disconnecting from addictive apps as well as phone usage as a whole. Apart from the regular control features, there is a unique event feature for family members and friends to go for digital detox together. The app has a free as well as a pro version. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

Key Features:

  • Set a daily usage time limit for specific apps.
  • Schedule blocking of apps and calls.
  • Take part in events for a social digital detox.
  • Check daily statistics and compare them.
  • Strict mode to not break the settings.

It allows you to set a daily limit on each app, so you can control how much time you spend on social media or other apps. You can also set up “Off Hours” when the app will automatically turn off the internet connection during certain times of day.

Once installed, it immediately shows an overview of all apps installed on your phone and gives them each their own daily time limit; however, if you want more detailed control over when access should be blocked then this is achieved via the settings menu (see below). Once in this section there are several options available including:

  • Settings – Where most users will find themselves right away as this gives them access to general information about what OffTime does but also allows them access into areas such as Email Alerts which alerts users when they have reached their daily goal etc…


Forest is a free app that helps you focus on the task at hand. You can plant a virtual tree and watch it grow as you stay focused for a set amount of time. If you quit the app, your tree dies. But if you stay on task, your tree will grow into an epic forest!

You can also plant trees for other people or things, like the environment or your future self. The more trees you plant, the more points and coins (which can be used in-app) accumulate in Forest’s bank. These points are useful because they let users unlock new plants and other features within the app.


BreakFree is a free Android app that helps you reduce your screen time by turning your phone screen black and white. It’s easy to set up and use, so you’ll be able to start working on reducing the amount of time you spend on social media in no time.

You can adjust how long BreakFree stays enabled for, from anywhere between 15 minutes to eight hours or more. You also have the option to set it up so that when your device is locked, BreakFree will turn off after an hour or two (or whatever amount of time works best for you).


Flipd is a popular app for Android and iOS that helps you to limit your time on social media. The app is free, though there are in-app purchases at $1.99 per week or $4.99 per month.

If you have never used any type of such an application, then Flipd is for you. It has a pretty simple interface and a friendly community. 

In general, Flipd hides the notifications that often pop out of nowhere, especially if we talk about social media.

It’s no surprise that you are always being distracted from the things that are vitally important for you. 

It’s time for a change! With this application, you will get access to the following functions:

  • A flexible and simple schedule. Set the blocker whenever you want not to be disturbed. 
  • Go through monthly challenges. They are always different and hard. Try to prove to yourself that you can be better.
  • Time tracker. It is a very useful feature that allows you to see and analyze where you are wasting your precious time. For example, it’s possible to set a social media blocker.
  • Graphs and schemes. This way of presenting information proved to be the most efficient. Make sure you try it. 
  • Close community. If you lack motivation, you can turn to this group of people – they will motivate you when it’s necessary.
  • The system of goal setting. Use it to achieve a few aims at a time. 

Flipd is free with ads and in-app purchases. You can get it on Google Play, as well as on App Store. 

Flipd allows users to set limits (called “tasks”) for how long they spend on each website and/or app every day. For example, I can set my Flipd task to “30 Minutes” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined every day at noon; when I exceed that limit within a 24-hour period, Flipd will send me an alert message asking me if I want to continue using those sites and apps or if I’d like the countdown reset back down to zero hours remaining until my next scheduled break from social media usage.

Flipd is an unusual social media app that wants to help you fight social media addiction. Wait, what? You read that right. You can either create a new community or join an existing one to help you stay focused and use the app. Flipd adds a gaming element, so you will see who has saved the most time by using Flipd in the community and rank them in order.

There are two primary ways to use the app. Under Casual Lock, there are different profiles like My Day and Study with a preset timer. When you launch a profile, a timer will begin to log your session. Each session comes with breaks, so you don’t wear yourself out.

Many apps are available to limit and regulate your use of social media.

There are a number of apps that can help you limit your social media usage. These apps may be able to reduce the amount of time you spend on social networks, but they will not completely take away the allure of social media.

Apps like SocialFixer, Moment and Facebuddha allow users to set limits as well as schedule breaks from their favorite sites for themselves or others in their household. These apps also provide statistics about how much time you spend on certain sites and have features that let you see what other people in your network are doing online at any given moment.

While these tools do not necessarily help users manage their addiction to social media, they do help them regulate how much time they spend online in general and improve productivity by keeping track of how often they check Facebook or Twitter throughout the day


Applications like Offtime and BreakFree are great for those who want to control their social media usage, but don’t want to give it up completely. If you have a hard time staying off your phone, Flipd can help you get rid of distractions and focus more on what matters in life. Forest is also a good option for managing app usage because it helps block out all other apps except the one that you’re focusing on at the moment. For example, if your goal is to limit Facebook use then just open up this program before using social media so that everyone else stays away from it too!

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