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Apps to Limit Social Media Use Android

Social media can be distracting. As a result, people often want to set limitations on themselves. Studies show that limiting our social media use can actually lead to better well-being, mental health, and productivity. This app will help you avoid the distractions of social media but still stay in touch!

Download these eight apps to help keep you off your phone when you need to focus. Whether you want a distraction-free mode, a way to track your phone use, or an app that’ll keep you off social media, there’s an app for that. You can even schedule breaks to spend time with your family or friends—just no phones allowed.


Works On: iOS and Android devices
Cost: $10/month or $60/year (can use for multiple household devices)
Ideal For: Tweens and teens

Key Features

  • FamiSafe generates a daily report so you can monitor app usage
  • Parents can set time limits for specific apps—enable the social media blocker for sleep time or study time, for example
  • Blocks inappropriate content and websites, and allows parents to view deleted history
  • Generates an alert to parents if there are suspicious text messages, photos, etc.
  • Enables you to track where kids are with location tracking
Bark screenshot

Social Fever

Most Used Apps

It is a marvelous Android app that helps users to track and limit their Social media & smartphone usage in a few taps. The application is designed with advanced algorithms to help you manage your time wisely and connect with real life in the best way possible. It’s a fantastic phone tracker, packed with actionable features to combat digital addiction. Get a detailed summary of the phone and application usage.

Features: Social Fever

  • Brilliant smartphone tracker with intuitive UI.
  • Works with the latest Android OS.
  • Can inform you about the phone lock and unlock numbers.
  • You can set interest to balance your digital & real-life.
  • Set goals to track app usage & become a Smartphone user.
  • Get detailed info about your app usage.
  • Keep a check on your Ear & Eye health by receiving frequent reminders to have a break while listening to music & watching the screen.
  • Well-designed screen tracker that ensures you use your phone for a limited duration & instead spend your valuable time embracing hobbies.
  • Water reminders to stay hydrated.


  • Doesn’t occupy many phone resources.
  • Works in the background.
  • Doesn’t let you miss out on your real-life goals.
  • Get accurate info on the number of unlocking times.
  • Alerts every time your set app usage duration exceeds.


  • None as such for a free Social media & app usage tracker.



Offtime is an easy to use application that helps you balance your digital devices usage app right at your fingertips. The app effortlessly works to limit social media time on your smartphone & tablet in real-time and scheduling timeouts to help you breakthrough. Let’s scour the features of Offtime:

Features: Offtime

  • Tracks and compares your device usage to help you improve.
  • Enables you to set personal device usage goals.
  • Use the app alone or ask people to join you to OFFTIMEs.
  • It provides you with daily feedback and an overview of your smartphone usage.
  • Syncs across all devices. 


  • Choose Modes for better efficiency: Work, Family or Me Time
  • Wake-up calls to curb your habits.
  • Significantly reduce digital addiction.


  • Issues while editing profiles or saving changes.
  • Frequent updates annoy users.
  • Most of the features are available with PRO.



With the tagline – Less Phone. More Real Life! Moment claims to be one of the best apps to track and limit Social Media Usage on both iPhone & Android devices. We cannot agree more to the fact that Moment does give you back the time that you’ve wasted scrolling through your Social network feeds. Let’s see how Moment has become the most useful app usage tracker:

Features: Moment

  • Monitor your phone and your family members’ screen time to control the addiction.
  • You can schedule your screen-free dinner time, this means for the next set time duration, no one can use their phone or else an annoying alarm will go on.
  • Tracks which app is used the most on your smartphone.
  • Keeps track on how many times you pick a phone to use it.
  • Set & manage goals to track screen time, sharpen focus, have more family time, sleep better, stop wasting time, reduce anxiety, improve relationships & more.


  • App runs in the background, no need to open it to access features.
  • Works well for all your family devices.
  • Shows accurate times, spent in scrolling.


  • Annoying alarm clock.
  • Sometimes it gets glitchy to work with.


Works On: iOS, Android and Amazon devices
Cost: $9/month (can use for multiple household devices)
Ideal For: Older tweens and teens (it’s not so much an app-blocker as an app that allows you to passively monitor your child’s online habits and get alerts if things look suspicious)

Key Features

  • Bark generates weekly reports detailing account usage
  • Keeps track of conversations throughout 24 different social media platforms and apps, including GroupMeSnapChatTwitter and more
  • Parents can also monitor text messages, YouTube and email
  • Bark will alert you whenever there is questionable activity, such as online predators, adult content, drug use, etc., and also send tips from child psychologists to help you have productive conversations with your child.
  • You can adjust its sensitivity from strict to relaxed—the app will even alert you to the use of questionable emojis.
Family Time screenshot

 Family Time

Works On: iOS and Android devices
Cost: $27/year (you pay for each device)
Ideal For: Elementary-age children and up

Key Features

  • Family Time adds a social media blocker for any apps you don’t want your child to have
  • An SOS alert/panic button gives your child an easy way to notify you if he or she is in trouble
  • Use an internet filter to prevent them from viewing websites with inappropriate content
  • Set schedules for family time, homework time, bedtime, etc. and allow them to earn extra minutes to bank for later
  • You can also monitor your teen’s driving and find out when they go over the speed limit
  • Location tracking allows you to see where your kids are at a glance
OurPact screenshot


Works On: iOS and Android devices
Cost: Free for a limited version; $2/month for up to 10 devices; $7/month for up to 20 devices with premium features
Ideal For: Tweens

Key Features

  • Limits social media use in an “allowance” oriented way, using a simple interface that allows you to set a schedule for screen time
  • You can enable OurPact’s location tracker to alert you when your child is arriving or leaving at designated places (like school, home, etc.)
  • The interface is parent-friendly, giving you clear options for scheduling, granting or blocking access to texting, websites, apps, etc. and create schedules and screen time allowances for different days
  • Filter out adult sexual content on the web
Mobicip screenshot

 ZenScreen — iOS, Android, Desktop

If you’re constantly starting your day on your phone, then ZenScreen is for you. After spending 10 minutes on your phone in the morning, the app will force you to spend 20 minutes without it. You can even set an entertainment limit, quiet time and then even a healthy bedtime for calmer ends to your days. Check out the analytics to see how the app improves the amount of time you spend on your devices, too. The app is free for your first 14 days, and then it’s $3.99 per month for an annual subscription, or $4.99 per month with the pay as you go model.

 BreakFree — iOS, Android

Monitor your phone usage and get an “addiction score” with BreakFree. The app allows you to disable the internet, reject phone calls, send auto responses for texts and more. The analytics will help you understand how much time you may be wasting every day on your device, helping you create better habits. It’s free for the basic version, or you can upgrade for 99 cents and enjoy the ad-free version.



A perfect blend of screen time & app usage tracker, StayFree is an excellent utility for self-control and enhancing productivity. Social media blocker works best to help you focus on important things by restricting the usage of your favorite apps. It gives time reports & statistics on your usage history so that you can improve your performance from day to day.

Features: StayFree

  • View charts & stats of your app usage history.
  • Sends quick notifications for overuse.
  • Customize the app usage tracker with five beautiful themes.
  • Widget for tracking Social media time is available.
  • Temporarily blocks Social media & your other favorite Android applications.
  • Displays inspiring & motivational quotes to enhance productivity and live to the fullest in real life.


  • One of the highest-rated apps to beat smartphone addiction.
  • Extremely fast & modern UI.
  • Well-known for its accurate usage stats.


  • Have to grant a lot of permissions to work properly.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Stay Focused is an excellent blend of features, including app/website blocker, app usage tracker, self-control booster, keywords blocker, screen time,smart productivity booster & much more. It’s an all-round package to beat smartphone addiction without putting much effort. Let’s see what makes it the best app to limit and track Social media time.”

Features: Stay Focused

  • Tracks daily time spent while using your favorite apps.
  • Block apps & websites at particular time intervals.
  • Offers multiple modes for weak self-control.
  • Keeps track of time spent on websites as well.
  • Set limits on your overall phone usage & screen time.
  • Allows you to block certain keywords as well to make your device kid-proof.
  • The app usage tracker even features a dedicated locker to block apps temporarily.


  • Best app & website blocker.
  • Blocks email notifications temporarily.
  • A useful app to beat phone addiction.


  • Most of the features are available with a premium version.
  • Annoying ad popups.


It’s a must-have app to restrict your scrolling and swiping habits so you can use your phone mindfully and keep those notifications in check. Once you download the app, you can set up a time limit for using specific apps that WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter

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