Jacinta Edeh

Marketing strategy presentation example

Marketing strategy is a process of planning a company’s long-term actions aimed at achieving specific marketing goals. The importance of a marketing strategy presentation template is extremely high, as it provides a comprehensive overview of the target audience, their preferences, needs, objectives, and goals to be achieved. It also covers main target audiences, media channels …

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Importance of Sustainable Marketing Strategy

Sustainable marketing strategy. Where does sustainability come from? In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of sustainable marketing. We’ll also see some examples and strategies for successful sustainable marketing. Sustainable marketing – the topic that is interesting to us today is something hard to grasp because in theory it can be used in nature, …

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Importance of Relationship Marketing in the Digital Age

Relationship marketing is the way of building trust with people so that they feel secure in doing business with your company. It is a crucial part of doing business in the digital age. Digital relationship marketing involves taking care of communication involving you and your customers through the internet. In the digital age, every business …

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