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Automated Content Creation Software

Your content is the lifeblood of your website, it’s what leads prospects to you and it’s what helps convert them into paying customers. So without some sort of automated content sourcing software, generating vast amounts of high-quality, well-written content can become extremely time-consuming.

Combining data feeds from articles and internet sites to produce highly customized content is now possible thanks to our automated content creation software.

What is content automation?

Content automation is a set of technologies that automate manual processes in content marketing. Content automation is more than an automated content generation. Its purpose is to automate every stage of the content lifecycle from content generation to keeping the content up-to-date.

1. Quill

Quill is specifically created to find the hidden potential of the data. This makes it easy for fellow mates to understand the exact concept of it. And when they can understand the concept, they will be able to communicate the insights more properly.

The natural language generation platform functions exactly as a human brain does. It produces insights to revive every angle of the business that people want to know.

The other benefit of using Quill is that it gives personalized narratives. It lets the user customize the narratives, with information that’s truly meaningful to the customers. By using everyday language, it can handle any size data set, processing speed, or several stories.

2. Wordsmith

The platform is capable of converting the data into interesting narratives. Wordsmith is an AI-powered tool that produces written analytics by transforming the given data. The tools that Wordsmith offers cater to those insights that relate to the humans, organization structure, and the overall goals of the enterprise.

Well-known companies including Yahoo, Microsoft, Tableau, PwC are making use of this tool to generate around 1.5 billion pieces of content every year.

Below is the screenshot of a sample write-up by Wordsmith. Wordsmith also has an open API. Wordsmith’s paid plan starts from $250 per month for 1000 articles.

3. Articoolo

If you think a machine cannot work like a human brain then you are wrong. Articoolo is a content creation tool that writes an article just like a human. Firstly, it understands the concept of the given topic. For example, if you want to write an article regarding “Variety of sketch pens”, then the algorithm of the tool will understand what a “Sketchpen” is and then start writing the article.

Once it gets the idea of the topic then the tool will search for the related resources and will extract the relevant keywords. And based on the search for the keywords it constructs a reasonable piece of text.

4. Article Forge

The platform uses insightful algorithms to automatically rewrite the articles just the way a human being does. The intelligent algorithms automatically research any topic, read an infinite number of articles, and then write the article in its own words. It also works as per the search engine optimization and works in accordance.

The tool also helps with easy scheduling and it also automatically posts content to the WordPress sites. The price of the tool is available for $324 yearly and $57 monthly along with 5 days no risk and a money-back guarantee.

5. Word AI

Word AI works exactly like a human. It does not consider the sentences as the list of the words. Rather it can convert the list of the words into meaningful sentences that will make the humans interact with each other. It rewrites every bit right from the scratch. Its high level of rewriting the content still makes the content human-readable. Its monthly plan comes for $49.95 and the yearly plan for $347.

6. Canva

Content is just not limited to words or text format. Generating content on digital media also includes creating media like images and videos using AI automation technology. Canva is an online tool to create various images. A variety of templates are available for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, posters, presentations to name a few. All you have to do is put the content in those templates and your design is ready to get published.

This tool needs no special skills to create a design. It is free to use and if you want you can also upgrade it to more templates.


This predictive content AI-powered platform presents insights based on past performances and the best content marketing practices. The insights that the platform provides make it easy to plan further content strategies and make it work according to the planned goals.

The platform also assists the marketers to deploy their strategies as well. It has a feature that easily curates and distributes the content. The monthly subscription costs around  $11 and for website traffic is $67

8. Wordlife

This is an SEO plugin for WordPress that analyzes your content and identifies organized categories/entities on them to improve relevancy. For instance, it digs out the applicable entities from an article and searches for related articles based on the tags. It creates a navigational widget that categorizes the tag. This, thus, calculate the amount of time spent on the website and then improves the SEO accordingly.

9. TubeBuddy

If you are incorporating videos as part of your content strategy, then this tool is the right choice. TubeBuddy offers a free-of-cost Chrome extension that has a handful of features to optimize your YouTube and fill positive energy into it. The YouTubers can channelize their daily work processes on YouTube which also saves their time so that they can focus on creating new content.

There is a need to produce more video content as that is preferred by the audience. You can also embed those videos on the websites just by creating a code.

The pricing slabs are in three categories Pro, Star, and Legend that costs $9, $19, and $39 per month respectively.

10. Quuu Promote

With this platform, the content gets hand-reviewed and it is the only platform where the in-house review process of the content takes place. Quuu also enables the user to schedule content for the future and keeps all the posts evergreen by generating new content every single time.

Though the technology has advanced big time, and many big brands are taking the advantage of it. But replacing humans here won’t be a good idea, because the content generated by these bots is mechanical and does not have any substance in it. No doubt, it matches the SEO part, but the human touch is missing. Moreover, there is no opinion to it. It is all about facts, figures, and statistics. The in-depth analysis is missing.

So if the technology is advancing, it is getting ahead to help the humans. The journalists, writers, and bloggers can take the help of this AI technology to generate content but the value added to the content can only be given by humans.


Content is king. The more you can create, the more you will have to show for it and the more valuable you will become. If Automated Content Creation Software helps you develop an effective automated content creation system for your business, then it’s likely worth a shot.

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