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Automated Video Content Creation

Automated video content creation will revolutionize the way people do business online as well as the way people receive information. Automated video systems are going to be able to process your data and input it into different types of video media to create a narrative that can be used in a variety of ways. This will create better efficiency in the workplace and when watching videos online, which is exactly what media creators, marketers, and professional companies need today.

Aside from the obvious uses for video content creation, there are vast uses for automated video creation. It is said that 72% of people prefer to watch videos as opposed to reading any type of content. That gives you some idea of just how useful video content is as a marketing tool.

What Is Automated Video Creation?

Automated video creation is the act of using video editing software to automatically create short, interesting videos you can use for marketing and promoting your content.

Let’s say you recorded a podcast this week and released it to your audience. You received decent engagement, but you quickly noticed a problem. Many of your viewers aren’t watching the entire podcast.

Some viewers love to sit and consume two hours of content at once. Others want minute-long highlight clips and simply aren’t interested in long-form content. By identifying key moments and topics discussed in your podcast, you can create bite-sized clips and videos that are more digestible. Plus, having long-form content that’s well produced arms you with plenty of future clips to use.


This simple-to-use platform allows you to create custom animated videos using your photos or stock ones. Rocketium can help you level up as a video marketer with its powerful features.

The templates are easy to customize, making Rocketium a great choice for beginners. Additionally, you don’t need much video experience to use this. 

Follow their easy tutorial when you start, and your first video will be ready in minutes!

Key Features

Creative automation engine

This tool allows you to increase your production with data feeds. You can also resize your videos automatically with a few clicks and create scale across channels.

On-brand creative templates

Setting up on-brand creative templates is made easy with their drag-and-drop editor; you can also import your custom templates.

Multi-channel integration

You can easily integrate with multiple channels with just one click. You can also monitor your performance, share links and optimize your files.

Smart workflows

This feature allows you to cut back on unnecessary work with easy workflows. You get to automate your work with triggers and alerts. Collaborating with your team and sharing updates has never been so easy.

End-to-end customization

You can switch features on and off for your team members. The user experience of your team members also can be customized.


You get the price on request.

Filmora Business

Filmora Business is one of the best software to help you create high-quality videos fast. It’s easy to use and has hundreds of tools to make whatever you want. 

Their drag-and-drop builder is an amazing feature! They also offer more than 100 royalty-free sound effects that are perfect if you need music or want something specific to your video.

Key Features

Add Your Logo Easy Branding with Filmora

The logo is a fundamental component of your image. With Filmora, you can undoubtedly add it to your recordings and change its size with only a couple of clicks.

Showcase Products & Services

Videos are the best way to educate consumers about what your business offers. Most people prefer to purchase a product with an introduction video. 

With Filmora, you can impress your customers without so much effort.

Communicate with Clients

Filmora helps you make yourself more clear through video. This will help your image appear to be proficient and reliable.

Provide Better Training

Showing your organization’s qualities and culture through video is a superb method for encouraging workers and guaranteeing they have what it takes to succeed.


Think of it as Instagram but for videos. Animaker lets you create animated videos from photos and video clips, with automatic image pan/zoom and transition effects.  Its simple interface also makes creating a non-automatic clip (i.e., a one-shot photo) easy—it’s a one-tap process.

Key Features

Smart move

Nearly 80% of animators’ time is spent animating objects to move from one location to another. Animaker saves you time and effort. Using a single button press, you can animate complicated motions with Smart Move.

Auto lip-sync

Create voiceovers for your characters and see them say it with the auto lip-sync feature. You don’t have to worry about animating the character’s lips. Animaker performs all of the work for you!

Character Builder

Animaker lets you make genuinely custom characters! With north of 15 facial highlights to tweak and more than 10 embellishment openings, develop the person you need and zest your recordings!

Professionally Crafted Templates

Huge loads of expertly made layouts are prepared to give you the innovative edge expected to make your video.


Price starts from $10/month. Custom pricing is also available.


Magisto is an app that takes your photos and videos and turns them into slick slideshows. With lots of options for fonts, layouts, music (including licensed music).

It is easy to create a movie or YouTube video with this tool. Additionally, it has many special effects like transitions that you can use to make beautiful videos. 

One of my favorite features is that if you aren’t happy with your creation on their platform, Magisto will allow you to download your project and import it into one of several other apps you like. 

This saves me from having wasted hours creating something only to realize it wasn’t exactly what I wanted and allows me more flexibility with my projects.

Key Features

  1. Magisto helps you produce commitment and leads with valid video content
  2. You can develop mindfulness with cross-channel brand recordings
  3. You can create sales videos


Premium: $4.99/month.

Professional: $9.99/month.

Business: $34.99/month.


This service is designed to create an awesome-looking video ad in a matter of minutes. It gives you a toolbox of animation templates that are fun to use and help you get attention for your brand or product. best part about Typito is that they have very detailed instructions to walk you through each step of creating your animated banner, which makes it easier than ever before. 

If you want to add texts, they even provide a full library of fonts so that you can choose one with personality and style! 

They offer tons of great features such as transparent backgrounds, landscape formats, and even countdown timers! 

Even if you aren’t a designer, there’s no reason why anyone couldn’t create an animated video with this tool.


  1. See recordings on cell phones
  2. Support for full HD 1080p recordings
  3. Free implicit movement realistic layouts
  4. Support for square and vertical recordings
  5. Transfer video film and pictures to make a video material
  6. Improve recordings with text, pictures, pre-made brand formats, and music
  7. Download or share finished recordings across online media channels with a solitary snap


Free plan: $0/month.

Solo plan: $8/month.

Pro plan: $21/month.


Kamau is an automatic video-editing software designed to help organizations, advertisers, and content creators. 

With this tool, users can naturally change landscape recordings to vertical, appropriate for versatile representation stages like Instagram and Snapchat.


  1. HD resolution available
  2. Easy collaboration
  3. Video merging
  4. Video splitting
  5. Social sharing



Recreate enables marketers and brands to create videos for social media and web marketing from plain text and static content. Recreate’s AI engine automatically creates videos that can be instantly shared across all social media platforms and channels.


  • Turn any written content into video by entering text or the link to an article online.
  • Recreate’s AI technology will automatically find music and visuals to create a video.
  • Video clips are assembled into a storyboard to edit.
  • Edit videos to be distributed anywhere on the web including multiple social media platforms in a single click.
  • Customize videos with colors, fonts, animations, video transitions and overlays.
  • Built-in royalty free stock library with millions of high quality images, video clips, music files and vectors.

Collaborate And Share with Team


Recreate is offered via three plans to choose from starting with the limited yet forever Free plan. Premium plans start at $20 a month. All paid plans offer unlimited videos created per month. Packaging is based on features, upload size, and video length.

4 Tips For Automated Video Creation

Consider your visual elements 

No matter what software you’re using, there’s a whole lot of imagery that goes into the video. Be sure to give yourself lots of time not only to plan out all of these images but find them as well. 

You can buy stock footage or capture your own; make sure that it works with everything else to avoid an inconsistent look in your project.

Choose a suitable platform

While it’s true that you can create videos on your phone or tablet these days, it is certainly not a good idea. 

Whether you’re creating content for professional purposes or sharing with friends and family, there are several major benefits to using software designed to make video creation easy.

Upload your videos  

The next step is to upload your videos. Keep in mind that high-quality files will take up more storage space; therefore, it’s a good idea to compress them if you’re aiming for high-definition.


You can use a variety of social media platforms to promote your videos. However, if you’re aiming for professional results, it’s best to keep them on your website or a private social network.


As you can see, automated video content creation is a promising option for those tasked with this time-consuming process. While it still has room to grow, it’s becoming more and more viable as a time-saving option for small businesses and larger corporations alike. As automation becomes more comfortable for consumers, the members of the public that access their content will likely grow along with it.

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