B2B Email campaigns help you deliver compelling messages that resonate with your audience. Focus on specific audiences, use guided content creation to help your campaigns look great and create multiple campaigns without worrying about managing lists. B2B Email campaigns work seamlessly with other modules so that you get more from your marketing efforts.

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What is B2B email marketing?

B2B (business-to-business) email marketing is when you use email to promote products and services to other businesses for professional purposes rather than to individuals for consumer purposes.

Historically, B2B marketing lacked creativity and personality. That is changing! Businesses are realizing that communicating their values with a distinct personality can be extremely effective. You’ll see in the examples below how some B2B email marketers are infusing creativity into their messaging.  

B2B email marketing best practices

Start with a B2B email marketing strategy

Email marketing is only effective when it’s done right. To make sure your audience likes what they see and clicks your call-to-action, you need an email marketing strategy that:

  • Defines clear goals – What do you want your audience to do? 
  • Identifies your audience – Who are you talking to? What are they interested in?
  • Establishes a clear plan – How often will you communicate with your clients? How will you measure your efforts? 

Without these elements, you will have no way of knowing whether your B2B marketing campaign is having the desired effect. We’ve made you this handy email marketing cheat sheet to make sure your strategy ticks all the right boxes.Handy cheat sheet to creating your email marketing strategy

Use email marketing segmentation

Oftentimes, there are several decision-makers and influencers on your email list. Instead of sending them all a mass email, you have a much better chance of winning their trust, loyalty, and business by speaking to each person’s specific needs. Personalization in emails generates a median ROI of 122% and you can accomplish this through subscriber segmentation. You can tailor emails specifically for certain audiences, or include dynamic content blocks within your general email campaigns that are only visible for your target audience.

B2B segments can include:

  • People in different business sectors
  • Job roles within a company
  • Different business relationships (e.g. people that know you well)

Regardless of the type of segment, the main thing is to ensure that the right message goes to the right person. 

For example, an IT manager and a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) may both have input into a purchase decision for new technology, but they will probably care about different elements. Your task is to make sure you know who you’re talking to—and tailor your email content to suit.

Atlassian’s New Features Email

This well-designed new services announcement email from Atlassian introduces all the new things that the company is rolling out. The white background allows for the blue call-to-action buttons to stand out, and simple, short descriptions tell their clients what each new feature offers and how it will benefit them.

 Video email template

Example provided by Backlinko

When Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, sends an email, the chances that it contains a video are pretty high. By providing actionable content through video, Brian is able to not only deliver value, but build a rapport with his subscribers as they get to see and hear Brian on a regular basis, which builds an even deeper connection with his audience than he would create compared to reading web copy, as the person watching the video feels like they really know Brian.

How to implement: Take one of your best performing pieces of content and create a video version, and provide the tips in the content in your video. It doesn’t have to require a film crew or include special effects, all you need is to be visible and on screen.

When to send: Monthly. It’s a great way to engage on a new level with your audience


“Breaking news…”

Have you introduced a new feature? Created a limited edition product? Set up pre-orders? Share it with your audience! An announcement email builds hype and gets your subscribers involved. You can even add CTAs so that their subscribers can go directly to what interests them, as Atlassian did below.

 Campaign Monitor’s Getting Started Email

This example from CampaignMonitor was sent to clients as a reminder to use their email template builder. Although there are many examples like this, the key to success using these types of emails lies within monitoring your clients’ behaviors and offering them solutions preemptively.

Inactive user email template

Example provided by Perfect Audience

According to Epsilon, approximately 40% of your email list in inactive!

This means that each time you send out an email, almost half are no longer interested in hearing from your company. In the example above, Perfect Audience has sent out an email to a new user who has become inactive. This email is a great way of restarting the conversation and reminding the user that they can use the product, or get answers to any questions they may have.

How to implement: Create a list of email subscribers who have not read or opened an email during the last 12 months (or, customers who have not logged in to the product within 60-90 days), and send an email that includes:

  • Who you are and what you do
  • Why they signed up in the first place
  • A question or an invite to start a conversation

When to send: Two-three times per year

 Exclusive content

“Just for you!”

Success in business is about knowledge, and one way your B2B audience tries to stay ahead of their competitors is by gaining access to the latest information. 

So if you have access to information or insights that your customers can’t get elsewhere, make the most of it! Generate a report or other content, and use an email marketing campaign as one of the distribution channels. 

In the B2B email example below, Hubspot offers exclusive access to a ‘Marketing Agency Growth Report’ – for free! By offering valuable content, they help their B2B audience stay on top of their game. 

Similarly, DigitalMarketer shares a guide and a tracking sheet to help their subscribers optimize their email marketing strategy. Again, it is offered as a free gift to their subscribers. 

eROI’s Company Values Email

eROI’s “Dare To Be Kind” email focuses less on sales and more on branding, while building greater trust with their clients. It reminds their clients about what they stand for and inspires them to join their movement to drive “emails that are kinder, more diligent, and filled with greater inspiration.”

Product promotion email template

Example provided by VWO

Accurate data is important to marketers’, especially when it comes to running tests on their website. When VWO launched SmartStats, they informed their audience of the new change and how it impacts users – and how it can help them with their tests. For prospects on the fence as to which vendor to choose, this is the kind of change that can lead to an increase in new customers.

How to implement: Your company’s product will evolve, and each time you add a new feature of improve an existing feature, it could be the improvement that turns many prospects into a customer. However, you need to get the word out and inform them so they are aware of these changes. The next time you update your product, send an email to your subscribers with a list of changes/ updates. Remember to use simple language so instead of including “Feature enhancement 4.2”, you explain how this change impacts the user, i.e. Users can create quotes and send via email in one click”.

When to send: Each time you update your product

Webinar invitations

“RSVP today!”

Webinars are a great way to deliver insights that your customers find valuable and relevant. Use your B2B email campaign to make a date with your audience so they can catch your live stream.

In the B2B email below, NewsCred entices their subscribers by implying that unless they attend the webinar, they will miss out on a marketing performance metric. When sharing a webinar invitation, a bit of ‘FOMO’ (Fear Of Missing Out) never hurts!

Don’t forget to use your webinar emails as an opportunity to stay connected with any subscribers who missed the live webinar by sending them a follow-up link to the recorded version so they can catch up. If you have ever registered for a MailerLite webinar, you’ve probably seen this email.

Obviouslee’s Free Client Services

Want to grab potential or current client’s attention? Offer them free services as Obviouslee Marketing did with this eye-caching B2B email. Not only does it give small businesses a chance to use the PR firms services at no cost, they keep it playful by riffing on Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s theme song. 

 Gated content email template

Example provided by SuperOffice

Each time SuperOffice launches a new white paper or guide, we send an email to our subscriber list. This is the fastest way to get more people to read and download the content. The reason why we do this is because according to research, 36% of B2B buyers’ seek out white paper content during the initial stage of the buying process (as shown in column one in the chart below). By delivering educational content directly to our subscribers’ inbox, we make it easy for them to consume the content they demand, while at the same time keeping SuperOffice top of mind.

How to implement: Next time you launch a new piece of gated content, announce the launch to your subscriber list. Just like in the example above, keep the email short, benefit driven and include a call to action, which asks the reader to download the guide from a dedicated landing page. The goal of the email is to drive readers to your website.

When to send: Each time you launch a new piece of gated content


Turn your customers into brand advocates by enrolling them in a well-planned and executed email campaign. B2B Email Campaigns are designed to generate new leads, nurture existing customers, or promote special offers and events.

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