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Best App To Limit Social Media


Nowadays, the usage of social media is incredibly widespread. However, people don’t realize that using social media for a long time can affect your life negatively. In fact, several studies have shown that excessive social media use can lead to addiction and depression in some cases. If you think you spend too much time on social media, you might need some help limiting your screen time. Luckily there are many apps out there designed to limit your phone usage and remind you to stay away from your phone while doing work or other stuffs. In this article we will introduce some of these apps so that you can choose one and start limiting your usage of social media right away!

You may spend a lot of time scrolling down Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

You may spend a lot of time scrolling down Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But have you ever wondered if you are spending too much time on social media? Social media can be addictive and even a distraction from other things like work or school. Social media can also be used as a way to procrastinate because it’s so easy to get lost in the noise and distraction of notifications.

So how do we limit our use of these websites without turning them off completely? That’s where an app comes in handy! The best app to limit social media is called Freedom (by Freedom). This app will let you block sites for amounts ranging from 15 minutes up until 24 hours at a time so that they’re unavailable while using your phone or tablet during those periods of time.

Let’s talk about some apps that’ll help you limit your time on social media.

There are a number of apps that people can use to limit their social media time. Among them are:

  • Momentum – A free app that tracks how much time you’re spending on your phone each day and shows you how much time on average you spend in each app. It also has a feature that can turn off notifications for any app, which is helpful if you want to avoid receiving notifications from specific apps at certain times (like when you’re sleeping).
  • SelfControl – Free but does cost $9.99 per year after the first month; this app blocks access to certain websites and other distracting sites for up-to-24 hours at a time so that you don’t get distracted by them during work hours or while trying to get things done in another part of your life.

1. “Self-Control”

You can also set the app to block access to your email, and even to other apps on your phone. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a web browser version.

When you’re ready to give yourself a break, all you need to do is open Self-Control again, enter your password (or touch ID), and click “End Now.”

SelfControl is a free and open-source application for macOS that lets you block your own access to distracting websites, your mail servers, or anything else on the Internet. Just set a period to block for, add sites to your blacklist, and click “Start.” Until that timer expires, you will be unable to access those sites—even if you restart your computer or delete the application.

Price : $19 – $129

2. “Moment”

These best free apps to limit social media time can show you just how true it is to promote a healthier balance between your real-life and the one you’re living through the small screens of your digital device. This app lets you track how much you use your phone daily. It also helps to create daily limits on your phone usage. The app offers “occasional nudges” for users anytime they are approaching their limits.

Price : $2

Moment allows you to track your time on social media without having to install a separate app. It’s easy to use and it provides a comprehensive set of tools for limiting your social media usage, including:

  • Tracking how much time you spend on social media
  • Setting limits for yourself
  • Setting notifications for yourself
  • Setting a timer for yourself or others (for example, if you want your child to focus on homework)
  • Reminders about upcoming events and commitments (for example, reminding yourself that it’s time for yoga class).

3. “Timing”

Timing is an app that allows you to set limits on your device. You can set a limit on the amount of time you spend on social media and it will block certain apps from being opened at certain times. For example, if you have class in the morning and don’t want to be distracted by Instagram, then Timing will let you disable Instagram until the time that’s best for you.

4. “AppBlock”

AppDetox is another android app you can use to suppress your mobile app usage. It offers you the opportunity to set personal rules regarding how you get notified on your device. If you also want to stop procrastination, you can indeed rely upon this app. Anytime you violate your rules, this app will send you a reminder about the situation. In fact, you can enjoy parental control on this app.

Price : Free

If your goal is to limit social media use, AppBlock is a great choice. It’s a free app for iOS and Android that lets you block apps for a set period of time. It even lets you set a timer for each app you want to block so that if it crosses the threshold before the timer runs out, it’ll be blocked again until the next time that period ends! With this app, there’s no need to worry about forgetting any of your blocked apps because it’ll remind you when they’re about to be unlocked again (if there are any reminders turned on).

5. “QualityTime”

The app allows you to set limits for your phone usage by day and time. You can set these limits for any number of days. The app also gives you the option to manually change the settings whenever you want, so if you’re having a busy day and need more time on your phone, or if someone important calls and needs to reach out immediately, QualityTime lets you do that without having to worry about going over your allotted time or being unable to respond.

It gives options for locking the screen after a certain amount of time, as well as restricting when it auto-locks itself so that it doesn’t happen during an important conversation with someone. It also has an option where all sounds are muted unless a call comes in (or another sound is made). This way we don’t get distracted by notifications every few seconds when we’re trying not only limit our phone use but also keep ourselves focused on tasks at hand rather than constantly checking social media apps every few minutes!

6. “Flipd”

This is a great app that allows you to spend your time well daily. It ensures that you’re able to prepare for your exams, work, and any meaningful event of yours. It also teaches people how they can focus their mind on the most relevant things on their timeline. You will certainly enjoy a pleasant user experience & thoughtful design, Flipd has dozens of ways to keep you focused, motivated, and on track to reach your goals.

Price : $0.99 per month or $6.99 for an annual subscription

If you want to limit your time spent on social media, Flipd is the app for you. Flipd allows users to set a daily time limit on each app in their phone’s settings menu. Once that time limit has been reached, the user must wait until it resets before they can use that particular app again. As a result, this will help keep people from getting distracted and spending too much time on their phone during the day.

Use an app for self-control!

If you’re struggling to limit your time on social media, then it’s time to use an app. The best way to control your usage is with a download-able program that limits the amount of time you spend on certain apps or sites. There are many apps out there which will do this for you—let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones:

  • [rebound] ( lets you set daily limits for each app based on how much time they should spend using them per week. This means that if it’s Sunday night and it’s been three days since your last binge session with Instagram, Rebound will block access until Monday morning when the clock starts again! It also provides information about how much screen time we actually get from our phones every day (which may make even those who can’t put down their device feel like they have better control).

You’ll find other options such as these available through Google Play or Apple Store searches too:


If you want to break the habit of checking your favorite social media sites, this application can really help you with that. It’s a great way to move past the mentality of seeing these apps as reward for performing a certain task or completing homework. The application allows you to stop yourself from reaching for your phone, and it offers insight into what you do once you reach your goal. What’s more, it gives you control over which sites you want to use it on, so that if one is more important to you than another, it will take up more of your time during the day. There are many ways in which this app could be beneficial for your lifestyle, so don’t pass it up!

Spend less time on social media and use your mind for other things.

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