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Best B2B Email Marketing Subject Lines

In this post, we’ll share the best B2B email marketing subject lines with you. These b2b email subject lines examples will help you grow your business, build brand awareness and maximize sales in the new normal. Using the best b2b subject lines for email marketing increases your chances of getting more opens and clicks.

Are you looking for the best B2B email marketing subject lines? You are in the right place. In this blog, we will tell you what you need to keep in mind before writing a subject line and give you some of the best practices.

Why pay attention to subject lines?

The email subject line is the first thing people see in their inbox – it will define their further interaction with your email. The numbers below show exactly why the email subject line really really matters:

Email subject line statistics

Where to start when writing a sales email subject line

Just like the email copy itself, the email subject line demands preparation. Answering the questions below will steer you in the right direction. 

  • What is your offer?
    You know what you are selling. Just make sure to think of your offer not as a product, but as the value it can provide to the leads.
  • Who are you selling to?
    Think again of your target audience – their needs, their pain points, their motivations. Write your subject lines with the buyer persona in mind.
  • What is the goal of your email?
    What are you aiming at – opens, replies or conversions? Determining your final goal will help you compose a better-performing email marketing subject line.
  • Do the recipients know you?
    If you are emailing someone for the first time, you need to make a good impression and stay in their minds. But that is still relevant when writing to someone you’ve already had a conversation with. Only this time you also need to prove your credibility and evoke desire for further cooperation.
  • Do you have any mutual connections?
    If yes, use them! Using this information in the subject line will cause a rise in your opens as well as your chances for the final conversion. Why? The trust element of a mutual connection.
  • Do they want to open your email?
    Work with your recipients’ expectations. Do they ignore your emails? Make the subject line so tempting that any person (even a discouraged one) has a burning desire to open the email. Do they enjoy your emails? Use the subject line to fuel their feelings even more.
  • What kind of subject line performs best?
    Test, test, and test to study the recipients’ behavior and know what affects them the most. 
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Email subject lines for sales: best practices

Once all the questions are answered, you can proceed to developing your best email subject line. To convey the tone, excitement, and the message itself, it’s important to respect the subject line best practices:

✔ Align the subject line with the message itself

The email marketing subject line should always match the content presented in the email. While clickbait email subject lines for sales are a somewhat effective strategy, the reaction can be unpredictable: most people forget the subject line the moment they open the email, but complete misalignment of the promised and the message itself can cause disappointment, loss of trust, or even anger, resulting in complaints and unsubscriptions.

Maintaining your reputation is one of the most important things in email marketing and tarnishing it to get a slight increase in opens is a bad trade-off.

✔ Never miss the chance to use power words and emotional triggers

People are emotional creatures and you can easily appeal to their feelings and emotions through words right in the subject lines of your emails. Decide on the emotion you want to activate and use the corresponding emotional trigger words or power words. When used right, they can skyrocket the open rate.

✔ Study and avoid spam triggers

Power words and spam trigger words go hand in hand. There’s a very fine line between the two. Always double-check if your subject line is getting too spammy using a list of spam trigger words (download the PDF to always have it hand) or use a specific tool like Subject Line Tester to get a detailed analysis of its spamminess. 

✔ Optimize for mobile

Mobile has introduced its own standards, and the email subject lines have been affected too. On desktop, the displayed subject line length can reach well over 100 characters, while on mobile it’s usually around 30 characters (though these numbers may vary depending on the OS and screen resolution). That’s why the best subject lines for sales are predominantly short and can be displayed on all devices. Consider this (and the overall email optimization) if a significant chunk of your emails are opened on mobile.

✔ Keep the email subject line length optimal

According to a B2B email marketing research, short subject lines (less than 7 words) show 65% better performance compared to long subject lines (8+ words). What’s more, long email subject lines are often viewed as a sign of low quality email content. Less is more.

✔ Personalize the subject line

Remember the wise words of Dale Carnegie: Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in the English language.” Want to craft the best email subject line for your sales offer? Personalize. 

This emotional connection to one’s name is backed by solid science: research proves that emails with personalized subject lines gain a 22% higher open rate compared to non-personalized ones. Of course, personalization goes way beyond the name so you can let your creativity flow (just don’t forget to add a fallback to your email variables). 

✔ Sound natural

Yes, making a sale is your main goal. But establishing strong relationships with leads is the sub-goal that can significantly improve your KPIs for years to come. And it all starts with kind sincerity and natural speech flow. Don’t hesitate to let go of the polished structure and express your gratitude, ask for a meeting or a call, and start a real human conversation with a lead. 

✔ Be fluid with your tone

You are trying to reach out to businesses, so it may seem only a serious tone is advisable. But that’s not quite so. You are reaching out to people, not machines. Be fluid with your tone – try casual and serious, humorous and all-business, but always have the recipient’s preferences in mind. 

✔ Ask a question

The best way to engage the reader is through a question. Start your email subject line with a question to attract the recipients’ attention and provoke a response. Get even better results by using a question that challenges the recipient’s expectations or common knowledge. For example, Do you still think a 3% conversion rate is good?

✔ Use numbers 

Numbers have a tendency to impress. They can also give you a little extra credibility. You have exact data to share (or at least you should have), so why not use it in a subject line? Show the recipient you aren’t just using big words to impress, you can back them up with numbers.

✔ Experiment with the subject line format

Try humor, try mystery, try not trying at all and leave the subject line empty! But always track and analyze the recipients’ reaction. For example, emojis in email have proven to be a reliable way to increase both the open rate (for the subject line) and the CTR (for the email itself) among certain audiences. They also convey more meaning in fewer characters, appeal directly to emotions, and help your emails stand out in the inbox.

✔ Test, test, test

You never know until you try. So why not compose at least two sales subject lines and conduct an A/B test? See which one performs better with your audience, and keep improving. When analyzing, take into consideration every metric detail – opens, replies, unsubscribes, spam report rates, etc, but keep your eyes on the main goal. Make sure you comply with the A/B testing rules to receive correct results.

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Here are 25 examples of some great B2B subject lines that you can test out for your business today.

  • How to Leverage [your product] in Your Business
  • Save Money and Look Like a Star to Your Boss
  • How to Impress Your CFO — Save $1000
  • Increase Your ROI by 30%, Guaranteed
  • How to make it onto your buyer’s shortlist
  • Free Webinar: [insert webinar name]
  • Now you can do even more with your [xxxx]
  • Should your company outsource [insert thing to outsource here]?
  • Breakfast & Secrets for How to [insert the problem you solve or the product you sell]
  • Success Tip: 5 Ways to a Better [xxxx]
  • Register Today: [insert name of event] Sept. 10!
  • Entry deadline fast approaching
  • New White Paper: Best Practices for [Insert problem and solution here]
  • Success Tip #1: [Insert Tip Headline Here]
  • A gift employees and clients will love: [Insert gift name here]
  • Extended for a Day: Get Free Shipping Through Friday
  • Your Weekly Alert: [insert topic here]
  • Hear Exclusive Research Presented on [insert what your event is about] — Register Now!
  • Inside: [hot topic in your newsletter you think will get the most opens]
  • Save $200: [insert event here] Early Bird Registration Ends [insert date here]
  • It’s a pleasure doing business with you, [insert name]
  • Busy? Let us take something off your plate.
  • Nothing personal, it’s just good business, [insert name]
  • The ultimate guide to [your service or product]
  • Last day to register for our free webinar!

And here are 10 more B2B subject lines to inspire you.

  • EXPIRES AT MIDNIGHT: 50% off certifications that prove you know | Hootsuite
  • Quickly collaborate on PDFs with Acrobat | Adobe
  • Find Out How the Best Companies Are Using Salesforce | Bluewolf
  • Migrate to all flash storage but do it right | HP
  • Want to come to Conex? Name your price! | Conex
  • The Day After: 11 Things to Do After You Publish a Post | Quicksprout
  • Discover why 100,000+ customers are using Zendesk | Zendesk
  • If you have a website, you need this tool | Sumo
  • Ends Today: 62 Premium WordPress Themes at One Crazy Low Price | CopyBlogger
  • We’d loooooove your feedback, [customer name] | Flywheel

B2B subject lines: 4 rules of thumb

1. Create instant intrigue: The best B2B sales email subject lines are teasers. Drop breadcrumbs by hinting at your topic in the subject line and give a little but not too much about the offer that’s on the inside.

2. Don’t be vague: Shying away from what your offer is in the subject line and avoiding personalization, like addressing your recipient by their first name, or adding a relevant emoji, will just make your prospects hit the delete button fast.  

3. No spam, please: Words and phrases like “limited time” and “exclusive deal” trigger spam. Try to steer away from these to avoid getting reported and creating a bad name for yourself.

4. Cut out the arrogance: Keep your sales rep ego in check. You want to turn on your prospects, not the opposite. B2B cold email subject lines like “we have exactly what you need” are aggressive and will put off the people with buying power.


For businesses seeking to drive sales, it is vital to find their target audience in an efficient manner. An email subject line is the first thing your customers see. If the subject line piques their interest, then they are more likely to read the email. The following types of business-to-business (B2B) email subject lines can be used to capture readers’ attention and generate sales from prospective clients.

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