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Best B2B Email Marketing Templates

The best B2B email marketing templates will help you send relevant, conversion-focused emails that actually make you money. Download our carefully curated collection of 25+ absolutely free email templates for B2B marketing that stand out and convert better.

Email marketing is the best way to grow your business for those who sell B2B. It not only reaches a wide number of target audience but also makes the most out of their data. It’s a great method of retargeting. Here are 15 sample templates that can be used for sending emails to potential business partners.

What is B2B email marketing?

B2B (business-to-business) email marketing is when you use email to promote products and services to other businesses for professional purposes rather than to individuals for consumer purposes.

Historically, B2B marketing lacked creativity and personality. That is changing! Businesses are realizing that communicating their values with a distinct personality can be extremely effective. You’ll see in the examples below how some B2B email marketers are infusing creativity into their messaging.  

B2B email marketing best practices

Start with a B2B email marketing strategy

Email marketing is only effective when it’s done right. To make sure your audience likes what they see and clicks your call-to-action, you need an email marketing strategy that:

  • Defines clear goals – What do you want your audience to do? 
  • Identifies your audience – Who are you talking to? What are they interested in?
  • Establishes a clear plan – How often will you communicate with your clients? How will you measure your efforts? 

Without these elements, you will have no way of knowing whether your B2B marketing campaign is having the desired effect. We’ve made you this handy email marketing cheat sheet to make sure your strategy ticks all the right boxes.Handy cheat sheet to creating your email marketing strategy

Use email marketing segmentation

Oftentimes, there are several decision-makers and influencers on your email list. Instead of sending them all a mass email, you have a much better chance of winning their trust, loyalty, and business by speaking to each person’s specific needs. Personalization in emails generates a median ROI of 122% and you can accomplish this through subscriber segmentation. You can tailor emails specifically for certain audiences, or include dynamic content blocks within your general email campaigns that are only visible for your target audience.

👉 Tip: There are different ways to use email segmentation. Check out the video below, which shows you how to do it with MailerLite. 

If you work in a B2B company that uses a CRM or other software tools, you should be able to access data on your product life cycles, customer behaviors, and other insights into your target audience. Use this information to help segment your email list. 

B2B segments can include:

  • People in different business sectors
  • Job roles within a company
  • Different business relationships (e.g. people that know you well)

Regardless of the type of segment, the main thing is to ensure that the right message goes to the right person. 

For example, an IT manager and a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) may both have input into a purchase decision for new technology, but they will probably care about different elements. Your task is to make sure you know who you’re talking to—and tailor your email content to suit.

Write catchy subject lines

Strong subject lines are a key component of effective cold emails.

Because if you fail to convince leads to click on your email in the first place, your chances of a response plummet down to nil.

The topic of crafting “clickable” subject lines while avoiding coming across as spammy is a complete, and complex subject that warrants its own post.

But for now, here are the three important steps for compelling subject lines that earn clicks.

  • Lean towards shorter subject lines.

Aweber’s research of over 1000 email subject lines found that 82 percent of experts send subject lines with 60 characters or less.

Side note: shorter emails also prevent your subject line from becoming truncated on mobile devices.

  • Tickle interest and tease curiosity.

Speaking of mystery, it’s good to leave a little to the imagination.

“Meeting at 10?” is more clickable than baring all with: “Are you willing to meet up at 10 for a demo?”.

When Kyle Racki received the email below, not only did he become a customer, he also found it so good that he shared it with his audience and called it the “best cold email he received”.

That’s a pretty successful cold email if you ask me!

The subject line “Magic Goggles” is short and snappy; it’s more engaging than “An unprecedented way to understand customer experience”, isn’t it?b2b cold email subject line

  • Use a name, or personalize with available data.

When Leadgenius switched their email subject line from “Your sales process” to “I found you through [contact name]”, open rates increased by nearly 50 percent.

And in Yesmail’s analysis of 7 billion emails, emails with personalized subject lines got more than double the unique click-rate and 58 percent higher click-to-open rate than emails without personalization in their subject lines.

Does this mean you should give up personalization if you don’t have a name?

Nope, because you can still personalize with a familiar name [I know you through], organization [as a user of x company] or person [heard about you through x] to “warm” your cold emails up.

Show that using your service is easy (example by Asana)

Asana’s platform helps teams manage their projects and communicate more efficiently. With this B2B email they introduce their clients to Asana’s workflow and invite them to start a new project today.
This B2B email marketing example shows that your email might be a part of a welcome email chain, but it could also be a re-activation email.

Welcome emails

“Hi there!”

A welcome email is the first impression that an organization makes with its new subscribers. Welcome emails generate 4x higher open rates—and they drive 320% more revenue on a per-email basis than other promotional emails. So when a subscriber signs up, set up an automated email to say “Hi” and set expectations. 

In this example below, MarketingSherpa welcomes its new subscribers into the community in their email subject line and then provides a list of all the newsletters that the reader can access. By offering several options, MarketingSherpa is segmenting its new subscribers.

It’s simple, it’s personalized, and it’s a neat way of reminding your new leads why they signed up in the first place!

b2b email marketing example marketingsherpa white background

The Product Announcement Email

💌 Email template business:

👋 Email subject line: 💌Get alerted when a competitor launches an ad on Facebook

PixelMe email

💡 What it is: When we have a major product release or new tool, we send an email blast to anyone who’s signed up with PixelMe in the past. In this case, we announced AdInboxMe, a free tool we built that sends you email alerts when competitors launch a Facebook Ad.

💥 Why it’s effective: Email marketing has been our most effective channel at PixelMe for increasing education and adoption of new products, tools, or updates we’ve made to our Customer Attribution platform.

Tips to replicate:

  • When you release a brand new product that you know will be valuable for any lead who’s signed up but may not yet be a paying customer, you can email them to tell them about a new tool they can leverage and keep nurturing them.
  • Test emojis: We’re a big fan of emojis if you can’t tell 😜. As long as it’s on-brand and can better highlight a key point, it can make your marketing content more engaging and friendly. Experian also found that 56% of brands who included an emoji in their subject lines had higher unique open rates 🎉.

Personalize, and lean towards an account-based marketing approach

“Dear customer”

Urgh! Does anything scream “boring message ahead” louder than these two words?

Avoid addressing leads with generic terms and sales email templates. It drains personality from your email, replacing it with a robotic corporate tone that repels leads.

Find the person’s first name and use it, always. Like the example below from SavvySeller.b2b cold email personalization

Even better, personalize your email around a lead’s hobbies or recent activity.

Just like Denis Oakley’s team did to turn a strong but struggling product, into business doing $1 million dollars in sales.

They attended exhibitions in the client’s market and greeted the relevant salespeople manning the booths — while collecting a total of 1200 business cards.

They later reached out to them and received a great response. Most of the salespeople recognized the company from the exhibitions and because of this, forwarded the “cold” email to the right person.

Find a blog comment, a LinkedIn post, or even a hobby they publicly champion, then weave it into your B2B cold email template.

You can even take the power of personalization further with account-based marketing (ABM). Which is reported to deliver a higher ROI than other marketing activities, according to 87 percent of B2B marketers.

Often described as the “flipped funnel” approach, ABM amplifies the idea of personalization and applies it to your overall sales strategy.b2b cold email abm marketing

Because instead of casting a wide net and targeting a broad quantity of leads, sales and marketing unite (gasp 😱) and aim for “zero-waste” selling.

Sales campaigns and content are targeted towards highly relevant companies and influencer groups (or accounts).

Take Phononic, a Thermoelectric tech startup in North Carolina, for example. They were swimming in leads.

But, their sales team was so overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of leads that they struggled to filter leads based on quality.

Using an ABM strategy, sales and marketing agreed on a personalized approach for the messages and tactics used to warm prospects up for sales.

This resulted in 78 percent more visits from target accounts and a 20 percent reduction in advertising costs.


From warm welcoming messages to our year-end thank yous, we’re always looking for ways to help our customers. Start by downloading these email templates that are proven to deliver clicks and conversions (and have a little fun in the process).

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