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Best Blogs In Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the best brand-building tools at your disposal. Because people sign up for emails on their own, there’s a clear indication of interest in your offerings, so you’re not interrupting them like you are when running ads online.


You can ask a lot of brand managers around the world for advice on email marketing, and they’ll gladly recommend you VerticalResponse. In the world of email campaigns, they have proven to be some of the best and most valued advisers in the business.

To inform people about their ideas, goals, and programs, they have started an excellent blog. As one of the most popular marketing blogs around, you can find a lot about case studies and surveys related to email marketing.


There are even strategies and practices spread into three levels of experience – novice, inter-media and professional.



Email marketing is not a strategy reserved just for big brands and accomplished corporations. In fact, many small businesses have grown because of well-executed email campaigns.

Many marketers devote their time and funds into optimizing this sector, just because it’s free and achievable by anyone.

GetResponse is yet another excellent blog that has great articles on how to grow your small business using email marketing. Every piece of advice is tailor-made for limited budgets and challenging situations.

With high-level whitepapers, ebooks, and guides, this blog stands out. You can use services like Essay Writing Lab or MyAssignmentWriting to get similar writing jobs done.



Creating the right email campaigns takes a lot of creativity, but patience as well. You can learn a lot about fusing these two qualities by reading the MailBakery blog.

They provide original solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs around the world, specializing in various forms of email content creations.

Unlike many other blogs, they have brought every word and detail down to a fine science.


 Only Influencers

Only Influencers is an email industry community designed for professionals serious about email marketing, and it’s a great resource to connect with other email marketers, designers, and developers. While their community is a paid feature, their free blog covers everything from marketing strategy to top email vendors, agencies, and consultants, and it’s one of the best places to get up-to-date industry news.


EasySendy is an internet marketing platform that is specifically designed to help small businesses in their campaigns, whether it is email or social media, or anything else. It was founded in the year 2013, by eight engineers and management consultants with a collective experience of more than 100 years. This experience reflects greatly in their blog and insights section as well, where they talk about powerful strategies in email marketing, writing tips to influence prospects, guides to creating effective drip marketing campaigns, and many more. Their blogs are driven by real-life email marketing concerns and proven strategies to solve those issues effectively.


Automizy is an email marketing solution that guarantees to improve open rates by as much as 34%. They offer all the resources required for a company to achieve that including powerful marketing features, templates, blueprints as well as AI-based solutions. It was founded in 2014 by a team of 4 people, Gabor Koncz, Gyorgy Reti, Viktor Egri and Dominik Sagi and they started off with the mission of becoming the world’s easiest and most powerful email marketing automation tool. Their blog section consists of a selection of some of the best tips in email marketing. And what’s unique about their website is free tools like email subject line generator and subject line tester for marketers to craft the perfect subject lines.


eSputnik is primarily a marketing automation software provider that caters to B2C. It was founded back in 2012 by Dmitry Kudrenko and Aleksey Danchenko. They started out by helping clients manually in their email marketing efforts, pulling all-nighters to provide necessary analytics and reports for clients to improve their marketing efforts. And that is why they know the importance of email marketing automation more than anyone else. They have a treasure chest of resources for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. With a color-coded segmentation of articles meant for beginners, intermediates, and experts, they cover everything that is crucial in the world of email marketing and other forms of online marketing. They also have YouTube videos on “how-to” guides and tutorials to use and solve problems with email marketing platforms. And the highlight of the insights section is their “Email Examples” page where they take you through a wide range of interesting email and newsletter examples meant to inspire you and drive your flow of thoughts.

Email Industries

Email Industries is a dedicated email marketing agency founded in 2008. They specialize in improving collaborative efforts between email marketing vendors and email senders and their strengths lie in solving email deliverability and marketing issues. In other words, they help businesses prevent their emails from going into spam folders. Their insights section covers all the fresh updates and news in the world of email marketing. They also have an information-rich book packed with ideas to succeed in email marketing called “How to Win at B2B Email Marketing: A Guide to Achieving Success”.


Email Out as they claim is quite literally “a fountain of email marketing knowledge”. They are an email marketing software providing company that offers feature-rich, flexible, and also free services. Their blog section offers a wide variety of information on business growth tips, email marketing tips, SEO, copywriting tips, inspirational articles, and a load of expert level knowledge bits. They have everything a marketer needs to improve and grow in email marketing as well as digital marketing in general. They also feature news updates and digital product reviews for marketing geeks to take notes on, along with some free email templates.


AWeber blog site in browser

AWeber is on a mission to make an impact on small businesses by delivering simple yet powerful email marketing software that does most of the work for them. 

The company is composed of a team of marketers, engineers, product people, and problem solvers.

In their modern marketing blog, they educate their readers about email marketing and industry trends so your business stands out from the crowd. You’ll also see in their blog a free email toolkit template as well as a content calendar.

The team says that they seek formal education and attend conferences and events to strive for better as “education is a big part” of innovation.

Email Monday

Email Monday is a website owned by email marketing consultant Jordie van Rijn, who has experience of more than 13 years in email marketing. He not only helps companies in their email marketing efforts but also gives training for entrepreneurs in the same. He is also a writer and speaker, who is passionate about online marketing. In his blog, he offers unique tips and techniques to gain specific goals in email marketing, like increasing email open rates, increasing sign ups for courses or webinars, effective segmentation for optimized results, etc. The website also features industry reports for experts covering a variety of industries and whitepapers.


MailJet blog site in browser

MailJet is a French email marketing platform and tracking system. Their HQ is in Paris, and they also have tech hubs in Toronto, New York, London, Ho Chi Minh City, Barcelona, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, and Sofia.

The company’s mission is to simplify email delivery and they have a dedicated blog that talks about digital marketing strategy, email deliverability, and just about everything email each week. 

You can subscribe to the company’s newsletter and unsubscribe to it anytime too if you think the email marketing strategies they’re teaching do not suit your business needs. But we highly doubt that because they do provide great news and tips about email marketing.


SparkPost blog site in browser

SparkPost is recognized as the world’s first predictive email intelligence platform. Being an email delivery provider, it combines email deliverability analytics with email delivery, empowering businesses to optimize their email program.

What we like about their SparkPost blog is that they not only provide the best email practices but also offer email marketing strategies for practical use to help you achieve a successful email marketing campaign.

 MarketingProfs Blog

MarketingProfs is a marketing media providing education on all fields related to marketing such as advertising, brand management, content, customer behavior, pricing, market research, and many more, including email marketing, as well.

On MarketingProfs you will find trustworthy information on topics related to email marketing not only in the form of articles, podcasts, online seminars, tutorials, guides, and reports.

MarketingProfs Blog


The blogs featured here are all dedicated to the art and science of email marketing. Whether you’re a designer, copywriter or marketer, there is much to learn and enjoy in these posts.

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