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Best Books On Email Marketing 2022

If you are also looking for best books on Email Marketing then we can consider that you are seriously doing email marketing for your business. It is a very competitive industry and if you want to compete with others then you should know the online marketing process very well.

Email marketing is the most effective way to sell your product and services, but only effective if you have a solid understanding of how email marketing works. The best books on email marketing are going to give you real, up to date techniques and strategies you can use in your own business. Here are some of the best books on email marketing today.

Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie is a known name in the marketing industry. Brodie is famous for his numerous publications and cases that scored a feature in BBC World Service,  BusinessWeek, Marketing Profs and many other trustworthy sources. Over the years, Ian Brodie has gained lots of experience in email marketing, so him sharing bits of the valuable knowledge he’s garnered over time is a win-win for anyone interested in boosting their email marketing skills. Email Persuasion is a killer book for all the email marketing enthusiasts interested in learning the art of communicating with their target audience, using the power of emails to build a strong relationship with your prospects and turning them into loyal customers.

The book has a very clever structure that allows you to use it as a step-by-step guide. Ian Brodie kicks it off with an inspirational introduction where he explains why you might want to implement email marketing into your business model and how you can benefit from it before he moves on to the first chapter. From there, Email Persuasion is an orderly executed sequence of actions an email marketing manager should take on their way to success.

The most valuable pieces of information Ian shares with his readers include the tips for building effective mailing lists, segmenting your target audience within the email marketing framework, crafting engaging emails that will be opened by the recipients and much more! Besides, he also gives a useful insight into the importance of email marketing automation, and talks about how to enhance your authority and brand image so that your readers were susceptible to your expertise.

The icing on the cake is the fact that Ian’s book isn’t just a collection of theoretical knowledge but also a lot of ready-to-use templates, examples and content-plans for you to kickstart your email marketing campaign.

E-Mail Marketing For Dummies by John Arnold

Regardless of where you stand as a professional — either you are a beginner testing the waters or an experienced specialist, — a dummies guide can be handy for both! A newbie in the world of email marketing can use one to pick up the basics of the craft and get a better understanding of all the techniques and tools available to them. At the same time, an expert in the field can go back to their roots to organise and refresh the knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years, use the guide as a source of inspiration, or simply have some light reading! No matter what your goals are, John Arnold’s E-Mail Marketing For Dummies has something for everyone.

The manual is divided into six sections, each of which contains lots of practical and up-to-date information about the art of email marketing.

The first part of E-Mail Marketing For Dummies explores the fundamental concepts within email marketing, explains the benefits of email marketing for businesses and talks about how you can incorporate this strategy into your current business model. Sounds like an awful lot of theory, but here’s the catch! John Arnold is terrific at keeping the reader’s attention. He knows exactly what his target audience and spices it up with some hand-on tips. For instance, in this section of the book, he discusses how email marketing can be used to strengthen communication with your customers and gives some practical advice on how to become a trusted sender and convince your recipients to want to open your emails.

The second part is dedicated to planning out your email marketing strategy, identifying your campaign objectives and building your mailing list. On top of that, Arnold shares his go-to content solutions and explains how to add value to your emails. By the end of the section, you’ll know how to ensure your recipients are excited to open your emails.

Sections three and four contain all you need to know about the actual emails and how to construct the most almighty email. Starting with the visual design of the email copy (which templates work best, which fonts and colours are most effective for call-to-action, whether or not you should include an image) and ending with coming up with the most enticing subject line. Besides, Arnold also shows how to simplify your life a bit by automating some of the critical processes.

The fifth section talks about collecting responses and assessing your campaign for subsequent adjustments. The final chapter debriefs the most common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Email Marketing Rules: How to Wear a White Hat, Shoot Straight, and Win Hearts by Chad White

Amazon reviews say that Email Marketing Rules: How to Wear a White Hat, Shoot Straight, and Win Hearts is ‘an essential item on every email marketers bookshelf’. With a name like that, I bet it is!

Does the book live up to the expectations it sets with a promising funky title? After all, the bar is set high. With this one, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll enjoy your time reading Chad White’s creation. He really put a lot of thought into creating a comprehensive and accessible guide into email marketing. Yeehaw, Chad!

The book comprises three major parts, each of which tells the reader about one of the key cornerstones of email marketing: the first section contains email marketing rules, the second offers an insight into the successful email marketing strategy and the last one discusses the future of email marketing. Still not sold?

Email Marketing Rules is packed with useful, practical information and handy extras such as checklists, frameworks and study cases. The first chapter of the book outlines the difference between good email marketing and great email marketing, with examples, so you could become the best of the best.

Mastering Online Marketing by Magnus Unemyr

Create Business Success

Mastering Online Marketing by Magnus Unemyr

As we’ve mentioned before, these days email marketers are usually full-stack marketers, or are at least good at a few more things other than just email marketing. This book will help you become an all-around pro because email marketing is really just one of the pieces of your skill set.

This book will give you a good understanding of online marketing in general, but also help you see the bigger picture and learn how to create websites and landing pages, how to optimize them for a better conversion, how to nurture your subscribers and more.

Mastering Online Marketing will help you grow your metrics and results by adjusting mechanisms and puzzle pieces outside the email marketing. Of course, this book contains a lot of useful info and methods related to email marketing, but the goal is to understand how all online marketing processes work together.

In short: A great read for beginners and mid-level marketers that touches upon marketing automation systems, SEO, content marketing, SMM, Google Analytics, and more.
Buy: Amazon – Free (Kindle), $19.00 (Paperback)

 Integrated Digital Marketing by Eric Carlin

The First Playbook for Integrated Marketing with Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Retargeting

Integrated Digital Marketing by Eric Carlin

We open our list with Integrated Digital Marketing by Eric Carlin, who is one of the top-selling marketing authors. This book consists of guides and strategies on all things digital marketing – from pay-per-click marketing and social media marketing to email and content marketing.

This is a great book to start your self-education journey – you will learn tried and true email marketing tricks, as well as find out more about other digital marketing niches and learn how to communicate with your targeted audience through various online channels.

In short: A great read for beginners and mid-level full-stack digital marketers covering all of digital marketing, as well as email marketing. Includes a case study and actual practical advice.
Buy: Barnes & Noble – $9.49 (Paperback), Amazon – $2.99 (Kindle), $9.49 (Paperback), free excerpt available.

 Email Marketing Mastery: The Step-By-Step System for Building an Email List of Raving Fans Who Buy From You and Share Your Message Kindle Edition by Tom Corson-Knowles

This is a really great book for people who want to learn email marketing without all the technical mumbo-jumbo. You will learn how to set up your first email list, send traffic to it, and get the most out of your list. A case study is included in the book which shows how the author set up an autoresponder to promote one of his books.


Email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing channel, and that rate is expected to continue. These books on email will help you use email to grow your business

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