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Best Christmas Email Marketing Campaigns

The best Christmas email marketing campaigns Christmas is drawing closer and the brands’ biggest sales period is imminent. This is a great time for you to review the most inspiring Christmas email templates and use them as an inspiration for your next campaign. Here are 25 examples of effective, outstanding and inspiring emails to help you send the perfect message to your customers during this joyful season:

To help get you in a festive mood and to give you some great Christmas campaign ideas, we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas email marketing campaigns over the years.

No Christmas email marketing strategy is complete without some cool Christmas email marketing examples to get you inspired!

Did the Grinch steal your Christmas inspiration? No worries! Below, we collected some cool Xmas email examples to help you target the Christmas season in the most wonderful way!

From Pre-Christmas emails to Christmas Day and Post-Christmas campaigns, here are the best stocking fillers for your brand!

And if you’re ready to design your Christmas email marketing campaigns, why not take a look at our newsletter email builder and leverage our ready-made templates??

1. Cox & Cox – 50 Days Till Christmas Email

Subject line: TODAY ONLY: Save £50

Christmas email marketing example by Cox and cox

You guessed it! This Christmas campaign arrived 50 days before Christmas, and there’s a good reason for it. The brand offers customers a special pre-Christmas deal to save money and time buying their Christmas decorations.

From the Christmas email template to the clever copy, this Christmas email marketing example is perfect for engaging your subscribers before the holiday season.

Also, when it comes to the incentive, the Christmas email subject line and the copy perfectly help customers realize the special offer, while the visuals give subscribers an idea of what this email is about!

To mimic this Christmas email, all you need is a drag-and-drop email builder and some Xmas visuals. You can easily sign up for a free Moosend account, hop into the editor, and set your holiday marketing in motion!

2. Marks & Spencer’s Little Christmas Story

Subject line: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

mark and spencers pre Christmas campaign example

This holiday email example by Marks & Spencer is perfect for early Christmas shoppers looking for the perfect snuggly knits.

Instead of visuals, the brand uses photographs of people wearing the goods. However, it’s not just boring product images with dull CTAs.

Marks & Spencer makes its knits an integral part of their email design. Smiley faces and stylish looks make this campaign more relatable, inviting the email subscriber to feel the Christmas vibe.

What’s interesting is that the pictures and the headlines seem like they’re telling a story through email: dress yourself and the family up for the Christmas party, have fun, dance, impress your guests, and then, it’s time to relax!

Overall, this pre-Christmas example is perfect for showing your target audience your holiday product line in context and excite them for this time of year!

3. MeUndies’ Early Holiday Gift Guide

Subject line: Gifts for Everyone 

christmas email examples by meundies

The best way to boost your holiday sales is to create a gift guide for your target audience!

Now, this Christmas email marketing example by MeUndies is my cup of tea! First of all, the subject line is very straightforward, offering a solution to one of the most common Christmas pain points: find the perfect gift for your loved ones!

Moreover, the use of a present emoji is one of the best email marketing tips I can gift you this holiday season! Emojis will help your subject line stand out in your audience’s inbox and look more fun to interact with.

If you’re having trouble making converting subject lines, don’t hesitate to use an email subject line optimizer to boost your open rates and conversion rates.

The use of bright colors and visuals make this campaign ideal for the brand’s younger audience. Lastly, from touching upon Zoom calls to TikTok dances, the copy truly speaks to the subscribers who feel that the brand actually knows them!

To replicate this simple yet efficient pre-Christmas campaign, take advantage of Moosend’s pre-Christmas templates, create your free account, and start creating simple and beautiful emails for your audience.

All it takes is the right template!

4. The Blonde Abroad Christmas Blog Update

Subject line: The Cutest German Christmas Town in the US!

The blonde abroad holiday email example

Christmas email marketing isn’t only limited to retailers, eCommerce stores, and B2B businesses.

Bloggers can also leverage it to wish readers happy holidays and, of course, promote their posts during a super busy time of the year! In the above example, The Blonde Abroad, a traveling blog, sends a beautiful holiday email campaign to engage readers.

Moreover, while the Christmas email copy is quite extensive, the blogger uses it to deliver her Xmas experience into her subscribers’ inbox and make recommendations for winter and holiday destinations. Which is all her audience wants to see!

Before closing her Christmas email newsletter, the blogger adds some additional reading recommendations to increase her blog traffic:

the blonde abroad xmas email suggested reading

Friendly and engaging, that’s the perfect example to target your readers during the holidays and offer them amazing Christmas gift ideas!

5. MAC’s Best Christmas Deal Example

Subject line: Customize a Holiday kit! 3 picks for $65 ($90 value). 

holiday email marketing example by mac

Does this subject line by MAC make you feel like yelling “Hallelujah?” Well, it’s not only you! (See what I told you about emojis?)

Starting with the Christmas subject line, the brand wants to ensure that the subscriber will open the email no matter what.

To do so, MAC raises three points: the reason (Customize a Holiday kit!), the offer (3 picks for $65), and the value: ($90 value ).

Everything the subscriber needs to interact with the holiday email is right there, in front of their eyes. But what happens when MAC’s email list opens the campaign?

The first thing they’ll see is a gif with the products offered in the deal. Which is an amazing idea for every email marketing strategy. ‘Cause you know, gifs can save you space and add movement to your campaigns!

Finally, the pink copy attracts the recipient’s attention to the special Christmas sale, leading them to click on the CTA. If not convinced at first glance, then the $90 value underneath comes in for the rescue!

6. Wendell August Forge’s Christmas Stock Up

Subject line: LAST DAY  Buy 3 Ornaments Get 1 FREE

wendell august forge holiday email examples

Customers love stocking up early, so why not give them an early Merry Christmas deal to fire them up?

And while you’re at it, why not make it urgent as well? As you can see in the above Christmas newsletter by Wendell August Forge, the brand adds a sense of urgency to the subject line to increase its open rates.

And to make it even more efficient, it also inserts the “Buy 3 get 1 free” incentive to tease potential shoppers. That’s a great way to get your prospects to buy more products from your store!

When it comes to the copy, the brand opts for simplicity, using urgency and emotion to lead subscribers towards conversion.

And to top it off, the color of the CTA and the effective use of white space make the brand’s incentive hard to miss!

7. Larq’s Elegant Holiday Gifting Ideas

Subject line: Mindful holiday gifting ideas 🎁

best christmas email marketing examples by

If you are targeting a more serious audience, then Larq has the perfect Christmas example for us!

Compared to MeUndies, Larq’s email design favors symmetry, product gifs, and white space to create an elegant result.

Colors are also strategically picked to give emphasis on the two pink calls to action.

When it comes to Larq’s subject line, the brand uses all the tricks we mentioned above to boost its open rates. Even the choice of words, “Mindful holiday gifting ideas,” is fancier than just saying, “Here’s a gift guide!”

If you have trouble creating the perfect Christmas subject line, get your hands on a subject line tester for that extra boost you might be missing!

Lastly, the last section makes this Christmas email awesome, helping shoppers get their products in time for Christmas. This is something that not many brands add to their email and something you should definitely try!

Implementing your Christmas email marketing ideas

By now you should hopefully have plenty of ideas for your Christmas email marketing. Now you just have to implement them. 

Just like with any holiday email campaign, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

Firstly, no matter how great your email design or content is, it’s useless if people don’t open your email to see it. To achieve a decent open rate you need to pay attention to your subject line. Thankfully we have a collection of Christmas email subject lines that you can use. 

Also keep in mind that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Depending on where your business is and the make-up of your email list, you might want to consider maintaining a light touch with references to Christmas. 

Lastly, email marketing is all about building a relationship with your subscribers. Don’t just use the holiday period as an excuse to spam people with sale emails. Remember to take the time to genuinely wish your subscribers a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays) and New Year.


Email is one of the top marketing channels in the world. Every brand runs campaigns to promote their holiday products, along with other sales and special marketing deals during Christmas.

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