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Content creation is a crucial part of the digital community. Though you may not have been aware of it, there are several types of content creators that research and post online content daily. Whether this type of professional digital person is preparing and releasing these kinds of articles with digital media outlets as an employee or as a freelancer, they all have one common goal. That goal is to inform, educate, entertain, or otherwise provide some type of information to the people who read them. This type of individual is going around the world and looking for interesting topics that members of the global community may be interested in.

There are many different forms of content marketing, and there are many different types of content creators. Whether you’re creating original content or curating relevant content on your website, it is your job to present that information simply and logically. You’re not only sharing useful information with your audience, but you’re also providing a resource that they can come to again and again for their digital needs. Perhaps some other time we will discuss the best type of communication for your brand, but for now, let us know what is the best type of content creation and why.

1. Cartoons and Comic Strips

Clever drawings that make fun of situations that should be serious but end up being amusing are incredibly effective. What is interesting about comic strips and cartoons is how much of an impact they have when they are related to the B2B world. For example, a cartoon that makes fun of long-winded meetings that get nothing accomplished can be great for a company that delivers office supplies.

2. Visuals & Pictures Do 80% Of The Work

Content marketers know that every text article they publish should have at least one picture, and this is because most netizens will only click on images. This practice can be elevated to featuring a single eye-catching photo that relates to the brand. For example, a pizza delivery shop can share a digital photo of a pie as it comes out of the oven.

3. Getting Creative With Statistics

Share insights that may add value to your customers and educate them. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it eye-catching, funny, curious… you have so much information that you can share.

4. Notable Quotes

This content creation idea is simple yet extremely effective for sharing on social media channels. For example… Check out our Instagram.

5. Allegorical Images

Social media netizens enjoy positive and clever reinforcement. Posting the expression “feeling like a box of budgies” with a photo of a nest box filled with fledglings will help to communicate positive thoughts.

6. Short How-To Or Explainer Videos

Instagram and Vine are powerful platforms for posting short video content. But think about how you can add value to your audience. For example, to your staff through training, or to your customers by providing insights on how to get the most out of your product. You don’t need to create a Hollywood blockbuster, simply make life a little easier or clearer for everyone.

7. Screenshots

This is another content idea that works amazingly well. For some reason, online audiences respond very well to explanatory screenshots. A mobile app development firm could publish a screenshot of a future project as it is being coded along with notes and explanations.

8. Answering Questions

The respected social network Quora is great for knowledge-based branding and self-promotion. A financial planning firm that is active in Quora can set their account to post answers directly to WordPress.

9. Infographics

Visual representations of data are as old as math tables and maps, but they have always been very effective. Data visualization content is three times more likely to be shared than a text article, and online businesses that regularly post infographics report getting nearly 15% more Web traffic on the day of publishing.

10. Podcasts

In the age of YouTube, many people find it easy to dismiss podcasts as relics from the iPod era; however, marketing analysts report that podcast subscribers tend to become loyal clients and customers. There are two keys to podcast success: production values and distribution channels. Creating quality podcasts is easier said than done, but it can be very rewarding as part of your strategy for brand development.

11. Giving Audiences a Voice

Going beyond engagement means jumping into the realm of user-generated content. Testimonials are just a start; strong brands will always have enthusiastic clients and customers who are ready to create content for them. Use the information to build a content community that can increase your reach and brand value. After all your customers should be your greatest source of new opportunities.

While we have not covered every facet of content in this blog, we hope it helps you to get off the starting blocks. For more information take a look at some of our other articles on the importance of content creation.

Content Creator – Networkers

Stock image of people speaking and socially interacting
Networkers succeed through social interactions. Image from iStock, VictoriaBar.

Joel Capperella, a marketing professional, states that content creators fall into four categories: 

  • Networkers
  • Speakers 
  • Writers
  • Visualisers

Networkers thrive in social settings – they are invigorated by personal interactions and making new connections

Networkers love talking to people from all paths of life – they walk away from conversations with open minds and new perspectives.

Examples of great content produced by people who network:

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Networkers:

  • Video Tip – Go to an event, set a goal of meeting 5 new people in an hour. Set up one meeting.
    Post a Video of before and after and explain the tactics. Find an example here.
  • Master lists – Questions to Start Conversations
  • Motivation / Hustle Porn (Yes this is a thing)
    How to get the courage to start networking? And what are mental tricks for making it happen?
  • Weekly List – Networking events in your area that you plan on attending every week

Content Creator – Beauticians

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry

Beauty content creator Jeffree Star make up artist blue eyeshadow blue nails blue jacket pink background
Make-up artist and cosmetic creator, Jeffree Star. Image from Tubefilter

This is BIG money, here are a few examples of people that made their makeup brand and scaled using great content.

Notable Content Creators in the Beauty space Net worth:

Beauty professionals include make-up artists, nail artists, and hairdressers, to name just a few. 

Beauticians are often digital content creators – posting photos, videos, product descriptions, contests, and much more!

Social media, such as Instagram, is one of the best tools for beauticians to show off their skills. 

Many of these influencers also make revenue by sharing products via their digital visual content. 

rainbow glam eye makeup instagram post colorpop cosmetics
User-generated social media content from Colourpop Cosmetics’ Instagram.

Examples of Beauty Content:

We love this inclusive and body-positive social media content from Fenty:

Beauty content creators fentybeauty 40 shades foundation profiltr instagram

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Beauty Creators:

Content Creator – Human Resources

Human resources Now Hiring sign grass

Human Resource (HR) managers will oversee the employee’s entire experience within a company: recruitmentonboarding, training, conflict resolution, and more.  

HR managers use their excellent interpersonal, organizational, and IT skills to communicate with staff and handle administrative tasks.

Image by Unsplash.

Many people think that HR content creators mainly make content such as job descriptions, but their ideas for recruitment and company culture can also generate content!

For example, HubSpot HR came up with this incredibly generous referral program to find recruits.

Examples of HR Manager Content:

We love Buffer’s transparent salaries:

Digital Creator Content Ideas – HR Creators:

Content Creator – Makers

‘Maker culture’ – Activities and ideas of people who create or invent things, either using traditional crafts or technology

Maker culture is a cultural movement that can mean something unique to each member of its community. 

Makers are inventors: they use their creativity, innovation, and engineering skills, as well as technology such as 3D printers, to create anything you can imagine!

People love watching satisfying media video content of handcrafted items coming together:

Makers network in maker spaces – these are often community centers where makers can learn from each other and access equipment that may otherwise be out of their price range.

The increasing popularity of sites like Etsy shows how many people value the importance of handmade items. 

Examples of Maker Content:

We love this sewing tutorial from Maker Ed:

Learning in the Making: Sewing by Maker Ed.

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Maker Content:

Content Creator – Public Speakers

With the ‘gift of the gab’, speakers can clearly and engagingly communicate their expertise and ideas to anyone lucky enough to listen. 

They are talented presenters, and can often be found holding the whole room captivated by their words alone.

Examples of Great Public Speaker Content:


At this time, there are many types of content creators online. You can find a variety of writers and journalists that write content for blogs and other sites. There are also marketing professionals who create content for their website, social media accounts, advertisements, and more. Even though there is a large number of people who can serve as content creators, many of them are in high demand.

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