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Best CRM Email Marketing Software

With features that include marketing automation, customizable email templates, multi-channel messaging and reporting, and seamless communication with customers, Best CRM Email Marketing Software is the top choice for businesses.

Omnisend is the best CRM email marketing software that ensures you all the tools needed to grow your business in a single platform. You can easily create beautiful email and SMS campaigns, automate your workflows, import and export contacts, submit newsletters, record feedback and much more! Moreover, Omnisend enables you easy integration with various e-commerce platforms, including Magento 2

According to research from Google, it can take anywhere between 20 to 500+ touchpoints for people to complete an online purchase. Not only that, but the number and type of touchpoints can vary greatly, depending on the purchase in question and the individual needs of each buyer.

The modern sales process is a complex and highly personal journey, which makes it difficult for marketers and sales teams to deliver the right messages, in the right places, at the right time.

Luckily, there are some tools that will help you achieve this:

  • CRM: A customer relationship management (CMS) system allows you to compile data about prospects, track their progress along the buying cycle and send targeted messages to them along the way.
  • Lead generation: The tools to create landing pages, web forms and other lead generation essentials easily.
  • Email marketing: Still the most reliable and effective way to keep leads/customers engaged, before and after the initial purchase.
  • Multi-channel marketing: With leads coming in from search, social, email and multiple other sources, you need a space where you can bring them together and manage them collectively.
  • Marketing automation: Cut out the manual workload of data-driven marketing so messages are automatically delivered, based on the actions and changing interests of your prospects.
  • Customer support: To keep those customers happy and coming back for more.
  • Optimisation tools: To constantly improve results and grow your business.

That’s a lot to expect from any marketing toolkit but there are plenty of all-in-one CRM and marketing automation platforms that promise to deliver everything on the list above – and more.

Why You Need a CRM With Email Features

So why should your company consider investing in a CRM with email functionality? There are many reasons, the most important being improved sales effectiveness, increased productivity, and transparency across your sales team.


For many sales professionals, email is the secret weapon in their selling arsenal. When you combine email with the customer insights stored within a company’s CRM, you’ll be able to craft much more personalized and, ultimately, more effective messages. Comparing the success rates of your templates and automated email sequences helps you fine-tune your messages to boost your success rate.


Imagine the time you’d save if your CRM were to offer native email functionality or a two-way sync with your email program. Rather than bouncing back and forth between programs, you could do all your work out of one system. Plus, saved email templates save you a lot of time on re-typing.


When your CRM offers email capabilities, your entire team will have a complete and accurate view of the customers you’re attempting to serve.

Email conversations can be stored in a CRM’s customer timelines, which means that any member of your sales, marketing, or support teams can get full context on your company’s relationship with a prospect or buyer, simply by looking them up in your CRM.

Without a CRM database, email communications are hidden away in personal email inboxes, unable to be leveraged by anyone else on the team.


Nutshell is an all-in-one CRM and email marketing platform that’s “simple enough for any user, sophisticated enough for any business.” This mantra applies to the software’s email capabilities as well.

The service is equipped with a strong set of email automation features including email sequencing, shareable templates, easy contact filtering for targeted bulk emails, and even a native email marketing suite—everything you need to take the grunt work out of email communication.

Nutshell’s personal email sequence tool allows sales professionals to perform one-on-one outreach at scale. These email sequences shut off automatically once your recipient replies, and can even be set up to trigger when a lead reaches a certain pipeline stage, which means you can nurture all your new prospects without lifting a finger. And because Nutshell tracks reply rates of your sequences, you’ll be able to easily tell which emails work best and which need to be rewritten.

Every salesperson knows that retyping the same emails over and over again is incredibly tedious. Nutshell’s time-saving email templates remove the monotony from the workday and allow users to fire off messages in seconds, not minutes. Plus, Nutshell’s two-way sync with Gmail and Office 365 help you stay organized and productive in or out of your CRM. (Even if you use a different email provider, you can still send outgoing work emails from Nutshell.)

In 2021, Nutshell released Nutshell Marketing, its first-ever email marketing automation tool. Available for an additional monthly charge based on your number of marketing contacts, Nutshell Marketing allows Nutshell customers to send beautifully designed marketing emails and drip sequences to thousands of contacts at once, and immediately measure their impact. Because Nutshell Marketing is powered by Nutshell’s CRM platform, you’ll no longer have to worry about contacts getting out of sync between your sales and marketing software, and you can build highly targeted audience lists based on any customer segment.

If you’re looking for a powerful yet completely intuitive CRM solution with cutting-edge email functionality, you can’t do much better than Nutshell.


Insightly is a popular name in the world of CRM and the platform really focuses on helping its users build strong, lasting relationships with customers. One of the ways they do this is by offering email automation features.

Inside the platform, users are able to create and send emails with just a few clicks and view real-time analytics for all campaigns. Insightly also offers a handy email template feature to save salespeople valuable time.

From one-off messages to bulk sends, this CRM offers a fair amount of native email options, and integrates with Outlook, Gmail, MailChimp, and Zapier for more functionality.

 ActiveCampaign: The best all-in-one system for every business size

Pricing starts at $9/mo

If you’re looking for an all-in-one CRM, email marketing and automation platform, ActiveCampaign is clear the winner. While most of the products we’re looking at in this guide offer varying amounts of email marketing and automation features, ActiveCampaign is the most comprehensive system.

The only possible exception is HubSpot, which offers up even more features but falls short in one key area where ActiveCampaign shines: marketing automation.

Aside from that, HubSpot’s pricing is on another level while ActiveCampaign is one of the most affordable all-in-one platforms around.

ActiveCampaign features

Key features:

  • CRM: Manage contacts and automatically update details without manual input.
  • Email marketing: Advanced email marketing campaigns including broadcast emails, triggered emails, targeted emails and more.
  • Unlimited emails: Send an unlimited number of emails to contacts on every plan.
  • Email builder: Drag-and-drop email builder available on every plan.
  • Email templates: Use or edit email templates to create campaigns quickly.
  • Autoresponders: Send automatic email responses to prospects instantly or after your specified delay.
  • Sales automation: Cut the manual workload out of sales with automated tasks, notifications and reminders.
  • Contact & lead scoring: Prioritise leads to focus your marketing and sales efforts on the highest-value prospects.
  • Marketing automation: Automate email campaigns and marketing responses to deliver messages and take action.
  • Automation builder: Create your own automation workflows with ActiveCampaign’s drag-and-drop automation builder.
  • Site & event tracking: Track user behaviour on your website to attribute campaign success and deliver relevant messages based on user actions.
  • Customer support: Provide customer support through email and chat.
  • Customer retention: Identify and reward your best customers to incentivise repeat purchases.

ActiveCampaign’s goal is to provide almost every marketing tool you’ll ever need and the company comes as close as anyone. This all-in-one system is going to save you plenty of money on software fees by incorporating most of the tools you need to integrate sales, marketing and customer service into one platform.

These savings are enhanced by ActiveCampaign’s affordable, pay-as-you-grow pricing model, which puts enterprise software in your hands for SME price tags.

ActiveCampaign offers the best feature-per-dollar platform, packing advanced tools and features, even into its cheapest plans. Here’s a quick summary of what you pay for different contact numbers on the company’s Plus plan, which is capable enough for most SMEs:

  • 1,000 contacts – $49/mo
  • 2,500 contacts – $99/mo
  • 5,000 contacts – $135/mo
  • 10,000 contacts – $199/mo

Crucially, the prices of its more expensive plans increase gradually so you don’t have to worry about sudden price hikes standing in the way of further growth – a common problem with enterprise marketing systems.

Automation is ActiveCampaign’s biggest strength and none of the other platform’s we’re looking at in this guide really compete here. Everything is based around ActiveCampaign’s drag-and-drop automation builder, which allows you to visually create workflows for almost anything you can come up with: email sequences, automatic replies, triggered messages, automated sales tasks and fully automated marketing strategies.

With website tracking, lead qualification, lead scoring and email marketing, you can apply automated workflows to every stage of your marketing and sales funnel to guide leads and customers to the next key stage of the journey – the next conversion, the next purchase or simply leaving a review, for example.

You also get a full suite of email marketing features, including a drag-and-drop email builder to create visual messages, either from scratch or by editing a template from the platform’s built-in library.

The only missing feature is a dedicated system for sending transactional emails. While you can create and send transactional emails using ActiveCampaign, there’s no built-in system for tracking them individually, preventing users from unsubscribing or tracking payments.

Given the comprehensive email marketing features on offer here, a transactional system would really confirm this as the best email marketing system around.

As things stand, Sendinblue is the only provider that offers a dedicated transactional email system. Then there’s HubSpot, which offers a transactional email add-on with limited features but it costs $1,000/month and people won’t receive your transactional emails if they unsubscribe, which defeats the whole point of paying for the plugin, in the first place.

Another key set of features built into ActiveCampaign is its intelligent data system, powered by the latest machine learning technology. Automatic lead qualification is enhanced by smart lead scoring that automatically updates as prospects progress along your funnel and the sales cycle.

ActiveCampaign also calculates the win probability for sales leads, based on their behaviour and your historical data. This helps your sales team determine which deals to prioritise while you can also calculate the customer lifetime value of prospects so that you can focus on those expected to generate the most revenue.

Honestly, there are too many features to talk about in one article but you can view the full list of ActiveCampaign features and plans on this comparison page.

How usable is ActiveCampaign?

With all-in-one marketing systems, usability is always a question mark. ActiveCampaign is one of the most capable platforms on the market but this comes with a certain amount of complexity while software packed with this many features is always going to have a learning curve.

Despite this, ActiveCampaign has worked hard to build an intuitive software platform with a logical structure and navigation that helps you get to grips with the product and find the features/tools you need.

Yes, there is a learning curve, but the company has an extensive library of online documentation to help new users hit the ground running. You also have an excellent customer support team should you run into any technical issues and one-to-one training to help you get the best out of the platform.

ActiveCampaign removes some of the intrinsic complexity of its all-in-one platform by implementing drag-and-drop editors. You can manage your CRM by pulling contacts from one stage of the funnel to another without manually opening profiles and updating statuses.

These drag-and-drop tools make it easier to complete simple tasks while some of the more complex tools, such as the automation builder, turn complex marketing actions into manageable tasks.

The automation builder is ActiveCampaign’s slickest drag-and-drop tool and one of the biggest features on the platform. The quality of its email and landing page builders aren’t quite at the same level, especially if you’re used to dedicated landing page builders like Unbounce.

At the end of the day, if you want the best landing page builder, get a specialist tool like Unbounce. ActiveCampaign allows you to build effective landing pages without paying for separate software, even if the builder isn’t quite as powerful as the likes of Unbounce and Instapage

What could ActiveCampaign improve?

Considering the features on offer at each price point, it’s difficult to criticise ActiveCampaign. Of course, there’s always room for improvement and we’ve already touched on the fact that the landing page builder isn’t quite up to par with specialist tools.

It’s a similar story with the email builder, which isn’t quite as intuitive as Mailchimp’s for example. In both cases, there’s room for more customisation, especially in terms of layouts and styling.

That said, ActiveCampaign allows you to do so much more with your emails and landing pages with its email, marketing and automation features than other platforms – and you can always integrate with tools like Unbounce and Mailchimp if you prefer those builders.

In all honesty, though, email and landing page builders have progressed that much in recent years that ActiveCampaign’s latest builders are very close to the best in the industry.

For example, we use ActiveCampaign alongside Unbounce as our landing page builder but, if we were starting again today, we would be happy enough with ActiveCampaign’s native landing page builder.

ActiveCampaign verdict

As far as we’re concerned, ActiveCampaign is the best all-in-one CRM, email marketing and automation platform available. Not only are you getting comprehensive features, but the platform’s automation technology allows you to maximise the impact of every marketing and sales action in a way that few other platforms match.

Having used ActiveCampaign for so long now, we’re in the privileged position to be able to offer our readers an exclusive partnership offer that’ll save you up to $5,000 over the course of two years – including free implementation and migration, your second month free of charge, free CRM with sales automation and more.

Important: Make sure you use this link to unlock the exclusive offer and you can find out more about the ActiveCampaign suite of marketing tools here.


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