Discover the best direct email marketing templates and copy examples to increase your email sign ups and conversions. Stop wasting your time on strategies that don’t work like asking for an email address, then hoping they convert later on with a lead magnet! We give you proven direct email marketing templates that take these tactics off the list to focus on real marketing, sales and conversion activities.

Here’s a collection of some wonderful email marketing newsletters, other email marketing examples, and more. Learn from the best, each executed with compelling calls to action and amazing visuals.

Hell Pizza – Mis-fortune Cookies

Image Via Ads of the World

Arguably, one of the highlights of an evening at a Chinese restaurant is receiving a fortune cookie to read (and eat) at the end of the meal. But what if the biscuit had bad news for you? Hell Pizza came up with the idea of a mis-fortune cookie as part of its brand-new direct mail marketing campaign. Including witty messages such as “Help! I’m being held in a Chinese bakery!” with a far-gone expiry date, the biscuits took customers by storm. In fact, due to its unprecedented success, the mis-fortune cookie is now available in 66 Hell Pizza stores.

Nike – Stadium Shoe Box

Image Via Ads Archive

Through a cost-effective yet impactful direct mail marketing campaign, Nike strove to push youngsters to take up athletics. Indeed, they sent out limited edition shoeboxes with the print of a stadium inside. Not only that but, when opened, the box would emit roaring crowd sounds to hopefully get the recipient on the right track!

LavOnline – Tomato Splat

Image Via Ads of the World

With young professionals and managers in mind, LavOnline designed an impactful direct mail marketing campaign to grab the attention of its target audience. In the form of a white t-shirt, the package featured a tomato that potential customers were asked to squash. The campaign sparked genuine curiosity. As such, the company’s website registered a 15% increase in traffic, and 32% of its targeted customers signed up online.

Google Partners – 3D Hologram Prism

Google, of course, makes the list of the most creative direct mail campaigns too. To promote its Google Partners agencies, specific instructions were sent out to allow customers to assemble their own interactive holographic prism. By placing the prism over their phone, people could watch a YouTube video offering hidden mobile tips to get up to speed on their device for the quarter. The campaign gained popularity and, as such, the video was soon all over social media.

Web Expertise

Customers today expect that companies are accessible in many ways on the web. Retailer’s postcard from April 2020 highlights its apps as well as online advice.

Familiar Branding

Some companies leverage their branding images from TV and other media to stand out in the mail, as GEICO and other insurers frequently do. This example is from February 2020.


Mail can welcome a new customer to the fold and provide valuable paper backup. Asurion, a device insurance and warranty provider, mailed this letter to a Verizon Wireless customer in January 2020.


Whether you’re a business or a non-profit, look for ways to show your impact on the lives of individuals. This Florida Gulf Coast University appeal from February 2020 notes how donations helped these students.


There’s probably no word that works better than “Free”. Here, Estee Lauder offers a customer a selection from its cosmetics available at Macy’s in this March 2020 self-mailer.


In any category, tap into one of the 7 main emotions to drive action with the copy and images you use. Here, RoadRunner Sports banks on exclusivity in this offer from May 2020.


There are lots of reasons to include a magnet in your direct mail, like providing information and building exposure. This eyecatching March 2020 postcard from the American Psychological Association uses a magnet to push a membership renewal.


Handwriting fonts stand out against mail using standard type, as on this outer envelope for City Union Mission.

Give New Customers Something They’ll Keep

For local businesses, magnets have always been popular. They’re lightweight, so it doesn’t cost much to ship. You can add your contact information on them, and they’re useful. Consider sending something that just keeps your brand in their mind, such as a stress ball (Design Pickle sent new customers stress pickles, which is unique).

Sell Customers on What They Get, Not What You Have

One of the best tips for any marketing campaign is to tap into what customers want and how they’ll benefit from using your business. Rather than focus on what your business has, focus on what customers will gain from you. An air conditioner repair service can fix your A/C, but a good direct mail idea is to send a postcard campaign that focuses on being available 24/7 (“Get your A/C working—yes, even at 3 a.m.”).

Mail Custom Cookies to Your Best Customers

Postcards are usually synonymous with direct mail, but you have lots of options to get creative. Some direct mailing services offer out-of-the-box solutions, such as custom sugar cookies with your logo on them. This is a pricier option, so you might want to save this for a smaller customer retention or returning-customer campaign.

Mix Up Your Direct Mail Campaign With Die-cut Brochures

Brochures are a great direct mail idea. They’re lightweight and require no envelopes, so they can be more affordable than sending other marketing materials. You can make sure your brochure stands out even more so with die-cutting. Some printers offer this service to give your brochure a unique look and texture, which might make someone look closer at your promotion.

PsPrint offers custom die-cutting, so you can work with the direct mail service and printer to get exactly the shape you want for your marketing campaign. There is a $45 flat fee for design help from the company, and you’ll need to get a custom quote for your project.

Send Coupons (& Coupon Codes) Attached to Postcards

Make the most of your postcard direct mail campaign by attaching coupons. A physical coupon works wonders for getting people into your store to buy. Nearly 90% of millennials surveyed said a coupon could sway them to try a new brand (86% of Gen X, 78% of Gen Z, and 76% of baby boomers agreed). Digital coupons are strong too—they recently became more popular than paper coupons.

Try an EDDM Campaign

Finding a new audience for your business can be challenging, but setting up an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign is easy—and affordable. You can target a city or ZIP code with postcards or oversized mailers, which lets you cast a wide net. There’s no need to purchase a mailing list, and it costs about half as much as standard postage. An EDDM campaign can help you gain new customers you wouldn’t otherwise reach with your mailing list alone—and because you’re targeting a specific ZIP code, you can home in on a location-based audience.

You might see pieces of EDDM in your own mailbox after making a significant purchase or moving to a new city. If your address change is public record, you buy a house, or buy a car, that information may be available to marketers. So, if you bought a house, you might see mailers from home goods retailers, or if you bought a car, you might get postcards from insurance companies.

Make Your Mail Interactive

Sorting through mail at the end of the day is often seen as a bit of a chore. When you make your marketing materials interactive and fun, you break up the tedium. Consider your business and how you can create a mailer that’s exciting, but still relevant to your industry. Scratch-off sections to reveal a discount could be enticing. Even a folded card that includes a 3D pop-up interior can catch one’s eye.

Personalize Your Direct Mail Campaign

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth noting that one of the best direct mail ideas is to address your recipients by name. When you have an email list, you use first names in your campaigns, and you should do the same with a direct mail marketing campaign. Personalizing (not retargeting, in this case), even with just a first name, can have a big impact on customers.

Personalization can also include a customer’s buying interests. If someone recently purchased a luxury car, they might be a good candidate for a high-end jeweler or a local museum membership. And when you get personal, you get a higher return on investment (ROI)—by up to 200%.


As most marketers are aware, emails are one of the best ways to grow your business and generate revenue from your products or services. While email marketing can be a tough nut to crack as it takes a lot of time and effort to build up an audience and keep it engaged, these examples give you some helpful pointers on what works and what doesn’t in order to get better results.

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