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Best Ecommerce Email Examples

You are in the very best place for a list of ecommerce email address examples. We have created a killer index of high performance emails from the very best stores in the world that you can use in your own campaigns to convert more Shopify customers.

Today we’ll look at some great ecommerce email address examples. These ecommerce email address examples will give you insight into what works and what doesn’t, and how to stand out from the competition. Whether you’re a Moz subscriber or first time visitor, you’ll notice that these are live examples of ecommerce emails that I’ve received tuned to my interests. Let’s dive in!


It all starts with a welcome email. Your first touchpoint defines the atmosphere and the tone of your communication. So, the best thing you can do is give subscribers a heads up on what you’ll be emailing them about and offer a little bonus for signing up.

Ellesse is a sports apparel company, so the brand sets the mood by using photos of young and active people wearing Ellesse and having a good time.

ecommerce email example
Use a discount code or coupon as a reward for signing up

Your welcome emails don’t need to be overloaded — just include an incentive for your audience to stick around and make their first purchase even more desirable. A single hard-to-miss CTA button is also required here because some of your users may be ready to convert right away.

Google Store

Here is the cleanest special offer email of all time. Nothing distracting, just high-quality photos and bright, contrasting CTA buttons that are impossible to miss. The price difference is shown right there, and it eliminates any possible doubts regarding the value of the offer.

ecommerce email example
Google Stores uses clean, spacious design for its email communication; source: Really Good Emails

You can “steal” a few ideas from this example. For starters, think about adopting the same block structure to present products that may be equally interesting to your users. And, secondly, only use product photos made in the same style — it’ll immediately give your email a professional and cohesive look.


Here, we see a rather playful, but by no means silly, holiday-related email by Rover, a dog-walking app. Its visual style appeals to its audience — dog lovers — and conveys the Halloween mood that makes people wear crazy costumes and play all sorts of pranks. In this email, the company encourages dog owners to treat their pets on “the spookiest night of the year” with themed plush toys.

ecommerce email design example
Combine a holiday design with your brand style; source: Really Good Emails

This holiday email is well-designed — even the typography choices aren’t random at all. The designers used atmospheric, cozy typefaces for headings and paired them with a clean sans-serif font for email copy to increase its readability. Graphic elements support the main theme of the email without making it too grim or gothic.

Allergy Buyers Club

Sometimes, you need to send a little guide to your users, and that’s where easily digestible infographics come in handy.Want to create cool infographics for your emails? Check out our guide to making your own infographics from scratch.

Take a look at this example — it’s an illustrated thank you email from Allergy Buyers Club. It includes useful tips on how to set up and use a recently purchased product, but it also motivates the recipient to participate in a referral program and try related products.Include infographics in your eCommerce email templates; source: Really Good Emails

Here, the company strengthens customer trust and creates a perfect upselling opportunity by recommending items that enhance the overall positive experience of using the air purifier. You can try the same strategy and send helpful thank you emails accompanied by personalized recommendations.


Chipotle incentivizes parents to help their kids get used to going to school again by buying them healthy and mouth-watering meals to-go. They also offer bonus points to increase customer loyalty. It’s a short email, but it contains just enough information to attract the user’s attention and send them to the company’s website.

eCommerce email example
Chipotle offers bonus points for buying kid’s meals

This email has a great attention-grabbing headline and a subtle color scheme reflecting the Chipotle brand colors. An email designed like this one will be displayed correctly on any device. Notice that even two CTA buttons here don’t interrupt the flow — they just make it more convenient for users to place an order and get fresh food in no time.

Welcome Emails 

Welcome emails are instantly sent to a customer when they buy something from you, make an account, or sign up for your email list. They create an instant connection with buyers and welcome them to your brand, and they have great stats: on average, their open rates are 4x higher than general emails and their click through rates are 5x higher (source).  

Use your welcome emails to set the precedent for future communications with your buyers or new subscribers. Explain to them what they can expect from you and your brand. Welcome emails don’t have to be promotional emails, but you can sweeten the deal by offering an introductory discount on their first purchase. 

This and most other emails you’d want to sent can be automated as triggered emails to save you time and not miss sales.

Wool brand McIntosh uses their welcome email to do several things:

  • Welcome new customers
  • Offer a discount code and free shipping for their first purchase
  • Showcase customer reviews, press coverage, and awards
  • Encourages customers to check out the online shop and browse the brand’s products
  • Deliver extra value with a free downloadable guide
  • Invite people to become affiliates

Abandoned Cart Emails 

The average abandonment rate for online shopping carts is 69.57%. This means that the vast majority of shoppers fill up their cart and then leave it to gather dust. As a result, you could be missing out on a lot of sales if you don’t do anything about it. 

There are many reasons shoppers leave their carts without a backwards glance; maybe an unexpected fee was added to the cart; perhaps they were just browsing; or maybe they found a better deal elsewhere. 

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t have to be the end of the customer’s journey with you. Instead, sending one or two abandoned cart emails can recapture their attention and position you as the brand they want to buy from.

For online retailer, an abandoned cart sequence recaptured 29% of their abandoned shopping carts and turned them into sales.

Leverage your abandoned cart emails even more by recommending other similar items and sharing reviews to persuade buyers that you’re the brand they need. 

abandoned cart email example

Perch & Parrow’s abandoned cart email, made with Sendinblue

Perch & Parrow’s abandoned cart emails are a great example. Not only the customer’s shopping basket is saved and they can go back to it with one click. There’s also a direct line of communication with the team to ask any questions. That’s perfect for hesitant shoppers, especially when shopping for custom-made sofas and mirrors.

Last but not least, the abandoned cart email offers more options to choose from — the new collection, if the customer left because they didn’t like the old products enough to go through checkout.

Personalized Promotions Emails

Consumers crave personalized interactions with the brands they buy from (source).

In fact, they expect it. 

And this can go a lot deeper than recommending products they might like. For example, you can use customer data and segmentation to share product inspiration with them at key points in their life – like birthdays. 

This not only makes customers feel special (which in turn is more likely to ensure they buy from you in the future), but it also deepens your connection and brings in more sales. 


PUMA sends vibrant birthday emails to its customers with a 20% discount for their next purchase. 


Outdoor Voices goes one step further and sends a personalized email on customers’ half birthdays. This unique tactic is quirky and memorable, and encourages shoppers to snap up their half-birthday discount.

Recommended Product Suggestions Emails

Customers love to feel like you know them and “get” them, and product recommendation emails are a great way to show this. 

Simply send out product suggestions based on previous purchases. It’s normal for ecommerce marketing to use order history for future campaigns.

For example, if a customer buys a pair of trainers from you once a year, remind them that their next purchase is coming up. You can also use these ecommerce emails to highlight products other customers have bought and to showcase your best-sellers.

recommended products email example

La Rochere North America’s recommended products email, made with Sendinblue

La Rochere targeted tea lovers with a special offer. This email is right on spot for its intended audience, showcasing various tea infusers and cup collections. A subtle call to follow the brand’s social media at the end provides more opportunities for engaging those customers in the future.


email marketing example apple

When Apple launched iPhone SE, it created a stir. While this 4-inch phone is immensely powerful and is in sync with Apple’s iconic size, keeping the email was no less beautiful.

Beautiful and clean graphics displaying the color choices for iPhone SE, this email had everything to convince you to purchase it right away. The finest part is the ‘switching to iOS’ part. It is like a click clarion call for other showing OS users to make a straight smooth shift.


Best Ecommerce Email Examples – Before sending out any emails, it is important to plan out your strategy. This will help you learn how to create the best ecommerce email and avoid the common mistakes that others make. Here are some of the best ecommerce email examples. By filling in their profile, you can better target the expectations of your customers, and immediately show them how much research you’ve done on their needs.

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