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Best Email Affiliate Program

The best email marketing affiliate program around. Drive thousands of highly targeted visitors to your offer every month, boost sales and increase profits with our high converting pre-written affiliates offers. Developed by a professional affiliate marketer, we have created a unique way to drive people to your website. No matter what your business is all about, you will find an affiliate program that caters for your needs.

This quick guide will give you all the details on how to get started with email marketing. Youwill also find affiliate programs in order for you to promote them.


Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing and automation platform that provides a straightforward way for users to create, automate and personalize their email campaigns. Moreover, the platform includes lead generation tools, such as subscription forms and a landing pages builder, and other useful tools like Refine, the subject line optimizer.

Moosend best affiliate email marketing program

Commission Rate and Type: 30% Lifetime Recurring

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Payout Method: PayPal + Stripe

Best Feature: 30% Lifetime Commissions

Signup for free here: Moosend Affiliates

Moosend is among the top-rated affiliate programs that can bring you one step closer to passive income with its lifetime recurring commission model. Specifically, affiliate partners earn a 30% lifetime recurring commission for every monthly or pay-as-you-go plan that your referrals purchase.

So, you keep making money for as long as your contacts remain paid customers. But wait! It gets better! In case your contacts decide to upgrade their plan, you earn an extra commission. The more they upgrade, the more your commissions increase. Moreover, even if your contacts decide to go for the free trial, you’ll get your commission when they upgrade.

Regarding cookie duration, Moosend gives you a 90-day cookie. So, if your contacts purchase within 3 months, the commission is yours. Moosend’s affiliate email marketing program is hosted on Partnerstack and you get a user-friendly affiliate dashboard. What’s more, Moosend’s team is always there to support you with SEO assistancecomparison one-pagers, and ready-made creatives to save you time.

Finally, Moosend approves payments within the first 20 working days of the next month. Reach the $25 minimum threshold and claim your commission through the PayPal or Stripe address linked to your account.

Overall, Moosend’s affordable pricing and established brand name make the program a must, since it’s easy to promote and conversion rates are high.


Stripo is an email design platform allowing you to design responsive email templates fast without having any HTML skills. From design ideas to gamification and quiz elements, Stripo helps you create emails of any complexity, including interactive, real-time, and AMP content.

Stripo email marketing program for affiliates

Commission Rate and Type: 25% Lifetime Recurring

Cookie Duration: 120 days

Payout Method: PayPal

Best Feature: 120-day cookie

Signup: Stripo Affiliate Program

Stripo’s affiliate partners receive a 25% recurring commission off every payment their referral makes. This practically means that you can earn from $3 to $55 monthly for 1 referred account, $30 to $550 for 10 accounts, and so on.

Stripo provides a generous 120-day cookie window to close the sale and get a commission. Payouts are processed on a monthly basis and there is a $100 minimum threshold that you must reach to get paid. Stripo sends commissions exclusively through PayPal.

The affiliate email marketing program uses Firstpromoter’s platform featuring convenient dashboards that allow affiliates to track clicks, sign-ups, and payments by their referral link. The program has a last-click attribution model that a lot of people find better.

Moreover, Stripo equips you with a wide range of promotional materials to nail the affiliate program and their support team is ready to answer any questions you may have or to provide you with extra materials.


GetResponse’s affiliate program is a perfect way for bloggers, ecommerce vendors, and small businesses to create a side revenue stream by recommending one of the email marketing industry’s fastest-growing solutions. 

GetResponse’s program offers you:

  • 33% recurring commission or $100 on paid accounts
  • Unlimited affiliate commissions on all sign-ups
  • 120-day cookie to track referred visitors. If they convert within four months — you get the commission

To start, you can choose between two affiliate programs.

GetResponse Email Marketing Affiliate Program Commission Levels - One-off $100 Bounty Program and 33% Recurring Program.

The “bounty” program is a way to get paid quickly (you’ll get $100 for every customer who signs up for a paid account). In contrast, the “recurring” program pays you 33% of every sale you refer to them — perfect for a long-term revenue stream and the only affiliate program to do so!

Once you sign up, we’ll give you a personalized affiliate link to add to copy or images you use to promote GetResponse to ensure we can trace each referred visitor back to you. 

If someone clicks on your referral link, GetResponse uses a cookie to track clicks so that every referral is linked back to your account ID, which makes it easier for you to keep an eye on which links are working best and how many referrals you have sent. 

Once you join as an affiliate, you’ll get access to a range of free promotional materials like videos, banners, and sales copy to make it easier to convince visitors to check GetResponse out.

Marketing assets example from the GetResponse Affiliate Marketing Program.
Example of the marketing assets you’ll find in the GetResponse Affiliate dashboard.

The best part about GetResponse’s affiliate program is that the platform itself offers an all-in-one solution that’s both robust and affordable. Because of that, promoting GetResponse to your audience is super easy and can provide you a nice passive income stream.

And you can track your statistics so you know how much you’ve earned and how many customers you’ve referred in the affiliate dashboard.

View of the GetResponse affiliate panel with information about the earnings.
View of the GetResponse affiliate panel with information about the earnings.
View of the GetResponse affiliate panel with information about the referrals.

ActiveCampaign's affiliate program.
ActiveCampaign’s email affiliate marketing program works on monthly recurring revenue numbers and a tiered commission structure. 
Active Campaign’s program offers you:
Up to 30% recurring commission rate
90-day cookie tracking
Automatic commission payouts every month via PayPal
If you sign up, your commission falls within a tiered structure:
Silver-tier: Refer $100 of new business in 90 days and get a 20% commission
Gold tier: Refer $100 of new business in 90 days or have $500 of active accounts and get a 25% commission
Platinum tier: Refer $500 worth of new business in 90 days or have $2,000 of active accounts and earn 30% commission
Most of the other affiliate programs on this list have a 30% commission structure in place as their floor, whereas that’s the highest level you can get with ActiveCampaign. So you have to work a lot harder to reach 30% commission than the others on our list.
However, you’ll still receive payouts for any active accounts you refer. But be mindful that if your tier status drops (i.e. an active account you’ve referred cancels their plan), your commission could suffer if it drops below the threshold required. 
Active Campaign also pays out commissions after 60 days, and you won’t get paid for any referrals who cancel their account or are given a refund.
View of the GetResponse affiliate panel with information about the referrals.


ConvertKit is an email marketing platform enabling creators to earn a living online through its audience building and email marketing capabilities. Along with other useful tools, the platform also enables you to build stunning landing pages to share your ideas on the fly.

program for affiliate promoters by Convertkit

Commission Rate and Type: 30% Lifetime Recurring

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Payout Method: PayPal

Best Feature: Webinars to use as a funnel

Signup: Convertkit Affiliates

ConvertKit allows everyone to join their affiliate email marketing program, even if they are not customers of the company. The program is hosted on LinkMink’s platform and joining is straightforward. All you need according to the company is an understanding of ConvertKit’s powerful features and an engaged audience in need of an email marketing tool.

As far as commissions go, the program offers 30% recurring commissions on each sale for as long as the referral’s account is active. So, practically, you can start earning $8.70/mo for one referred account and so on.

The affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days and works on a last-click attribution model. The company also equips you with graphics and video assets, as well as evergreen webinars to use as a funnel. To top things off, you also get a free training course with the well-known figure Pat Flynn.

You can find everything regarding your account on the analytics dashboard on LinkMink, where you also manage your payments, affiliate links as well as track your progress.


MailerLite is an email marketing solution allowing you to become an email marketing expert with advanced tools made easy for you. The platform boasts 24/7 support plus cool new features like landing pages and effective automation.

MailerLite affiliate marketing program for partners

Commission Rate and Type: 30% Lifetime Recurring

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payout Method: PayPal

Best Feature: Custom partner dashboard

Signup: MailerLite Affiliate Program

MailerLite affiliate partners can packet a 30% lifetime recurring commission for every successful sale. This affiliate email marketing program is perfect for bloggers, marketers, and agencies alike. To cash out commissions, you need to hit the $50 minimum threshold first.

After affiliates meet this requirement, payment is issued 45 days after claiming payment. The only payout method available is PayPal which will be ok for most people.

MailerLite offers its affiliate partners a custom partner dashboard, where you can track your earnings in real-time and optimize your performance with referral statistics. Furthermore, you get access to free promotional material like the professional branding and marketing assets that the company uses.

The program comes with some restrictions, though. Sadly, the company doesn’t allow affiliate partners to use any online advertising services such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc. to promote MailerLite.


Email marketing is the most preferred method of direct sales and promotion, which results in less cost.

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