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Best Email And Domain Hosting

Best email hosting providers – We help your online business thrive. Small businesses using our hosting service get a real domain, web and email hosting all in one bundle with no hidden fees.

Find the best email and domain hosting provider at the lowest price. Compare our top rated server with other leading options in the industry.

Best email hosting service for companies that only need email hosting


Rackspace, our pick for the best email hosting service for companies that only need email hosting

When you need both email hosting and a variety of communication and collaboration apps, the suites above make a lot of sense—you get multiple tools for a single monthly premium. But if all you really need is email hosting, it doesn’t make sense to pay extra for all of the add-on tools. In that case, Rackspace may be ideal.

Rackspace has two great options to consider: email hosting or Managed Microsoft Exchange.

Rackspace’s core hosted email service provides the basics you need to manage your team’s email, calendars, and contacts. Access all three on Rackspace’s webmail application, or sync it to your preferred desktop and/or mobile email client. The lowest-cost plan provides only the basic features you need, though higher-tier packages are available that offer tools like cloud storage and instant messaging.

For more advanced email features, including push email, shared calendars and contacts, and archival tools, Rackspace also offers a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange. It’s a cost-effective way to get the same features as running Exchange on your own servers—without having to maintain or install anything. You can even use both together, opting for the cheap email hosting for some team members and paying extra for Exchange only for those who need its extra features.

  • Rackspace Tools: Email, calendar, and contacts (Basic plan); file storage, file editing, and instant messaging (Plus plan)
  • Rackspace Price: From $3/user/month for Basic hosted email that includes webmail access and 25GB storage per user; from $4/user/month for Plus hosted email that includes instant messaging and 30GB cloud storage; from $11/user/month for hosted Exchange that includes Exchange features, 100GB mailboxes, and shared calendars and contacts

Best email hosting service for customizing per-user storage options to manage costs


IceWarp, our pick for the best email hosting service for customizing per-user storage options to manage costs

Not everyone on your team has the same email needs. One person might only need a small amount of space to store some emails, while another (almost always the graphic designer on the team) will need a ton of storage space for large files. IceWarp lets you tailor your plan to the needs of the individual people on your team to save the most money.

IceWarp plans start at $2.50/user/month for 5GB of email storage and 20GB of FileSync cloud storage, and go up to $7/user/month for 500GB of email storage and 5TB of FileSync cloud storage. However, you can combine as many of each kind of plan as you want. So, for example, if 10 members of your team can get by with the cheapest plan, but 3 need the most expensive one, then your total plan price would be $46/month, instead of having to pay for 13 seats on the most expensive plan, which would cost $91.

In addition to email hosting and shared calendars and contacts, IceWarp also offers its own suite of collaboration tools as part of your subscription. You get access to IceWarp’s custom document, spreadsheet, and presentation editors; team chat; and voice and video conferencing. And if you use Windows, you can access all of IceWarp’s tools on its desktop office app.

  • IceWarp tools: Email, calendar, contacts, team chat, instant messaging, file editing, tasks, file storage and sharing, and voice and video conferencing
  • IceWarp price: From $2.50/user/month for the Lite plan that includes 5GB email and 20GB FileSync storage per user, collaborative document editing, and basic voice/video conferencing; from $7/user/month for the Professional plan that includes 500GB email and 5TB FileSync storage per user, team chat, and desktop office apps

Best email hosting service for customizing anti-spam rules


FastMail, our pick for the best email hosting service for customizing anti-spam rules

Most email hosting providers perform anti-spam filtering, but that hands a lot of trust over to a third party. If you need to make absolutely sure that certain emails get through—or you have to filter out a lot of unusual spam—then Fastmail gives you the tools to do so. 

Fastmail offers a huge library of tools to customize spam filters so you can decide when messages are discarded before they ever reach you, and when messages get through to your spam box—or another folder of your choosing. Most services filter out huge amounts of spam that don’t ever even make it to your spam folder, which is generally good for users, but if you’d rather have control over that process, Fastmail gives it to you.

The Fastmail app focuses on the core email experience, but it also includes the business-focused team features you’d expect. You can share calendars and contacts across your entire company, add custom branding to the app and login screen, and add a company footer to everyone’s emails. It even includes some bonus features, letting you store files alongside your email attachments and access them via FTP. You can publish those with a simple personal website, hosted in your Fastmail storage, as well.

Fastmail also offers custom domain email addresses, but with one minor hiccup. Organizations can pick which plans they need based on each user’s needs, similar to IceWarp. The $3/user/month Basic plan doesn’t include custom domains. However, as long as at least one person in your organization is on one of the higher tiers, which start at $5/user/month, they can share custom domains with anyone on the Basic plan. 

  • Fastmail tools: Email, calendar, and contacts
  • Fastmail price: From $3/user/month for the Basic plan that includes 2GB storage per user, push mail, calendar, and contacts; from $5/user/month for the Standard plan that includes 30GB storage per user and enables emailing from a custom domain for any Basic team members

 Bluehost Email Hosting

bluehost - best email hosting provider
  • All-in one website and email hosting
  • Excellent integrations with Microsoft
  • Plenty of storage and attachment space
  • Domain name email
  • Available technical support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Can be a bit more expensive when combined with web hosting
  • Some limitations on cheaper plans

Unlike other email hosting providers offering a combination of email and productivity tools, Bluehost is a solution combining web hosting for your site, with email functionality. Bluehost is among the most popular website hosting providers in the world, and it has one of the best file attachment limits for email, too, at around 50MB per email.

Unlike most email hosting providers, Bluehost also offers the peace of mind that comes with world-class disaster recovery protection and security. The technical support is always on hand to help you if anything goes wrong. More expensive plans come with extra storage and capabilities.

If you’re already using Bluehost as your hosting provider for your website, it definitely makes sense to check out the functionality for your email too. The service is incredible, and you can enjoy some fantastic disaster recovery too.

Key Features

  • Mailbox and calendar integration
  • Up to 50GB mailbox
  • Outlook web access
  • Domain nail email
  • World-class disaster recovery and security
  • 1TB of cloud storage and file-sharing support
  • Access to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and other Microsoft 365 online or desktop tools, depending on your plan.
  • Appointment bookings
  • Multiple device access options per user

Bluehost Email Hosting Pricing

Perfect for smaller companies with a limited budget, Bluehost is surprisingly affordable for both web and email hosting. You can get a mailbox and Exchange Online calendar with up to 15GB of storage for only $4.99 per month. There’s also access to your own domain name for your email address and 24/7 technical support included.Try Bluehost Email Hosting

Amazon WorkMail

Amazon’s AWS service for mail management


  • Your domain name: Yes.
  • Mailbox size: 50GB.
  • Spam and virus protection: Yes.
  • Aliases: Yes.
  • 24/7 support: Chat, ticket, or phone.
  • Archiving and storage: Added fee.

So, let’s be clear. You’re looking at email hosted on AWS. That’s pretty much the gold standard of cloud environments, on a rarified level that coexists only with Google and Microsoft Azure. Because it’s an AWS-based service, WorkMail integrates with all the other AWS services, allowing you to build out a relatively rich cloud-based, customized infrastructure.

If you’re a small company, just trying to set up a few email boxes, I wouldn’t necessarily go with WorkMail. AWS can be a little challenging to get your head around. But if you’re building out a cloud-based corporate infrastructure where you need a lot of flexibility, security, and Active Directory integration, WorkMail is definitely a viable and proven solution.


Microsoft 365, Exchange, and SMTP email


  • Your domain name: Yes
  • Mailbox size: Unlimited
  • Spam and virus protection: Yes
  • Aliases: Yes
  • 24/7 support: Chat, ticket, or phone
  • Archiving and storage: Added fee

Rackspace is one of the original cloud infrastructure providers. Today, the company offers a wide range of infrastructure-as-a-service options, including full Exchange hosting, Microsoft 365 management, and traditional email hosting.

The company offers migration assistance from other hosts, a large team of MCSA certified staff, and the ability to support an existing Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. 


Helping you scale the heights of business, we have great domain and email hosting packages that allow your business to expand to new levels.

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