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Best Email Builder

Best Email Builder is the program of market leaders.It makes your mails stand out from the crowd.It allows you to create a personal appeal, to build trust and even to try your hand at humor and storytelling.

With Best Email Builder you can build responsive emails with a drag & drop interface. We use the latest HTML and CSS techniques to ensure your newsletters look good in every email clients, even on mobile devices. Plus it comes with over 100 templates and hundreds of components to get you started. Create, preview and send your campaigns from our app or let us send them for you!

The Benefits of Using an Email Template Builder

Regardless of the method you choose, email template builders offer many benefits:

  • Time saving: Pre-designed email templates and drag-and-drop editors make it quick and easy to create emails.
  • Better email design: Email templates provide a clear structure for your email and custom blocks make adding dynamic content easier.
  • Analytics: An email template editor within an ESP often provides analytics to help you track and modify your email templates for marketing success.

Which Free Email Template Builders Are the Best?

As a novice, it can be challenging to find the right email template builder for your business.

While choosing your email building tool, you should consider these key features:

  • ESP integration options
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Email template libraries
  • Responsive email design capabilities

To help you compare tools and get started, we’ve compiled the 11 best free email template builders.

 HubSpot’s Email Marketing Software

Image via HubSpot

HubSpot’s Email Marketing Software is an ESP solution that features a built-in email editor.

It’s developed on top of HubSpot’s all-in-one, free customer relationship management (CRM) platform. As such, it comes with the platform’s suite of free marketing tools to power your email newsletter campaigns from start to finish.

With this email marketing platform, you can choose from dozens of templates for responsive emails, easily customize the design using the drag-and-drop editor, and change email template colors to ensure brand alignment.

HubSpot’s free version also lets you create custom email templates based on a subscriber’s list membership, stage in the sales lifecycle, or relevant contact information.

The HubSpot ESP does allow custom coding as well, but only for premium-tier plans.

Once built, you can schedule and send your email newsletter — with up to 2,000 email sends per month. Best of all, you have access to a free analytics dashboard.

 Venngage’s Online Newsletter Creator

Image via Venngage

Venngage is a visual communication tool that offers, among other types of visuals, email newsletter templates.

Their email templates can be fully customized using their simple drag-and-drop editor. Their design features include a library of over 40,000 icons, thousands of stock photo images, and widgets for creating charts and infographics.

Achieving a cohesive look across your newsletter communications is easy, thanks to Venngage’s Brand Kit feature. The Brand Kit adds your logos, brand colors, and brand fonts to any email template with just a click.

You also have the option to save your customized newsletter designs as email templates. Their Team Folders then make it easy to share your newsletter email templates with your teammates.

Venngage currently offers three pricing plans: Free, Premium, and Business. Their Business plan offers a suite of handy features to make your communications more effective and consistent, including their Brand Kit.

Stripo – Free Responsive Email Creator

Stripo email template creator

Pricing: Paid plans start at $12.50/month, free plan

Best for: SMEs, SaaS, Freelancers, Bloggers

Unique feature: Dynamic AMP validation

Stripo is a free email template builder you can use to create your next email marketing campaign. As a tool, Stripo is only a template designer, unlike Moosend and Constant Contact that also let you send emails. Nevertheless, the variety of templates and the ease of use make it a great tool to use along with your email service provider.

The drag-and-drop editor is user-friendly, allowing you to create responsive templates that look good regardless of mobile device and screen size. Another feature that strikes out is Stripo’s personal library of custom modules. This option will let you reuse your module creations, saving you time, and simplifying template creation.

The email design software also comes with an email testing tool that lets you send test emails to check how your design looks in your inbox. Apart from that, the template builder lets you validate dynamic AMP emails to ensure a seamless user experience.

Overall, Stripo is a great tool to create beautiful email templates. To land your emails into your subscribers’ inbox, though, you’ll need an ESP.

Stripo Features

  • Easy-to-use without HTML code or CSS knowledge
  • Integrations with ESPs through API like Moosend
  • Embed videos in templates and gifs
  • VML buttons for email clients like Outlook
  • SaaS applications plugin

Stripo Pricing

Stripo has both a free plan and a free plugin version of the editor allowing 100 email creations/edits per month. For more, the tool offers two paid plans starting at $12.50, and three paid plans in its plugin version starting at $100, increasing the number of templates and storage you can have.

BEE (Dedicated email template builder)

bee email template builder

Apparently, over 1,000,000 people have built emails on the BEE platform, and with over 370 responsive templates available, you can imagine why. But how easy is it to use and what options might it be missing?

What I liked:

BEE has some pretty decent image editing options, plus you’ll have over 500,000 stock images and tons of fun GIFs and stickers to choose from.

You can add ESP-specific merge tags in order to add a personal touch to your content. Once your design is ready to go you can export it directly to your ESP (Mailchimp, HubSpot, Sendinblue, Gmail and ActiveCampaign are just some of those supported).

As well as the option to download the HTML, you can also download your design as a PDF, which could be handy if you need to print it.

bee email templates

What BEE could improve:

On the free plan, you won’t be able to save your projects for future use and you’ll be limited to a one-time export only.

I also had issues previewing the template as it kept giving me an error message.


Free plan comes with a stock image gallery and the ability to export the HTML with images.

Paid plans from $15/month for 3 projects and the option to export with or without the images. You’ll also be able to collaborate with team members on template designs.

Chamaileon (Dedicated email template builder)

chamaileon profile

Chamaileon claims that its email builder feels like Sketch & Google Docs combined. Having used both of these tools, to me, that sounds like a great combination of design freedom and ease of use. But how does it actually shape up?

What I liked:

You’ll have access to 100+ email templates – this isn’t as many as Stripo and BEE, but the templates are attractive and modern-looking, and they’re all responsive.

Though it doesn’t provide you with any stock images, editing your own images is made easy with its built-in editor that allows you to add filters, text, adjust the exposure, and much more.

If you want to share your design with a colleague or client, you can simply generate a shareable link (like in Google Docs) – this is really convenient.

chamaileon email templates

What Chamaileon could improve:

Its list of direct integrations is very limited, with just a few ESPs and CRMs. These are also not available for those on the free plan. This means that when exporting, you’ll be given the HTML code to paste into your ESP or you’ll need to download it as a .zip file, which some might not find ideal.

Unless you check the Keep me Logged in box, the platform will log you out if there is no activity. This can be a little frustrating as it doesn’t wait very long (maybe 30 minutes).


Free plan includes unlimited test emails, 5 exports/month and you can also invite people to collaborate with you on templates.

Paid plans start from $20/month for 5 seats, 15 exports/month, email and chat support and some integrations.

Try Chamaileon for free!

Topol (Dedicated email template builder)

Topol’s email template builder is perfect for absolute beginners, as you don’t need any coding or design experience to use it.

There are over 150 responsive templates available, 40 of which you can access for free.

A big advantage is how easy the drag and drop email builder is to use. It’s fast and, though there are plenty of customization options, it feels intuitive.

What I liked:

40 responsive email templates are offered for free. To be honest, I don’t see much difference between these free newsletter designs and the pro options, which is refreshing.

The download options are extensive; you can download the HTML (including images) or export it directly to email marketing platforms such as Sendinblue, Mailchimp or Constant Contact (on the Pro plan).

Editing the email templates is easy to do, plus the integration with Pexels means you have access to professional photos, though this feature is reserved for paying customers.

You can also create folders to keep your templates organized.

topol newsletter templates

What Topol could improve:

There could be more integration options – also be aware that these are only available on the paid plan. In fact, the free version is quite limited.


Free: unlimited templates and 5 GB of data traffic

Pro: $15 for 3 members per month


Image via Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the leading ESP on the market based on Datanyze’s 2020 data, which revealed Mailchimp’s market share at more than 68%.This platform also has a built-in email template editor and it offers multiple pricing structures — including a free plan with all of the beginner essentials included.

Though limited, the free version of Mailchimp gives you access to basic, featured, and themed responsive email templates.

With their drag-and-drop builder, you don’t need any technical knowledge or coding skills to create responsive emails that wow your recipients. So stop waiting for designers to power through your HTML code for you.

While there are many alternatives available, Mailchimp stands out with its new artificial intelligence (AI) design tool, Creative Assistant, which automatically develops and resizes designs responsive emails for you after you share input about your brand.

You can also store media assets in Mailchimp’s Content Studio to easily access them later.

Similar to HubSpot’s Email Marketing Software, custom HTML code is only available for Mailchimp’s premium-tier plans.

After polishing your email templates, you can send up to 10,000 email newsletters a month to 2,000 contacts using this email marketing software program.

Postcards (Dedicated email template builder)

postcards profile

Designmodo helps non-tech users with their website design, presentations, and its product, Postcards, could help you design your email templates. Oh, and the platform also helps design professionals get hired – so quite a mix of things.

What I liked:

The email template builder has a very simple interface, so there’s no chance you’ll get overwhelmed when designing your templates. A cool thing about Postcards is it allows you to choose from over 900 Google fonts, which is much more than all the other tools on this list.

You can invite other team members to collaborate on a template with you as a viewer or editor. The pro modules are well designed and there are plenty of them, I just wish a few more were available on the free plan.

postcards email builder

What Postcards could improve:

This tool doesn’t provide the user with a range of pre-designed templates to choose from, instead, you’ll need to build a template from its content blocks. On the free plan, you are limited to just one block from each section (Header, Content, Feature, etc.), which means you’re quite limited.

In fact, the free plan won’t be of much use considering that you’re not allowed to use the templates for commercial use. At $18/month for a paid account, you’d be better off with a tool like Stripo, which comes with hundreds of templates and 4 free exports.


Free for 1 user, 10 free modules. Note that on the free version, email exports can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Paid plans start at $18/month for 1 user, 1 project, Mailchimp/HubSpot integration and unlimited exports.


Our Best Email Builder is a simple and powerful email marketing tool that helps you get better leads from your website. It’s an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, with proven conversion optimized templates perfect for lead nurturing.

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