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Best Email Campaign

Best Email Campaign won’t just show you how to create a successful email marketing campaign….it will take you one step further by showing you how to effectively promote your product via the same emails. We don’t sugarcoat with tips like, “Try to encourage your customers to check out your website.” or, “Invite your list to take advantage of your special offer.” We give you real campaigns from top marketers in ecommerce, internet marketing and small business who have demonstrated success in driving sales using email as their lead generator.”

Website visitors turn into leads, and leads turn into clients, when you create and send valuable content via email campaign. Convert prospects by sending emails that actually solve their problems and are so helpful they want to subscribe. You know your business better than anyone else, but what do you know about marketing? Our big-picture approach to digital engagement shows you the way from start to finish and beyond.

Understand who you’re emailing.

Have you ever heard the saying from Meredith Hill, “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one”? What Hill is getting at here is that if you’re watering down your message to apply to your entire audience, you’re leaving opportunity on the table — opportunity for creating high-value, specific, relevant content that speaks directly to the recipient.

With this in mind, the key to a great email marketing campaign is identifying your audience and using email segmentation to ensure you’re delivering to the right people at the right time. If you can accomplish this and build it into your strategy, you can get more creative and specific with your messaging.

 Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer persona.

After you’ve identified the outcome and the goals you want to hit, you now need to strategize how to provide value to your buyer persona so that they convert, engage, or take the action you want them to take. Some things to ask yourself might include:

  • How did they subscribe in the first place?
  • What matters to them?
  • What can I provide that will engage and delight them?

Build a targeted list and define enrollment criteria.

You know who you’re targeting and what you want them to do. From there, you must build the segment. Thinking about your buyer persona, what properties do they all have in common? How does your CRM describe those properties?

Your software is smart, but it’s not smart enough to automatically know which recipients you’re sending to. Will the recipients receive the emails at the same time, or is there certain criteria they have to meet before they are enrolled in the sequence or campaign?

Make Your Sales Memorable (Brooklinen)

It’s a question all marketers consider:

How can you sell with email when most customer inboxes are full of promotional emails?

Sales Promotion Emails

Just SOME of the sales emails sat in my inbox.

Once again, curiosity is the answer.

Check out this subject line by Brooklinen:

Brooklinen Subject Line

It’s almost impossible to resist such a curiosity-triggering subject line. As a result, you open the email immediately to see this:

Brooklinen Email

Similar to many good email examples, Brooklinen uses GIFs to make their promotional emails more interesting.

With copy like “Something big is coming” and a GIF unwrapping itself before you, Brooklinen further evokes your curiosity by teasing their upcoming sale.

They don’t let you see the discount amount, but they make sure you’re hooked enough to check back again.

Brooklinen even goes beyond asking you to remember: they invite you to set reminders.

Brooklinen Email 2

When you set a reminder by using one of the two suggested options, Brooklinen’s mystery sale is added to your calendar:

Brooklinen Calendar Event

With this email, Brooklinen creates excitement and sets expectations about their upcoming sale. Plus, they keep their brand top of mind, with Black Friday around the corner.

Tease Your Black Friday Campaign (Chubbies)

It’s impossible to ignore Chubbies when discussing Black Friday and good email examples.

Known for their exceptional email marketing and humorous tone, Chubbies takes Black Friday campaigns to the next level.

Take a look at this subject line and sender name Chubbies uses a week before Black Friday:

Chubbies Black Friday Subject Line

I don’t want to be the type that explains a joke, but with this absurd subject line and matching sender name, Chubbies easily grabs your attention and makes you open the email right away.

In the body of the email, Chubbies promotes its upcoming Black Friday offers…

Chubbies Black Friday Email

…with a twist.

Instead of openly announcing their offers, they tease what you should expect from Black Friday:

Chubbies Black Friday Email 2

By using blurred images of their new product line that’ll soon go on sale, Chubbies creates mystery around them.

Next, they move on to tease their branded holiday that follows Black Friday, a.k.a. Thighber Monday:

Chubbies Black Friday Email 3

After setting expectations and describing what Thighber Monday looks like, Chubbies invites you to sign up for a special list (which they can later use to offer you targeted deals.)

Thanks to this email, Chubbies gets you excited about both Black Friday, Thighber Monday, and their new product line in one fell swoop.

Follow Up on Sale Campaigns (Rifle Paper Co.)

Not all subscribers are ready to buy from you. That’s a given.

Some will take more persuasion, which means more follow-up emails. One challenge facing many marketers, however, is to follow up on a sale campaign without being pushy.

Luckily, Rifle Paper Co. found a solution to that problem:

Rifle Paper Co. Subject Line

With this subject line, the company informs you that they now have more products on sale. No “last chance.” No “hurry up.”

This is what the email looks like:

Rifle Paper Co. Email

Rifle Paper Co. finds a valid excuse to follow up on their sale campaign, especially during the busy holiday season.

In the remainder of the email, the company recommends product categories you might want to browse:

Rifle Paper Co. Email 2

Rifle Paper Co. knows that it takes more than one email to convert some subscribers.

And with this subtle approach to follow-up emails, they get another chance even if they couldn’t grab your attention the first time.

Determine the timeline you want the campaign to run.

You may be running a seasonal campaign that only requires one or two emails, or you might be building a long-term top-of-mind nurturing campaign. Tailor the length of your email sequence to the length of the buying cycle and stage the persona is at in the buyer’s journey. In other words, deliver the right message at the right time.

Plan your emails and follow-ups.

Once you know who you’re emailing and why, it’s time to strategize how to move them from A (where they are) to B (where you want them to be, the goal of the campaign).

Over the course of the campaign’s timeline, you may want multiple touchpoints. You may also even consider follow-ups based on the actions that each recipient takes. Plan these emails out, outlining the core message and take-away for each email.

Keep in mind that you can’t expect a single email to do everything. Your email campaign can be made up of multiple emails, so consider taking your email recipients on a journey with each email serving a single purpose. This will increase the odds of each email being successful in its role toward reaching your goal.

For example, if you’re doing a lead nurturing campaign, you might have a few educational emails to take them from the awareness stage to the consideration stage before providing more conversion-focused content.

The longer the buying process and sales cycle, the more emails you’ll need.

Write click-worthy subject lines.

The subject line is the gate keeper of the rest of your email. Your buyer persona will not be exposed to your content unless they first click the subject line. With that in mind, use this precious real estate for copy that compels them to read further. You can do that by:

  • Piquing their interest
  • Promising value
  • Opening a loop (that will be closed in the body of the email)
  • Using your unique voice to start the conversation
  • Using personalization

Recover Abandoned Carts without Being Salesy (Tuft & Needle)

If you’re an e-commerce marketer, reducing cart abandonment is likely one of your primary goals.

And, chances are, you’re combining timely popups with email marketing to combat cart abandonment.

If so, you know that it’s hard to convince users to complete their purchases without sounding too salesy.

Tuft & Needle has the solution for you: A three-part abandoned cart email flow.

Let’s look at each.

When I left my cart on the Tuft & Needle website, first, I got an email with this subject line:

Tuft & Needle Subject Line 1

Who doesn’t like a good story, right?

Honestly, I didn’t think this was a promotional email until I opened to see this:

Tuft & Needle Abandoned Cart Email 1

In the first part of their cart abandonment flow, Tuft & Needle joins the conversation in your head by acknowledging that mattress shopping sucks. (Yes, this is coming from a mattress brand.)

After positioning themselves as the frontrunners of mattress e-tailers, they ask the questions that are likely in your head: How do you make the right choice?

Next, they create social proof by comparing you to their one million customers.

In the middle of the email, you see a warning with a hyperlink on it: Don’t buy a mattress without reading this first.

When you click the link, you’re sent to this landing page where the company further handles your possible objections:

Tuft & Needle Landing Page

On this page, Tuft & Needle, first, raise any top-of mind questions you might have about their products. After answering them for you, they use customer testimonials to support their point.

A few days later, Tuft & Needle sends the second part of their email flow:

Tuft _ Needle Subject Line 2

Again, what doesn’t look like an abandoned cart email subject line turns out to be a follow-up email:

Tuft & Needle Abandoned Cart Email 2

In this email, the company highlights its fair pricing and transparency.

Next, they invite you to another landing page with a sentence that reads, “We made this page to prove we have nothing to hide.

On this landing page, Tuft & Needle compares itself to their competitors, such as Casper, in a transparent way:

Tuft & Needle Landing Page 2

In the final part of their sequence, the company sends you this email:

Tuft _ Needle Subject Line 3

With a statement that is hard to disagree, the company grabs your attention and makes you open the email:

Tuft _ Needle Abandoned Cart Email 3

As a final attempt to convince you to revisit your abandoned cart, Tuft & Needle focuses on their satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re still on the fence, the company reassures you by showing how easy it is to return your mattress.

Overall, this is a brilliant email flow to convert abandoned carts. What’s better, you can easily replicate Tuft & Needle’s persuasive copywriting by following these three steps:

  • Handle possible objections in prospects’ minds;
  • Show how different you are than your competitors; and
  • Ease prospects’ minds with your satisfaction guarantee.


It’s time to get an innovative and effective marketing campaign for your business or organization. The most cost-effective marketing is word of mouth. Engage your customers by sending emails from your website or from a personal email address. You can reach out to people in a relevant, personalized email campaign that looks professional, whether you’ve got a sizeable database or only a few names.

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