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Best Email Marketing Book

If you want to become a successful email marketer, there are five books related to email marketing that you should read. Each of these books is helpful in its own way. These books have helped me learn the best practices and tools in email marketing. I strongly recommend you to start with these five books before reading any other books. Email marketing is still the number one conversion tool on this planet, nobody can deny that fact. And there are a lot of successful books written on this subject. Some of them I would be glad to share my opinion, thoughts and ideas about. To be honest, these books will help you turn email marketing into great lead generation and customer retention machine. If you’re looking for some quality books on email marketing, I’ve got you covered. Here are four of my favorite books to help you get started with your email campaigns.

A great email campaign is the doorway to a better ranking in the SERP. Search engines use them as a source of signal when determining how relevant your website is. That’s why you need to learn the best email marketing hacks and tricks. Here are three essential books on the topic that you can’t miss. Email marketing is one of the most important ways to grow your business, but too many marketers focus on content marketing. That’s all well and good, but you also need to be thinking about email best practices if you want to win over customers. That’s where this book comes in. It’ll cover everything from building better subject lines, to creating irresistible offers and tips for what times of the day are ideal for sending emails. You’ll have a powerful toolkit at your disposal when it comes time to send out emails. In the never-ending battle of email marketing strategies, the pros continue to prove personalized emails are best. Who could blame them? Personalized emails are more effective because they remove any possibility of confusion your prospects might have about what you’re offering.

Drip: The Science of Using Email to Generate More Sales

Drip: The Science of Using Email to Generate More Sales is a book that aims to teach you how to use email marketing as a way to grow your business. It’s written by Noah Kagan and has been hailed as one of the best books on the subject.

The book is short and easy to read, making it an ideal choice for people who don’t have much time but still want to get started with drip campaigns in their own businesses. It also comes in both paperback and ebook formats, so there are plenty of ways to access it if you’re looking for an investment in your future success!

The Art of Email Writing: How to Write Emails People Want to Read & Reply To

The Art of Email Writing is an excellent resource for all types of writers, as it offers advice on every aspect of the craft—from choosing a subject line to crafting a compelling message. It’s also a great book for marketers looking to improve their email marketing strategy.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to write emails people want to read and reply to, as well as ones they want to share with others. The author guides you through six distinct sections:

  • Choosing Your Topic
  • Planning Your Message
  • Writing Headlines & Subject Lines
  • Crafting Your Content

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business

You’ve probably heard the term “email marketing” before, but you might not know exactly what it means. Email marketing is simply the process of sending emails to a list of people who have opted in to receive messages from you. The purpose of email marketing is to generate new sales leads and increase customer loyalty by communicating with your customers over time.

It can be intimidating at first, but once you get going with this strategy, it will pay off in huge dividends for your business!

Email Marketing 101: How To Write An Email That People Want To Read

If there’s one thing I hope this book teaches you (and your readers), it’s that email marketing isn’t just sending out mass broadcasts or sending countless sales offers without regard for whether someone actually wants them or not. No, great email marketers don’t just send out generic form letters every month; instead they write personalized notes each time they reach out to their audience with valuable content that may interest them based on their interests as well as demographic information like age range and gender (if available).

These are the best email marketing books.

  • Marketing Is Dead by Seth Godin
  • Persuasion by Robert Cialdini
  • The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout

Email Marketing: A Practical Guide with Metrics and Case Studies

Email Marketing: A Practical Guide with Metrics and Case Studies by Anand Kulkarni

Publishing Date: December 12, 2019

Publisher: Digital Marketing Institute

As the title suggests, this book focuses on how to use email marketing campaigns and tools effectively. It also gives insight into measuring the effectiveness of your emails in order to improve them over time. Additionally, it includes case studies from some of the world’s most successful brands so you can see what other people are doing and adapt their ideas for your own business’ needs.

The Complete Guide to Email Deliverability

  • How to avoid spam filters
  • How to avoid the spam folder
  • How to avoid the spam box
  • How to avoid the junk folder
  • How to avoid the junk box
  • How to avoid the trash folder

The Cautious Cannibal’s Guide to Email Marketing

The Cautious Cannibal’s Guide to Email Marketing is a guide for any email marketer that wants to improve their email marketing efforts. This book will teach you how to implement a successful strategy and give you the tools and knowledge needed to create great content for your audience. The author, Timo Kiander, has built an international reputation as one of the leading experts in the field of email marketing. He draws on his extensive experience in this book by providing both theoretical insights into how things work and practical advice on what works best in real-world situations. The book is published by Mule Design, an award-winning digital agency with headquarters in Helsinki and London.

Best Practices for E-Mail Marketing

In this section, we’ll go over the best email marketing books for beginners, small businesses, and agencies.

Best Email Marketing Books for Beginners:

  • How to Get Your Emails Read: A Step by Step Guide to Writing Emails That Connect, Engage, and Convert by Daniel Wilkerson
  • The Email Design Handbook: Build a Better Newsletter Through Beautiful & Responsive Designs by Emma Woollacott

Best Email Marketing Books for Small Businesses:

  • [Ditch Diggers]( is an excellent resource that teaches you everything from how to write subject lines and create effective offers to automating your emails with tools like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. It also includes some great examples of how other companies have used email marketing campaigns successfully in their own businesses!

Get educated on email marketing best practices.

Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses, but it’s also highly misunderstood. There are many best practices that you should follow to ensure your email marketing campaigns are effective and profitable.

This book will teach you all about these best practices, including:

  • Email deliverability (how to keep your emails from ending up in the spam folder)
  • Writing great subject lines and body copy for maximum engagement; writing short vs long emails; how to write an effective PPC ad campaign; when to use images vs links, etc.
  • Metrics such as ROI from email campaigns, open rates and clickthroughs per campaign type (saleable vs non-saleable)


These email marketing books are a good place to start if you want to learn more about the subject. They’re also great resources if you’re looking for guidance on how to improve your own marketing efforts. Remember that no one will become an expert overnight—it takes time, dedication, and practice! Email marketing is the most profitable channel of promotional activity that is available to any business – and there’s good reason for this. Businesses that effectively learn how to reach their audiences through email marketing can see profits soar. This success will only continue to grow as more people have access to email, and more businesses start to make use of this powerful medium of communication. For these reasons, you should do everything you can to learn how to leverage this tool for your own needs. Reading the best email marketing books will be a great place for you to start.

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