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Best Email Marketing For Woocommerce

If you’re looking to easily get new customers with your Woocommerce store there’s a few easy ways to do it. One of the best ways is through email marketing. _ What is Email Marketing?_ Email marketing (also called Direct Mail) is a way of sending emails to your customers using an email service provider. You can easily configure the emails and send them whenever you want. In this article I will show you how to use email marketing with your Woocommerce website. A lot of people are building their own shops and websites with woocommerce. Because it is a free theme and there is a free version of the software. The only problem is that there are some common marketing problems that most webmasters forget about. There are only a few people who do email marketing for woocommerce, which can lead to disinterest from customers. ​There are plenty of email marketing providers and each has their own pros and cons, so it can be difficult to choose which is the best for your business. To help make things easier, we’ve taken a detailed look at some of the most popular services in 2017 and compared their strengths and weaknesses to pick out the perfect email marketing package for your eCommerce store today.

If you’re looking for ways to engage your customers and sell more products through email marketing, this article is for you. You’ll find our top recommendations for the best email marketing plugins, including paid and free options. As an e-commerce store owner, you have a lot of different tasks to keep up with. One of the most important is sending the right emails to your customers at the right time. That’s where email marketing for WooCommerce comes in! Using an email marketing tool lets you reach customers directly and drive sales via promotions, newsletters with informative content, and more.


MailChimp is a free email marketing service for up to 2000 subscribers. They have a free account, but this account has limited features such as no automation and only one list.

You can create an account at

MailChimp has an integrated multi-channel analytics feature that allows you to track your sales based on customer’s source of information, the device they used, their location and other parameters so that you can make more informed decisions about your business strategy moving forward.


  • MailPoet is a free email marketing plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • It’s an email marketing plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • It’s a free email marketing plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce.


OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that lets you add popups, sliders, or lightboxes to your site. You can also use it to build mobile-friendly lead generation forms and landing pages.

The free version of the plugin allows you to create two types of popups: slide-ins or fullscreen overlays. With the paid version ($97 per month), you get access to all 10 types of popups.


SumoMe offers a free option to try out their email marketing, and for those that are interested in growing their email list with an easy to use platform, SumoMe is the way to go.

With SumoMe you can create popups and slide ins that will automatically appear on your website when someone visits. This ensures that you’re capturing emails from visitors on every single visit which will help grow your list quickly and easily.


MailOptin is an email marketing plugin for WordPress and Woocommerce that allows you to easily create and manage opt-in forms. It’s one of the most popular email marketing plugins out there, with over 1 million installs on WordPress alone.

MailOptin lets you collect emails by offering visitors a free eBook, whitepaper or other lead magnet (such as coupons) in exchange for their emails. You can also use it as a way to thank customers who make a purchase from your store—either by adding forms on product pages or through landing pages hosted inside MailOptin itself.


Omnisend is an email marketing platform for eCommerce. It is a hosted service, meaning there’s no software to install or update. The free plan comes with unlimited subscribers, 1,000 emails per day, and up to three autoresponders (including triggered campaigns). You’ll need a paid plan if you want more than 5 subscriptions or more than 20 emails per day.

The premium plan costs $29 per month and comes with unlimited subscribers, unlimited emails per day, and up to 20 autoresponders (including triggered campaigns).


SendinBlue offers a free plan that is perfect for small businesses. The free plan allows you to send up to 1,000 emails per month and includes analytics and transactional email services.

SendinBlue also has a paid plan that offers more than 10 times the number of emails you can send on their free plan at 25,000 emails per month for only $30/month! SendinBlue’s paid plans also include many other benefits like email marketing automation, dynamic content (like personalization), custom templates, advanced reporting tools, A/B testing capabilities and much more!


One of the best email marketing plugins for Woocommerce is WPForms. It’s a WordPress form plugin that allows you to collect data from your website visitors, so you can use this information to improve your online store and sell more products.

WPForms is a very flexible solution that can be used to build a variety of different types of forms. You have complete control over the look, feel and behavior of each form individually or as part of an entire collection.

Opt-In Panda

Opt-In Panda is a simple, yet powerful plugin for WordPress. It offers users an easy way to build and manage email lists, send newsletters and create landing pages via a graphical user interface (GUI). It’s one of the best alternatives to the MailChimp plugin because it has many similar features without all of the extra clutter.

It’s also great as an alternative to MailPoet (which I don’t recommend at all) or SumoMe because it doesn’t require you to get into coding if you don’t want to – but still gives you access to some advanced features such as split testing or A/B testing.

Newsletter plugin for WooCommerce

You can use the Newsletter plugin for WooCommerce to send newsletters to your customers. You can use the plugin to send a newsletter to all of your customers, or send a newsletter to specific customers. This is great because it means you can create specific newsletters for different groups of people.

In addition, this plugin has an email editor that allows you to customize the design and content of each email that you send out.

Using the right email marketing for WooCommerce will help you convert more visitors into paying customers.

Using the right email marketing for WooCommerce will help you convert more visitors into paying customers.

There are a lot of email marketing plugins available on WordPress marketplace and it can be difficult to choose one that’s right for your business. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Is it compatible with my theme? Can I customize it according to my requirements?
  • What features does this plugin offer? How much does it cost? Are there any discounts available from the developers or third-party vendors selling the plugin on their website or in an affiliate network?
  • How many ratings does this plugin have on WordPress repository websites like ThemeForest, Code Canyon and Envato Marketplace (formerly ThemeForest)? This will give us an idea about its popularity among other users who have used the same plugin before us. If people are satisfied with their experience while using the product then they will leave positive reviews which would help others make an informed decision before purchasing something new instead of wasting time searching elsewhere blindly just because there might not be enough information available online yet!


If you’re looking for the best email marketing for WooCommerce, then look no further than SumoMe. It comes with many pre-built templates that are easy to customize and integrate into your site. You can also create landing pages quickly with their template builder which saves time because it isn’t necessary to start from scratch!

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