As small businesses grow and demand more email marketing services, it can be difficult to find a provider that meets your specific needs. This is where the importance of researching different providers comes into play. By reading this article, you’ll be able to identify the Best Email Marketing Providers, 10 email marketing platform and best email marketing software 2022.

How to Select the Right Email Marketing Provider.

There are many different email marketing providers available to small businesses. The most popular and regretted providers by business owners are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

The two services offer different options for pricing, targeting, data gathering, lead gen, reporting, and more. It can be tough to choose which provider is the best fit for your business. To help make the decision easier, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 email marketing providers for small businesses.

1) MailChimp

2) Hootsuite

3) ConvertKit

4) LeadPages

5) Sprout Social

6) MailChimp Insights

7) Mailchimp Lead Generation

8) MailChimp Organic Email Marketing

9) MailChimp Video Marketing

10) Aweber

How to Use Email Marketing to Grow Your Business.

Best Email Marketing Providers

Email marketing is a great way to grow your business. By using email marketing to grow your business, you can increase your revenue, reduce your costs, and increase your customer base. To use email marketing to grow your business, follow these steps:

1. Choose the right email marketing campaigns.

There are many different email marketing campaigns that can help you grow your business. By choosing the right campaign, you can reach more people and achieve greater results. For example, a campaign that focuses on social media might be more Effective than one that focuses only on print advertising. If you’re looking for a specific outcome, try to target a specific audience or type of customer.

2. Use effective copywriting techniques.

Copywriting is an important part of email marketing. You need to create compelling copy that will capture the attention of potential customers and get them interested in your product or service. You also need to make sure the copy is easy to read and understand for those who don’t have experience with email marketing.

3. Use timing correctly.

Timing is key when it comes to email marketing campaigns. You want to send out emails as often as possible but not too often so that it becomes overwhelming or too much work for little return on investment (ROI). Try sending out emails twice per week instead of every day or once per week but no later than 12 p..m.: This will give you enough time to see any impact changes before taking any action.

4. Use a catchy subject line.

Subject lines are an important part of email marketing. You want to make sure that the subject line is interesting and memorable, so customers will be more likely to click through to the email. Try using keywords in your subject line and other elements of your email marketing campaign to help increase your chances of being clicked on.

5. Use A/B testing to test different versions of your email message.

A/B testing is another important technique you can use when it comes to email marketing. By testing different versions of your email message, you can see which version is most effective for achieving your desired outcome. This can help you save time and money while still achieving the results you desire.

Best Email Marketing Providers

Best Email Marketing Providers
  1. Campaigner

You should give Campaigner a try if you want to boost sales and revenue, affect your audience’s customer journeys, and expand your marketing channels all while maintaining the good name of your company.

Using fully customizable templates, Campaigner makes it simpler for you to create eye-catching emails. It also enables you to create personalized messages that provide genuine value to your customers. Additionally, its robust email automation feature enables you to design customized customer journeys that increase conversions.

Its Reputation Defender feature helps you spot risky contacts that could endanger your reputation as a reliable email sender, checks the health of your list, and flags errors before you send an email.

Additionally, Campaigner provides a solution for those considering using other marketing platforms with Campaigner SMS, a marketing automation service that enables the creation of workflows.

The best part is that Campaigner provides a 30-day free trial. With this, you can test out all of Campaigner’s more than 60 cutting-edge features and see how they can advance your marketing strategy.

  1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue provides a good trade-off between the price it charges and the service’s ease of use and breadth of features (like the more famous ActiveCampaign).

The real competitive edge that Sendinblue has over competing platforms is its excellent automation, integration, and segmentation capabilities in its well-developed CRM section. However, the user interface may be trickier than with other services like Mailchimp.

Additionally, it makes a great SMS marketing tool. You can create your emails using a variety of templates.

You can design unique workflows with SendinBlue that send emails automatically. Even your website visitors’ actions can be used to send emails. For instance, if a customer adds an item to their cart but doesn’t check it, you could send them an automated email.

Sendinblue offers a totally free account with unlimited contacts and up to 300 emails per day. Paid plans beginning at $25/month are available if you do want to send more emails than that.

  1. Omnisend

Check out Omnisend if you run a small business in the eCommerce sector. It offers a variety of user-friendly eCommerce marketing tools, including powerful email marketing features, and is trusted and adored by over 70,000 eCommerce brands.

Overall, they have a great template library and work best for email campaigns with lots of visual content. Their user-friendly drag-and-drop content editor allows for easy customization of each template.

Utilize segmentation and optimization tools like A/B testing to ensure that your expertly designed email receives the open rate it merits. You can create audience segments that can boost your conversion rates by as much as 60% by using the profile information about your customers and their purchasing behavior.

Then, it provides precise sales tracking and attribution so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your email campaigns. With the aid of their sophisticated reporting, you can establish best practices for upcoming campaigns and gain a much better understanding of precisely how subscribers are interacting with your emails.

  1. Convertkit

Free Plans: Let you start growing your audience with helpful features like managing up to 1,000 subscribers and having unlimited landing page templates and form options.

Paid Plans: Depending on how many subscribers you have, paid plans can cost anywhere from $9 to as much as $25.

You can create and carry out email campaigns with the fluidity and flexibility you need with Convertkit. With it, you get great performance and increased productivity, you can automate tasks to save time in addition to building a customer funnel, it is simple to use, strong, and functional, and it costs less than other software. ConvertKit offers a seamless, drag-and-drop-enabled experience for creating professional emails that convert, as opposed to conventional email marketing platforms where you need to be familiar with HTML and coding. A feature of automation allows you to see your funnel’s entire design.

  1. GetResponse

Small and medium-sized businesses and, more generally, those who have just launched a new business can use the email marketing platform GetResponse. However, even large organizations like Ikea and Unicef use GetResponse to create effective, streamlined emails in a single, user-friendly tool.

It is an especially affordable and simple service. The service provides a number of integrations and functions in addition to thorough statistics. The automation processes, which were not primarily developed, are the weak point.

The additional option to use the service for other marketing requirements you may want to satisfy makes GetResponse a fantastic email marketing service to invest in. This includes marketing automation, creation and optimization of landing pages, and conversion funnels.

Not yet persuaded? Discover more about the incredible features that GetResponse provides to companies and brands of all sizes.

  1. SMTP

You should look into SMTP if you intend to send a lot of emails each month. Compared to the other email marketing services on our list, it is quite different. Instead of concentrating on the aesthetics, it gets its hands dirty to improve deliverability and lessen the likelihood that your emails will be flagged as spam.

In a nutshell, it provides SMTP relay and email delivery services and, through its safe and dependable email delivery platform, sends billions of emails every month. It can be useful to set off transactional and automated emails on schedule and as quickly as possible if you’ll also be sending transactional emails.

  1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a cheap, simple-to-use email marketing platform that is ideal for SMEs. It is a good option for small businesses and startups.

To manage leads and subsequently automatically organize sales and marketing, this platform has a CRM system. Process automation is a plus for Active Campaign, which offers innovative, educational reports that inform users of what is and isn’t working in their email marketing campaigns.

The way that ActiveCampaign filters the customer experience acquisition process makes it a fantastic email marketing service to look into. The platform’s official website categorizes prospective users by sector, item, and function. Because of this, the platform can completely tailor your needs for email marketing services to match your personality and preferences.

  1. AWeber

AWeber is appropriate for people with businesses based in the web marketing sector who need a dependable tool but have a tight budget.

In fact, AWeber’s mission statement is to “deliver powerfully-simple email marketing for small businesses that does 90% of the work for you,” as stated on their official website. 10% is left over for your enjoyment. Who doesn’t want to enjoy themselves?

The comprehensive and simple reports offered by AWeber are helpful for beginners. Split-tests can be used by power users with more experience.

  1. Drip

The WooCommerce integration of Drip’s email marketing platform is high. If you manage an online store, it’s an excellent choice. It has clever email segmentation tools and clever marketing automation tools.

Additionally, Drip offers a ton of support via live chat, webinars, comprehensive online courses, and first-rate documentation.

Depending on your email marketing outreach requirements, it might not be the most affordable choice, but it’s worth the money to maximize your marketing efforts.

  1. OptinMonster

One of the top platforms for conversion optimization software is OptinMonster. It makes it simple to convert website visitors into customers and email subscribers.

It includes welcome mats, coupon wheels, slide-in modules, and other components that are simple to integrate.

All well-known email marketing platforms are compatible with OptinMonster, which increases your email list’s subscriber count quickly.

One of the top platforms for conversion optimization software is OptinMonster. It makes it simple to convert website visitors into customers and email subscribers.

It includes welcome mats, coupon wheels, slide-in modules, and other components that are simple to integrate.

All well-known email marketing platforms are compatible with OptinMonster, which increases your email list’s subscriber count quickly.

10 Email Marketing Platform

Best Email Marketing Providers
  1. Pabbly Email Marketing

For larger-sized businesses, Pabbly Email Marketing is a highly coveted email service provider. This is due to the fact that, in addition to many other useful features, all Pabbly plans give users access to workflow automation, email scheduling, and SMTP routing.

  1. SendPulse

SendPulse is an integrated messaging platform that has developed an AI-based system to let its users communicate with all devices via email, SMS, Web push, and SMTP (users enjoy a free SMTP server). SendPulse is renowned for being user-friendly and can be trusted to manage enterprise-level email campaigns. You can send bulk emails (i.e., 15,000 emails to 500 subscribers, SendPulse’s equivalent of HubSpot’s contacts) during the fairly lengthy free trial period. We advise you to use the GIF creation tool. These can cause significant increases in click through rates in email campaigns.

  1. MailChimp

One of the most well-known email service providers in the world is MailChimp. In fact, this business has millions of users across more than 175 nations. MailChimp is used by both big and small businesses because of its easy-to-use yet highly useful features and tools.

Over 300 integrations on MailChimp allow you to match the ideal tool to your business, which is one of the platform’s most significant advantages. You can build and use landing pages and other digital marketing tools with MailChimp. So you can use MailChimp to develop more sophisticated strategies. A free email service plan is also offered by MailChimp.

  1. Constant Contact

One of the most popular email marketing platforms in the world is Constant Contact. This is due to the platform’s excellent usability, over 100 email templates, and the simplicity with which contacts can be managed. Furthermore, Constant Contact makes it very easy to set up and manage drip campaigns as well as schedule recurring emails for events like birthdays and holidays throughout the year. In addition to these helpful features, automatically updated bounces and unsubscribes provide you with a wealth of information about your email lists.

  1. HubSpot

Users can choose from a wide selection of email templates on HubSpot. The ESP also makes it simple for users to develop original email templates. Therefore, HubSpot is perfect whether you prefer stock templates or custom ones. With the help of this platform, you can also conduct A/B testing to determine which email version is performing the best.

Any business using email to generate leads or revenue will find this to be very advantageous. Additionally, HubSpot has a very high deliverability rate and lets you customize your emails based on details like the recipient’s location, device type, and list inclusion. HubSpot also provides incredibly thorough analytics on the effectiveness of your email campaigns, and social media integration is simple.

  1. AWeber

In contrast to HubSpot and MailChimp, AWeber is primarily targeted at small businesses and independent contractors. AWeber’s main focus is simplicity, and their software excels at achieving this goal. The AWeber setup frequently works best for people who are just beginning with email marketing. Additionally, AWeber has a very high deliverability rate, ensuring that your emails reach their intended recipients.

  1. iContact

Email service provider iContact is primarily renowned for its top-notch customer service. Because they will require a lot of assistance setting everything up and running the emails on a regular basis, customers who are not very tech savvy will find this service to be ideal. One of the early businesses in this field, iContact has been around since 2003. Strategic advisors are assigned to each customer, helping them with email marketing campaigns and tool usage. It’s a great feature to have.

  1. GetResponse

Another excellent ESP is GetResponse. Along with a fantastic email platform, this one also provides landing pages, a CRM, and other useful tools like a webinar solution. The fact that GetResponse is available in more than 20 languages is one of its most significant features and a major competitive advantage. GetResponse is now a truly global ESP as a result. It has a ton of storage space as well. Additionally, GetResponse offers a drip campaign tool with a calendar interface and more than 500 email templates. Email send dates are now much simpler to plan as a result.

  1. ActiveCampaign

Another email marketing tool with live chat is ActiveCampaign. So, if you value having excellent customer service, this is a good option for you. Additionally, ActiveCampaign offers a superior CRM, which is a useful tool. You can help your customers by including valuable content in your emails with the help of the CRM. Lead scoring is a feature of ActiveCampaign that rates the caliber of your leads. These kinds of tools are very beneficial for sales teams.

  1. SendinBlue

You can browse through a variety of pre-made automation campaigns on SendinBlue. You can decide which campaign is best for you or your business and begin working on it. Over 30 million emails and texts are sent each day using the SendinBlue platform, which is very popular.

It is simple to create custom automation campaigns even though SendinBlue has created pre-made ones. Therefore, you can easily create a campaign from scratch using your own preferences if you cannot find a ready-made campaign that you like. You can also use the forms tool provided by SendinBlue to gather leads. Once you have captured your leads, you can categorize them into lists.

Best Email Marketing Software 2022

Best Email Marketing Providers
  1. Campaigner

Check out Campaigner if you’re looking for a tool to assist you with marketing via various channels. Advanced email marketing automation is one of its many useful features. You can use it to personalize every aspect of your emails, track conversions, nurture prospects, and create email workflows.

It offers hundreds of ready-made, responsive templates if you just need assistance with email design. There are a fair number of templates available on most email marketing platforms, so this isn’t really a differentiating feature. However, Campaigner adds value by including a sophisticated template management system with restricted access and tagging features to organize your templates, which is especially helpful if you’re working with a larger team.

  1. Omnisend

Omnisend is a comprehensive platform for email marketing automation that also serves eCommerce businesses. It gives you the ability to improve your newsletters and increase sales using segmentation, automated emails, and the potential of SMS. To help deliver streamlined buyer engagements, it includes pre-built automations for cart abandonment, welcome series, and transactional emails.

Key characteristics:

  • Using a library of templates, you can quickly and easily create stunning, professional emails without any coding. You can then modify them to fit your brand, add products, include dynamic discount codes, and save them for use in future campaigns.
  • For every stage of your customer journey, an automations library with pre-built workflows is available.
  • Targeting by segment that can be applied to campaigns and automations on every channel Omnisend supports.
  1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a single platform that supports a variety of business communication channels, including chat, email, facebook, SMS, and more. The company’s goal is to assist businesses in fulfilling their customers’ needs. They assist you in concentrating on the crucial tasks while automating the rest. Using its email builder, you can quickly produce emails with a professional appearance, but the power of the platform lies in the way its features work together. You can put together smarter and more persuasive email campaigns with chat, SMS marketing, Inbox, CRM, and automations. Retargeting contacts and generating new leads are both made possible by Facebook Ads functionality that is built-in.

  1. SMTP

Compared to a lot of the other email tools on our list, SMTP’s solutions are more narrowly focused. It’s all about delivery rather than providing you with a number of tools to aid in the visual aspects of creating marketing emails. In order to send and track large volumes of emails, you can rely on SMTP’s reasonably priced SMTP relay (short for simple mail transfer protocol, the industry-standard communication protocol for sending emails) and email delivery services. Utilizing their safe and dependable email delivery platform, it sends billions of emails each month, assisting in ensuring that the emails are actually delivered. After all, that ought to be the main objective of any email marketing campaign. It is a fantastic tool for transactional emails as well. It will start automated and transactional processes.

  1. EmailOctopus

The goal of EmailOctopus, a well-known email marketing software platform, is to offer email marketing that is easier to use, more intuitive, and more cost-effective than its rivals.

It provides pre-made templates that you can edit using a drag-and-drop editor, or you can start from scratch with your emails. A landing page builder with all the tools you need to generate leads and expand your email list is also included in the app. Agile brands are attracted by integrations. Numerous of your current applications, such as Shopify, Gravity Forms, and WordPress, easily integrate with EmailOctopus and make it a desirable tool, particularly for businesses with aspirational objectives.


Email marketing can play a key role in helping your business grow. By using the right email marketing provider, you can create high-quality email campaigns that will reach a wider audience. Additionally, by utilizing different marketing channels to grow your business, you can decrease your costs and increase your customer base. Lastly, by using email marketing to grow your business, you can achieve greater success than ever before.

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