In this guide, we’ll take you through the Best Email Marketing Software Australia, best email marketing software for deliverability, 10 email marketing platform and also best email marketing campaign tools. We’ll teach you about the different types of email campaigns, what to do if your campaign isn’t performing well, and how to measure success. We’ll also show you how to create and manage a successful email list for your business. This guide is essential for any Australian business who wants to start sending out newsletters and engaging with their customers online.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending Emails to customers in order to promote or sell a product or service. Email marketing can be used for many different purposes, including customer acquisition, customer retention, and website content marketing.

How to Start an Email Marketing Campaign

In order to start an email marketing campaign, you will first need to create an email account with an email marketing provider like MailChimp or Crispin. Next, you must create a list of target recipients and craft a compelling message that will get them interested in your product or service. Finally, you must send these emails using a well-optimized email template and deliverable such as a PDF or JPEG file.

How to Use Email Marketing topromote Your Company or Product

Once you have created an email campaign and sent it out to your target audience, the next step is to promote it using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. By using these platforms, you can help drive traffic back to your website and increase sales opportunities for your product or service.

The price of email marketing software

Best Email Marketing Software Australia

The good news is that email marketing generally has a low cost while having a high potential for profit. The typical return on investment (ROI) for email campaigns is estimated to range from $20 to $40 for every dollar spent, but estimates vary. One of the highest rates of return for a digital marketing strategy, in my opinion.

Numerous email marketing packages offer unlimited emails each month and charge you according to subscriber counts. Look for a company that offers a free plan, a cheap plan for several hundred subscribers, or even a pay-as-you-go plan if you have a small list. On the other hand, a lot of these services additionally provide high-volume plans with 100,000 or more contacts.

As a result, the costs of the email marketing competitors we evaluate here differ greatly. They range from about $3 per month for Zoho Campaigns’ 500 monthly emails to as much as $1,250 per month for Salesforce Pardot’s 10,000 maximum contacts. On occasion, you might even want to speak with a sales representative directly to discuss a custom plan.

How to pick the best email marketing program for your company will be covered in the section below. Here are our top email marketing recommendations for your company, but first.

How to Begin an Email Marketing Campaign

With email marketing software, getting started is simple. The majority of the competitors we reviewed offer free trials so you can check them out before parting with any money. In general, you’ll be able to tell right away whether you like a product’s user interface (UI) or not. Fortunately, the majority of these services have streamlined layouts and graphics that look modern. The intricate business software UIs of yesteryear are not these.

Because some vendors don’t make support as accessible as we’d like, be sure to consider how a vendor handles technical support. You’ll discover that while some companies provide email, live chat, and phone support around-the-clock, others force you to rely solely on online documentation and sporadic live support hours.

Finally, think about any issues with regulatory compliance. For instance, if you intend to market to clients in Europe, be sure that your software can assist you in adhering to GDPR. While other laws regulate how to market to minors under the age of 18, HIPAA in the US mandates how you can use specific protected health information in your campaigns. Make sure your prospective vendor can assist you with the laws that are relevant to your business by consulting with them.

Best Email Marketing Software Australia

Best Email Marketing Software Australia
  1. Secure Australian Marketing Automation Platform: Swift Digital

Swift Digital is a well-liked email marketing tool among Australian public sector organizations because it is made in Australia and has secure data storage there as well. It offers automation across numerous marketing channels and is more than just email marketing software (such as events, SMS, and surveys). Additionally, it provides individualized account management, friendly support, and custom training.

Top 3 Advantages

  • based in Australia (APP compliant, with local, state and federal government customers)
  • Live account management and support that is customized
  • across numerous communication channels, strong automation features
  1. Easy-to-use email marketing for businesses with Campaign Monitor

An easy-to-use email marketing tool from the USA is called Campaign Monitor. With the help of this software, you can create stunning, branded emails and distribute them to managed lists.

Top 3 Advantages

  • tools for comprehensive email marketing
  • Simple to use API (accessible integration options)
  • powerful email testing abilities

Top 3 drawbacks

  • not a CRM replacement
  • can be challenging to learn how to use without prior technical knowledge.
  • Features for data management and automation are scarce.

3. Complex marketing automation: Marketo

Larger organizations looking to send communications in bulk should consider Marketo as a marketing automation tool. It provides a comprehensive set of cutting-edge automation tools. With a monthly subscription starting at $895USD, it’s a little on the pricey side.

Top 3 Advantages

  • Simple to use
  • Easily reachable customer service
  • swift account creation

Top 3 drawbacks

  • Sharp price differences between account tiers
  • inadequate instruction for new users
  • Limited out-of-the-box reporting

4. Accessible, cost-free email marketing tool: MailChimp

There is probably no need to introduce MailChimp. Both professionals and amateurs use it because it is one of the few pieces of email marketing software on this list that provides a Free Account. However, there are some drawbacks, primarily in the form of constrained features and a lack of in-depth reporting analysis.

Top 3 Advantages

  • Drag and drop email editor that’s simple to use
  • Use is free! (with restrictions)
  • simple and clear reporting

Top 3 drawbacks

  • limited capacity for automation
  • inadequate customer service
  • Due to a lack of segmentation tools, targeted marketing is challenging.

5. SendInBlue – Best for small groups and businesses, free to use

Another accessible and inexpensive app is SendInBlue. There are restrictions for email design even though it offers the majority of the features you require without costing an arm and a leg. SendInBlue is a multi-channel communication application because it has SMS marketing functionality as well. You might discover SendInBlue has enough features to meet your company’s needs with monthly plans starting at just $25.

Top 3 Advantages

  • Included SMS functionality Free trials are offered
  • Affordable

Top 3 drawbacks

  • Account setup can be challenging.
  • There are few options for email design.
  • Limits on the number of emails you can send each month (paid accounts have less limit)

6. Paid, B2B Marketing with Pardot

A marketing automation tool called Pardot assists businesses in establishing deep connections, generating more pipeline, and enabling sales to close more deals.

Top 3 Benefits Salesforce integration

  • Continuous email technical support Unrestricted use of the Pardot Knowledge Base

Top 3 drawbacks

  • Basic Reporting, Basic User Interface, and Exorbitant Price

Best Email Marketing Software For Deliverability

Best Email Marketing Software Australia
  1. Constant Contact

One of the biggest and fastest-growing email marketing services in the world is Constant Contact. Additionally, it is the most user-friendly email marketing service for beginners.

Your email lists, contacts, email templates, marketing calendar, and more are all simple to manage.

You have access to limitless emails, simple tracking and reporting, integrated social media sharing tools, a free image library, list segmentation, Facebook ads integration, and a strong eCommerce integration for Shopify stores with each account.

Their Email Plus accounts also include potent features like subject line A/B testing, email automation, drip campaigns, surveys & polls, coupons, and online donations that allow you to send targeted emails and increase your open rate.

  1. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is an all-inclusive SMS and email marketing tool for companies. They are among the email marketing platforms in Europe with the fastest growth.

It is a platform that is incredibly simple to use and has great tools for creating emails that are both beautiful and highly engaging. For newcomers with no prior experience in email marketing, their straightforward drag and drop email editor is ideal.

You can send transactional emails, design workflows for automated follow-up emails, and segment users using the user-friendly marketing automation tools included in SendinBlue. In order to ensure the highest email deliverability, it can also choose the ideal time to send bulk emails.

  1. HubSpot

One of the most well-known CRM and email marketing software programs is HubSpot.

Their email marketing service is free to start using and includes many potent automation features that are intended to help you grow your company.

With the help of their simple drag-and-drop email builder and assortment of templates, you can make a totally unique newsletter that reflects the spirit and colors of your company.

You can customize your emails for each subscriber based on factors like device type, country, list membership, or any other specific information you may have on the individual subscriber thanks to the native integration with the HubSpot CRM.

  1. Omnisend

For eCommerce companies looking for an omni-channel marketing automation solution, Omnisend is a potent SMS and email marketing service.

Because it includes all the effective features like pre-built automation workflows, subscriber segmentation, A/B testing, performance reports, and even SMS + web push notification, they provide one of the most generous free email marketing plans.

Unlike most other free email marketing plans, Omnisend’s free plan offers almost everything because they are confident in their value proposition. You will need to upgrade to their paid plans as your contact list expands.

  1. Drip

For bloggers, digital marketers, and those in the eCommerce space, Drip is a potent enterprise email marketing platform. They provide a variety of tools to make personalization, sales funnels, and marketing automation simple.

They provide seamless integration for all well-known website builders, such as WordPress and WooCommerce, with their email software. As a result, adding pop-ups or opt-in signup forms to your website is simple, enabling you to collect more leads.

Drip’s intelligent marketing automation tools, better email segmenting, split testing features, list groups, and visual drag-and-drop automation workflow builder set it apart from rivals like Campaign Monitor. With the aid of these features, you can increase sales by reaching out to specific customers on your email list.

How to Use Email Marketing to Convert Visitors to Customers.

Best Email Marketing Software Australia

Creating a quality email marketing campaign is essential for increasing the conversion rate of your website. You should focus on creating an email that is interesting, informative, and persuasive. Your email should also be tailored to specific demographics, such as those who are interested in your product or services.

To create an effective email marketing campaign, use the following tips:

2.1 Quality Email Marketing Tips

When you write your email, make sure to aim to be informative and persuasive. Make sure to include helpful information about your product or services that will help potential customers convert into customers. Additionally, make sure your message is delivered well and that it stands out from any other emails sent out by your business. You could also consider using images and videos to show off the benefits of your product or service.

2.2 Increase Visits To Your Site By Using Email Marketing

In order for people to see your website and find out more about what you have to offer, you need to generate a high volume of visits from potential customers. To do this, you’ll need to send out high-quality emails that are relevant and engaging. You can use some of the following tips in order to achieve this goal:

– Use good grammar throughout your email messages

– Use strong verbs (such as “want”), instead of weak verbs (such as “will”), when discussing how you would improve the user experience on your site

– Use call-to-action buttons that encourage visitors to click through to learn more about what you have available

– Write concisely and effectively in order for readers to understand what they are reading

– Use images and videos to show off the benefits of your website

3. Increase The Conversions Rate Of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Once you have a good email marketing campaign in place, you’ll need to increase the conversion rate in order to achieve the desired results. You can do this by using some of the following techniques:

– Place calls to action (CTA) buttons throughout your email messages

– Use strong verbs (such as “want”), instead of weak verbs (such as “will”), when discussing how you would improve the user experience on your site

– Place images and videos in prominent locations on your website

– Send out follow-up emails after people have visited your website once

How to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign for Maximum Results.

To maximize your email marketing campaign’s results, you first need to understand how your audience interacts with your content. This will help you optimize the tone and structure of your content, as well as find the right channels for reaching your target audience.

For example, consider using email newsletters as an effective way to keep your audience updated on important updates and offers. You can also use email newsletters to send out tailored messages that are specific to specific demographics or interests. Finally, review your website’s design to make sure that all of your elements are optimized for email viewing (including images, text, and titles).

If you want to achieve maximum results from your email marketing campaigns, it’s important to focus on two key areas: targeting and engagement. To target your readers specifically, use demographic data to identify which sections of society are most interested in what you have to offer. Additionally, consider referring potential customers through social media or other channels – this will ensure that you reach a wider range of people who may be interested in what you have to say.

By following these tips, you can optimize your email marketing campaign for maximum impact – ensuring that everyone who receives an invitation is reached and that business goals are met!


Email marketing is a great way to reach a larger audience and boost sales. However, it’s important to take some time to prepare your list of subscribers, optimize your campaign for maximum results, and optimize your email campaigns for maximum success. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your email marketing campaign is successful and helps you achieve the goals that you desire.

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