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Best Email Marketing Software For Small Business Uk

If you’re a small business, there’s a good chance you don’t have the same level of marketing resources as larger businesses. That doesn’t mean you can’t achieve success, though! There are many great email marketing software options for small businesses, and here we’ll take a look at the Best Email Marketing Software For Small Business Uk, best email marketing tools for startups

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a type of marketing that uses electronic communication to reach and engage customers. Email marketing can be used for a variety of purposes, including selling products, services, or ideas.

The benefits of email marketing include:

– Increased engagement with customers

– Reduced postage costs

– Faster response times (due to the shorter amount of time it takes to send an email)

– More leads and sales from potential customers

– Greater Reach (because email campaigns are often sent to more people than traditional marketing methods)

To start an email marketing campaign, you first need to decide the goals of your campaign. What are you hoping to achieve by conducting an email campaign? Once you know the goals of your campaign, you can develop a list of objectives that will help guide your email marketing efforts. These objectives might include setting a deadline, target demographics, and measuring the progress of your campaign.

Once you have developed these objectives and designed a plan for reaching your target customers, it’s time to start senteting! Senteting is the process of sending emails to as many people as possible in order to win their attention and convert leads into customers. This can be done through lead nurturing or cold calls.

Lead nurturing refers to getting more leads from potential customers before they even sign up for an account with your company. Cold Calls are more traditional methods used in email marketing and involve contacting potential customers directly in order to quiz them about their interests or needs and get information about products or services that match those interests or needs.

Best Email Marketing Software For Small Business Uk

  1. Constant Contact

One of the biggest and fastest-growing email marketing services in the world is Constant Contact. Additionally, it is the most user-friendly email marketing service for beginners.

Your email lists, contacts, email templates, marketing calendar, and more are all simple to manage.

You have access to limitless emails, simple tracking and reporting, integrated social media sharing tools, a free image library, list segmentation, Facebook ads integration, and a strong eCommerce integration for Shopify stores with each account.

Their Email Plus accounts also include potent features like subject line A/B testing, email automation, drip campaigns, surveys & polls, coupons, and online donations that allow you to send targeted emails and increase your open rate.

  1. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is an all-inclusive SMS and email marketing tool for companies. They are among the email marketing platforms in Europe with the fastest growth.

It is a platform that is incredibly simple to use and has great tools for creating emails that are both beautiful and highly engaging. For newcomers with no prior experience in email marketing, their straightforward drag and drop email editor is ideal.

You can send transactional emails, design workflows for automated follow-up emails, and segment users using the user-friendly marketing automation tools included in SendinBlue. In order to ensure the highest email deliverability, it can also choose the ideal time to send bulk emails.

  1. HubSpot.

One of the most well-known CRM and email marketing software programs is HubSpot.

Their email marketing service is free to start using and includes many potent automation features that are intended to help you grow your company.

With the help of their simple drag-and-drop email builder and assortment of templates, you can make a totally unique newsletter that reflects the spirit and colors of your company.

You can customize your emails for each subscriber based on factors like device type, country, list membership, or any other specific information you may have on the individual subscriber thanks to the native integration with the HubSpot CRM.

  1. Omnisend

For eCommerce companies looking for an omni-channel marketing automation solution, Omnisend is a potent SMS and email marketing service.

Because it includes all the effective features like pre-built automation workflows, subscriber segmentation, A/B testing, performance reports, and even SMS + web push notification, they provide one of the most generous free email marketing plans.

Unlike most other free email marketing plans, Omnisend’s free plan offers almost everything because they are confident in their value proposition. You will need to upgrade to their paid plans as your contact list expands.

  1. AWeber

One of the oldest and most well-known email marketing service providers worldwide is AWeber. They provide a variety of tools for managing email marketing for small and medium-sized businesses.

With AWeber, getting started is simple. The majority of platforms, including WordPress, are easily connected. See our comprehensive guide on connecting AWeber to WordPress for more information.

You have access to list management, autoresponders, a/b testing, and email tracking with in-depth insights, in addition to ready-to-use html email templates.

Other strong email marketing tools offered by AWeber include AMP emails, automatic RSS-to-email conversion for bloggers, and tag-based subscriber segmentation.

Email Marketing Tools For Small Business


A great place to start your email marketing program if you intend to scale it quickly is Mailchimp, one of the most well-known email marketing apps thanks to its friendly branding. The app’s free plan comes with a landing page builder, marketing automation, list segmentation, retargeting ads, and even A/B testing.

Mailchimp is a convenient choice for both inexperienced and seasoned email marketers due to its approachable editor, which includes helpful hints and best practices along the way. For instance, a sidebar reminds you, as you set up a subject line, about the ideal character count, how to use emojis, and other things.


You can find everything you need at HubSpot. Up to 2,000 emails per month, over 100 lists, and reporting are all included as part of the comprehensive and generously generous email marketing features. You can add extra HubSpot tools for CRM, complete marketing automation, customer service, sales, and more when you’re ready to scale.

As soon as signup is complete, the email tool launches the editor so you can get started right away. The user guide, which covers everything you need to know to create stunning, successful campaigns in HubSpot, is the next stop for those who are new to HubSpot or email marketing in general.


The dynamic, pre-designed content blocks more than make up for MailerLite’s lack of pre-made templates for its free newsletter service. MailerLite makes it simple for seasoned email marketers to create new campaigns and unique templates by providing blocks for highlighting multiple articles, videos, RSS lists, products, apps, events, and more.

Your emails don’t just have to be text and pictures. A countdown timer that dynamically displays the amount of time left before you launch a product or end a sale is available. A dynamically updating RSS block allows you to dynamically add product details, embed videos, pull in your most recent blog posts, and more. Instead of just sending digital letters, it’s a great way to send interactive emails.


Even though Moosend isn’t the most efficient email marketing tool we tested, it makes up for this with generous free plan allowances and strong segmentation options for eCommerce businesses.

The drag-and-drop functionality to add elements and the rich text editor in the email builder function as expected. Once your eCommerce site has been connected, select the Revenue Dashboard tab to view a summary of the precise steps your email marketing campaigns took to generate sales.

Best Email Marketing Tools


Because it has the features that the majority of businesses require without being overly complicated or confusing, Mailchimp is the best email marketing software overall. Campaigns can be planned, A/B tested, and reports with open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and other metrics can be obtained. In addition, of the software we tested, it offers the most generous free-forever plans.


  • Free-for-all strategy 2,000 maximum contacts
  • Simple to build and modify campaigns
  • Clear reporting that enhances upcoming sends
  • combines with a huge number of software platforms


  • For larger contact lists, expensive (more than 15k subscribers)
  • Poor phone support; not intended for highly skilled marketing teams


The best email marketing software for automation is ActiveCampaign, which offers hundreds of pre-built automations to assist you in customizing campaigns for each subscriber. As you set up the platform, there are help guides available everywhere, and ActiveCampaign offers prompt, courteous customer service.


  • Excellent automation features that make customer interactions simpler
  • Quick, friendly, and helpful customer service
  • Data migration and implementation services are included for all plan levels.
  • Free CRM with built-in sales automation (For a limited time)
  • has more than 850 connections to the most widely used programs.


  • The learning curve can be difficult.
  • The Lite plan has few features (and includes ActiveCampaign branding)
  • Plans quickly increase in cost as contacts increase.


Because of its drag-and-drop interface, MailerLite is the simplest email marketing program to use and enables you to easily create the design you want. The company’s mission is centered on simplicity, so the software has a streamlined and clean appearance.


  • Designing emails is simple thanks to a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Plan with no cost for up to 1,000 contacts
  • Email assistance
  • There are many email templates available.


  • Does not include CRM features (Though it allows for integration)
  • just a few integrations
  • To open an account, a lot of company information is required.


Because it has excellent tools and reporting for all of your marketing campaigns across various channels, Hubspot is the best all-in-one marketing suite (website, social, email marketing, and more). With Hubspot’s CRM, you can keep track of every contact information and draw customers through lead forms, live chat, and online advertisements.


  • CRM, social media, blogging, and email marketing are all included in the marketing suite.
  • Email deliverability rates are maintained by the email health tab.
  • Only pay for tracking leads throughout their buying journeys for the contacts you are marketing.
  • Online training tools that are useful


  • neither offers a low-cost nor a free plan.
  • Not for companies looking only for email marketing tools
  • It is challenging to integrate a different CRM, such as Salesforce or Pipedrive
  • steep learning curve to fully realize the potential of marketing

Best Email Marketing Tools For Startups

  1. Ortto

It is renowned for providing you with a single view of your customer, robust reporting, and analytics, as well as for combining all of your customer data to improve personalization in email communications.

The best email marketing tools are all available in one place with Ortto’s email marketing software. Users can create stunning branded emails, personalize messages, A/B test, use AI, track results, and more. Think of everything that has bells and whistles without any complications.

Unlike other software, Ortto’s customer data platform has reporting capabilities that enable users to see customer journeys from a single perspective and to visualize customer behavior.

  1. HubSpot

Powerful; having all the bells and whistles.

The best customers for HubSpot’s email marketing software are larger companies. Instead of managing dispersed customer data, it enables marketers to house all marketing tools on a single platform, freeing up time to concentrate on converting customers at scale.

Its primary attributes are:

  • generating leads
  • email templates you can drag and drop
  • Build personalized emails with dynamic content
  • Split-testing A/B
  • Audience division
  • reporting with objectives
  • Google ads and Facebook ads
  • high deliverability of emails
  • simple reporting
  1. Mailchimp

Email marketing using batch and blast is well-known.

13 million businesses use the services of Mailchimp’s straightforward, entry-level email marketing software, making it well-known worldwide. This is true across 175 countries. Marketers can easily send emails that convert by putting the audience at the heart of their marketing strategy with Mailchimp.

Its key attributes are as follows:

  • editor with drag and drop
  • reporting on mobile insights
  • On every plan, marketing automation is available.
  • lead supervision
  • A/B split testing with high volume of sending
  • Google ads and Facebook ads
  • templates for marketing automation
  • simple reporting
  1. Campaign Monitor

Emails that are highly customized.

Campaign Monitor is an easy-to-use email marketing tool that enables marketers to create emails that are beautifully designed and highly personalized. Targeting subscribers is simple thanks to its drag-and-drop email builder and functionality for engagement-based segmentation.

Principal characteristics:

  • Create and customize emails
  • Drag-and-drop constructor
  • Preview for email and mobile
  • control email lists
  • large-scale sending
  • control email delivery
  • auto-replies to emails
  • Testing A/B
  • simple reporting
  1. Moosend

Emails with interactive multimedia are well-known.

With the help of the marketing automation and email marketing platform Moosend, users can quickly create landing pages, subscription forms, and email newsletter campaigns.

Principal characteristics:

  • Preview for email and mobile
  • Create and customize emails
  • auto-replies to emails
  • control email lists
  • large-scale sending
  • Sending management email successfully


Email marketing can be a great way to reach a larger audience and boost sales. However, it’s important to take some time to prepare your listing and promotional strategy before you get started. By optimizing your product listing for SEO, creating attractive photos, and pricing your products competitively, you can give yourself the best chance for success. Additionally, promoting your products through social media, influencers, and other marketing channels can help you reach more potential customers. By monitoring your sales and making necessary adjustments, you can ensure that your business is successful in the long run.

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