One of the most effective marketing tools you have at your disposal is email. Compared to other marketing campaigns, it can increase engagement, foster relationships, and produce a higher return on investment.

Finding the Best Email Marketing Software For You is the first step to a successful email strategy. This guide has everything you need to know about the Best Email Marketing Software For You, free email marketing tools, 10 email marketing platform and also best email marketing software 2022.

Best Email Marketing Software For You

Constant Contact

For the majority of users, we advise Constant Contact. Veteran email marketers will immediately recognize how much time Constant Contact can save their team while beginners will find a comprehensive toolkit that’s simple to use.

Don’t believe what I say. You can test out Constant Contact’s entire email marketing platform for free for 60 days without providing a credit card.

Without any coding experience, you can easily create new emails that look good and are consistent with your brand using their user-friendly drag-and-drop email builder. It is easy and simple to add text, images, videos, coupons, polls, and events to any message.


Everything you require to start and manage an email campaign is provided by Sendinblue. Watch your outreach take off by adding your content to their machine.

This is a well-developed platform with more features than you might anticipate. You can add live chat to your website and collect new email addresses from visitors who are looking around your store or learning more about your business.

Many things are appealing. A built-in CRM with space for as many contacts as you like, simple tools to build workflows, and more than 40 customizable templates.

You can send up to 300 emails per day using Sendinblue’s free, perpetual version without spending a dime. You’ll comprehend why it’s so well-liked once you see how it operates.

Sendinblue has everything you require in terms of expanding your audience. They give you access to a variety of lead nurturing tools to expand your contact list, including:

  • touchdown pages. To gather leads for you, create engaging and actionable web pages.
  • enrollment forms. Put forms everywhere on your website to collect user data.
  • ads on Facebook. Utilize Facebook marketing’s strength to cultivate more leads.
  • advertisements that are retargeted. strong advertisements based on previous online interactions with a user.
Best Email Marketing Software For You


MailerLite provides all the necessities without any extras. If you want to try it out, there is no commitment because it is free to use for the first 1,000 subscribers.

It’s a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a simple email marketing service. You’re a maker who doesn’t require a lot of frills and bells. All you need are the right tools to launch your newsletter or run a straightforward campaign.

Also advantageous to teams. This platform won’t intimidate anyone, so everyone will make use of the essential tools at their disposal.

It’s not like you are severely constrained because the platform still provides tools for automation, landing pages, pop-ups, and surveys. However, each one’s UI is fairly simple.


An easy-to-use email marketing solution designed specifically for e-commerce websites is called Omnisend. For the purpose of turning leads into customers, they provide a variety of features, including automated email and SMS messaging.

To ensure you connect with as many customers as possible, they go above and beyond by combining text messages, web browser push notifications, email marketing, Google Customer Match, and Facebook ad retargeting.

Their entire range of channels supports segmented campaigns. As a result, you will be able to specifically target the type of customer you need for your goods or services.


Moosend provides an email marketing solution for everyone, from total beginners to seasoned pros. This is the ideal tool for anyone who runs an online store.

They have all the features you need to succeed with your email marketing campaigns, from their simple drag-and-drop email builder to their straightforward segmentation tool to their precise real-time analytics.

The ecommerce AI at Moosend is one of our favorite features. In order to target customers with products they might like based on the purchasing patterns of similar customers, it uses collaborative filtering and machine learning.


AWeber is a trusted and reasonably priced provider of traditional email marketing services.

But AWeber really shines when it comes to its straightforward pricing scheme. In fact, it’s extremely profitable for those with short lists (500 subscribers or less).

AWeber offers all of its features with every plan, unlike other platforms that add features and capabilities for plans at various price points.

Pricing is solely determined by how many subscribers you have on your list. Therefore, whether you have 20 contacts or 20,000 contacts, you will receive the same features.

Free Email Marketing Tools

Best Email Marketing Software For You
  1. HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot, which is probably best known for its marketing automation platform, recently introduced a free email marketing tool that can meet many of the transactional email requirements of a small business.

HubSpot Email Marketing’s free version can be used to send kickback emails from lead offers, thank you emails following purchases, or simply to advertise current campaigns. The simplicity of use of HubSpot’s free email tool is one of its best features. The tool includes a convenient drag-and-drop visual editor and pre-made templates to help you get started right away.

Naturally, the native integration of HubSpot Email Marketing with other HubSpot tools, like the free-for-life CRM, is what sets it apart. Upon opening an account,

  1. Sender

One of the top free email marketing tools available, Sender has features to guarantee deliverability. It enables HTML-illiterate users to create visually stunning newsletters. Simply select a template and add components like images, videos, and text to make it your own. To make an even greater impact, you can even make your newsletters personalized for each reader.

One of the main reasons Sender is on our list is because of its powerful analytics feature. You can use it to keep track of things like who opened your emails, when they were opened, and who clicked on the links. It even enables you to create precise buyer profiles based on the actions of your subscribers, enabling you to improve your current email marketing strategy and create offers that are appealing.

  1. Sendinblue

A platform for marketing communications called Sendinblue includes tools for email marketing in addition to other features like building landing pages and managing customer relationships. Sendinblue’s email design features make it simple to create a beautiful email with their selection of over 70 design templates. Additionally, each of these templates is responsive, and you can view the results before publishing to make sure your design will appear as you intend it to on any screen size.

After creating your email, you can use features like A/B testing and segmented recipient lists to eliminate the guesswork and manual labor involved in campaign optimization and audience targeting.

  1. Omnisend

All of your communication platforms are integrated into Omnisend, a sophisticated ecommerce marketing platform. Only email is included in its free plan, but that is more than enough to support small and medium businesses’ email marketing campaigns. It enables you to easily time your communications based on the convenience of your customers and automate email delivery using behavioral triggers.

Best Email Marketing Software For You

You can send out more pertinent email marketing messages by utilizing its thorough audience insights. Use time-saving tools like the Product Picker, which allows you to choose all the products you want to include in your email, to create eye-catching newsletters. To further improve the effectiveness of your emails, you can also include gift boxes, scratch cards, and discount coupon codes.

  1. SendPulse

Although SendPulse promotes itself as a multi-channel marketing platform, email marketing is still the most widely used function. There are numerous expertly designed email templates included with it, and a drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to customize them. On the basis of user behavior, an event trigger, and other factors, you can then configure these customized emails to be automatically sent out at the appropriate time.

The SendPulse subscriber rating feature is a great tool for determining which of your subscribers are worth the most. It enables you to examine each subscriber’s open and click rates as well as their read and unread rates. You can even set replaceable text fields to add your name, gender, age, job title, and date of birth to your emails.

  1. Benchmark Email

To create responsive emails that look great on any device, Benchmark Email is a fantastic option for an email marketing tool. You can even edit the image on the platform if you need to add it to your email as an attachment. To effectively convey your message, you can add effects, stickers, and text using the email editor.

You can select from a huge selection of pre-designed templates based on the type, industry, and occasion. For those who are more knowledgeable about HTML, you can create emails from scratch using the code editor. The dual view feature makes it easier to create emails by allowing you to see your email design as you edit it.

Best Email Marketing Software 2022

Best Email Marketing Software For You
  1. Campaigner

Check out Campaigner if you’re looking for a tool to assist you with marketing via various channels. Advanced email marketing automation is one of its many useful features. You can use it to personalize every aspect of your emails, track conversions, nurture prospects, and create email workflows.

It offers hundreds of ready-made, responsive templates if you just need assistance with email design. There are a fair number of templates available on most email marketing platforms, so this isn’t really a differentiating feature. However, Campaigner adds value by including a sophisticated template management system with restricted access and tagging features to organize your templates, which is especially helpful if you’re working with a larger team.

  1. Omnisend

Omnisend is a comprehensive platform for email marketing automation that also serves eCommerce businesses. It gives you the ability to improve your newsletters and increase sales using segmentation, automated emails, and the potential of SMS. To help deliver streamlined buyer engagements, it includes pre-built automations for cart abandonment, welcome series, and transactional emails.

Key characteristics:

  • Using a library of templates, you can quickly and easily create stunning, professional emails without any coding. You can then modify them to fit your brand, add products, include dynamic discount codes, and save them for use in future campaigns.
  • For every stage of your customer journey, an automations library with pre-built workflows is available.
  • Targeting by segment that can be applied to campaigns and automations on every channel Omnisend supports.
  1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a single platform that supports a variety of business communication channels, including chat, email, facebook, SMS, and more. The company’s goal is to assist businesses in fulfilling their customers’ needs. They assist you in concentrating on the crucial tasks while automating the rest. Using its email builder, you can quickly produce emails with a professional appearance, but the power of the platform lies in the way its features work together. You can put together smarter and more persuasive email campaigns with chat, SMS marketing, Inbox, CRM, and automations. Retargeting contacts and generating new leads are both made possible by Facebook Ads functionality that is built-in.

  1. SMTP

Compared to a lot of the other email tools on our list, SMTP’s solutions are more narrowly focused. It’s all about delivery rather than providing you with a number of tools to aid in the visual aspects of creating marketing emails. In order to send and track large volumes of emails, you can rely on SMTP’s reasonably priced SMTP relay (short for simple mail transfer protocol, the industry-standard communication protocol for sending emails) and email delivery services. Utilizing their safe and dependable email delivery platform, it sends billions of emails each month, assisting in ensuring that the emails are actually delivered. After all, that ought to be the main objective of any email marketing campaign. It is a fantastic tool for transactional emails as well. It will start automated and transactional processes.

  1. EmailOctopus

The goal of EmailOctopus, a well-known email marketing software platform, is to offer email marketing that is easier to use, more intuitive, and more cost-effective than its rivals.

It provides pre-made templates that you can edit using a drag-and-drop editor, or you can start from scratch with your emails. A landing page builder with all the tools you need to generate leads and expand your email list is also included in the app. Agile brands are attracted by integrations. Numerous of your current applications, such as Shopify, Gravity Forms, and WordPress, easily integrate with EmailOctopus and make it a desirable tool, particularly for businesses with aspirational objectives.


Creating a successful MailChimp list is easy with the help of MailChimp. You can add items to your list using the Add Item button, and then use the Menu to add more details about your listing. You can also use the Upload Tool to add new listings. By following these simple steps, you can create a list that’s perfect for your business.

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