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Best Email Marketing Subject Lines

You’ve been hosting your blog for a while now, and you’re feeling confident about it. Your audience is growing, and your email list is healthy. But there are still some things you need to do to make sure your email marketing is on point. Here’s a quick guide on the Best Email Marketing Subject Lines, email subject lines for students, funny email subject lines and best email subject lines for sales.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a type of communication that uses electronic mail to send messages to recipients. Email newsletters, social media blogs, and other forms of email marketing may be used in order to promote a product or service. Email marketing can be used for a number of purposes such as increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, increasing customer conversion rates, or increasing the reach of a company’s message.

How Does Email Marketing Work

Email marketing works by using automated text messages (e-mails) to send out information about a product or service to people who have registered with the sender’s email list. The e-mails are designed to encourage people to buy the product or use the service. The sender then pays the recipient for these transactions through PayPal or another payment system.

How to Make the Most of Email Marketing

One of the most important aspects of effective email marketing is ensuring that your e-mails are clear and concise. Your e-mail should also provide useful information about the product or service being promoted, including images and videos if available. You should also make sure that your e-mails are timely and relevant, so that customers will be interested in learning more about your product or service before they make a purchase.

Best Email Marketing Subject Lines

  • “Google believes Oreo will be a smartphone hero. The Daily Crunch is here. : A newsletter called TechCrunch informs readers of the most recent stories and technological advancements. Consequently, using the phrase “daily crunch” keeps you up to date on information about technology, so you are aware that you need to read it.
  • “Where to Drink Beer Now” (sent on a Wednesday at 6:45 AM): Eater Boston’s timing couldn’t have been better. This can be the ideal thing to wake up to and relax a little after a hectic midweek day.
  • “Uh-oh, your prescription is about to expire”: Using colloquial expressions like “uh-oh” makes people anxious about missing out. Here, Warby Parker employed this claim to entice clients to purchase eyeglasses. This follow-up email’s subject line is incredibly original.
  • In contrast to our nephew, Steve, the deals from “Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make Us Proud”: The interest of readers can be piqued with a witty or sarcastic line. And Groupon makes the best use of this tactic.
  • “Don’t Open This Email”: When something is forbidden, we are more likely to read the email’s contents out of curiosity. Manicube used this as the subject line for their marketing email. Use this subject line only if the reader is already familiar with your brand or service. Otherwise, they might just block you!
  • What Prisoners Consume DO NOT COMMIT These Atrocities on Instagram. The reader is always encouraged to anticipate exciting content by catchy language. This and other intriguing subject lines are used by Thrillist to draw readers in.
  • Black Friday shoppers are the worst customers, according to a LinkedIn Pulse newsletter that was promoting a piece on holiday marketing written by one of its users. The reader is drawn in by interesting facts and figures to the email.
  • “10 Weird Money Habits Increasing Millennial Wealth”: Leading subject lines will always compel the reader to learn more about the topic. To increase the appeal of their email marketing subject lines to their subscribers, Refinery29 uses leading subject lines.
  • BuzzFeed is renowned for its original and intriguing content. To make it friendly and conversational, they occasionally combine the subject line and preview text. The preview text that came after this, for instance, read, “Okay, WHO left the passive-aggressive sticky note on my fridge? Who actually behaves in this manner?
  • Is this the marketing industry’s hottest job? In order to pique readers’ interest, Digital Marketer used this enticing subject line.
  • Alert for Free (Cool!) Clothes Emojis and other visual elements are used by Clover to entice readers to open emails. Use this only when necessary and in moderation.
  • You available on Thursday at noon PST? Mary Fernandez used personalization to connect with both potential readers and current followers. The recipient will be more likely to open the email if it is personalized and makes them feel special.
  • “For you, 1,750 points. Flowers for Valentine’s Day and more for them. This line will make you curious about the recipient of the flowers as soon as you read it. You should read the body as a result. Such cryptic follow-up email subject lines are excellent and draw readers in.
  • The e-commerce website Etsy was able to promote a product based only on color under the slogan “Rock the color of the year.” Of course we’ll be curious to find out what “the color of the year” is.
  • Direct newsletter subject lines are also effective on occasion. For instance, “Eye on the [Company Name] Update (Oct. 31-Nov. 4)” or “[Company Name] May 2005 News Bulletin!”
  • “As You Wish”: UncommonGoods is aware of its target audience and tailors its emails to suit their interests or wish lists. The Princess Bride is the inspiration for this subject line.
  • CopyHackers appeals to one of your anxieties or pain points by saying, “Everything you wanted to know about email copy but were too afraid to ask.”
  • These retargeting email subject lines, such as “The price dropped for something in your cart,” may entice you to revisit your cart or finish some unfinished purchases.
  • Get this NOW before it’s gone, only tonight: Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO, is a difficult thing to overcome. This is used by Violet Grey as an added incentive to raise email open rates.
  • A successful email campaign should not only boost sales but also offer customers value, as in the case of the subject line “New Video: (Topic)”.

Best Email Subject Lines For Sales

  1. A query regarding [goal]

This subject line is purposefully ambiguous. The prospect is informed that it is relevant to a goal they have, but is compelled to open the email to find out more.

Remember that in order to use this one, you must have a solid grasp of the objectives and problems of your prospect.

By adding the prospect’s name or the name of their business to the subject line, you can personalize it and increase its effectiveness.

  1. Hello, [name] and [question]?

This one is a little more personalized because the subject line includes the prospect’s name. Since it includes your actual query, it is also more direct.

Keep in mind that most prospects won’t be ready to buy when you contact them. The simplicity of this subject line increases the likelihood that the appropriate prospects will open and respond to your email.

  1. Hello there, [Name]!

This is the electronic equivalent of a handshake. It works well for low-pressure emails where the only purpose is to introduce the prospect to you or your business without making any requests.

To make it even more informal, you can add an emoji to this one.

  1. Situation at [Name of the Company]

This email’s subject line clearly states what the message is about and that it relates to the prospect’s business. The [Situation] portion needs to be related to the problem that your product or service solves.

Keep in mind that this email is on the more formal side when writing the remainder of it.

  1. [Mutual connection] advised me to get in touch

Mentioning the prospect in the subject line can significantly increase the likelihood that your email will be opened if you both know each other.

The name of the shared connection will be the first thing they notice, which will aid in catching their interest.

The relationship the prospect has with that person will determine how effective this type of subject line is.

They will be more likely to respond to your email if it comes from a close friend than from a former coworker they didn’t get along with.

  1. Brief inquiry regarding [Company name]

This subject line makes it clear to the potential customer that responding to your email won’t require a lot of their time. It demonstrates your familiarity with their business.

Keep your word when writing the remaining portions of the email, keep it brief, and make sure your question is simple to answer.

By including the prospect’s first name, you can further personalize this message.

  1. In [X] weeks, fix your [pain point]

This strong subject line communicates that you are aware of the prospect’s problem and have a solution. However, since it sounds sales-y, some potential customers may be turned off by it.

When you tell them that you can solve their problem within [X] weeks, you can really pique their interest and encourage them to open and interact with your email.

If you choose to use this subject line, you must demonstrate to prospects that you have a detailed strategy to address their problem.

  1. Initial steps toward alleviating [pain point]

This subject line, like the one before it, conveys your understanding of the prospect’s problem and your ability to assist them in solving it. They are more apt to open your email when you include the “First steps” section.

If you choose to use this subject line, make sure the email contains some useful information (don’t make scheduling a call with you the “first step”).

  1. [Your business] x [Prospect’s business]

This one works really well if your business is well-known within the sector, but it might not be the best option if you work for a small business.

It makes it crystal clear that you’re recommending a partnership between your business and the prospect’s business. If you do decide to use it, make sure the email’s body focuses on how the prospect’s business will profit from working with you.

  1. Let down by [pain point]?

Immediately addressing the prospect’s pain point can be very effective. You are more likely to receive an open and a reply if you conducted thorough research and found a prospect who is experiencing the pain point you mention in the subject line.

In the email body, be sure to convey your understanding of the prospect’s issue and how you can assist.

Email Subject Lines For Students

  • Two months prior, stop sending the first email.

It is advised to send your first email two months before the opening so that parents can start getting ready and preparing.

  • Apply emojis

Emojis make your subject line more appealing and increase click through rates. This is a fantastic email marketing strategy that raises the open rate to 56%.

  • Don’t Forget The Delinquents

Don’t forget about them because we always have parents around who put off doing their chores until the last minute. One day before the institute reopens, send your final back-to-school email.

  • Assisting parents in making purchases

You must make the email useful for parents, especially when making purchases. Make sure to respond to frequently asked questions and let your audience know they can contact you at any time.

  • Make sure the subject line is intriguing

Without a doubt, captivating subject lines draw us in and keep us attached to the entire email. Therefore, create enticing email subject lines for both parents and students in order to get their attention.

  • Don’t go overboard

You are all aware that nowadays, less is more. Make sure you are not stretching the truth when writing the email. Keep your message clear and succinct because lengthy emails cause recipients to click less frequently on their subsequent emails.

Funny Email Subject Lines

  1. Screw it, let’s just give everyone free stuff (Chubbies)

I consider Chubbies, a manufacturer of men’s shorts, to be one of the funniest companies around. You can see what I’m referring to by visiting their Instagram page.

Their brand is built on humor, and based on how engaged their audience is, it has been successful for them. The fact that Chubbies has seamlessly incorporated humor into their email marketing campaigns should not be a surprise.

The subject line “Screw it, let’s just give everyone free stuff” was the ideal way to announce Chubbies’ “Julyber Monday,” during which they offered free merchandise for a full 12-hour period.

  1. C’mon, it’s Friday and You’re Killing Time Anyway (RebelsMarket)

Let’s be real here. By Friday afternoon, the majority of us have mentally checked out of our jobs and businesses. We struggle to concentrate on the current task because we already have one foot in the weekend.

This subject line from the alternative clothing retailer RebelsMarket speaks to this phenomenon. Fun and playful language like “C’mon, It’s Friday and You’re Killing Time Anyway” entices readers to open the email and view the offer.

When they open it, they discover some of RebelsMarket’s best sunglasses as well as some humorous text that reads, “On a serious note…

These choices go well with your budget.

  1. Hey, We Need to Talk… (Missguided)

Regardless of how fantastic your email marketing campaign is, many subscribers will eventually lose interest and interact with your content less and less as time goes on.

They might even reach the point where they never again open your emails. Every e-commerce brand should therefore have a po

tent win-back email available at all times.

This one from women’s clothing retailer Missguided is the ideal illustration of how to do that.

It’s pretty funny to use the subject line “Hey, We Need to Talk,” but readers would expect to hear that from their partner during a time of relationship strife rather than from an e-commerce company.

  1. “I’ll call you later.” “Don’t call me later, call me Dad.” (Mack Weldon)

A dad joke, defined as “a wholesome joke of the type said to be told by fathers with a punchline that is often an obvious or predictable pun or play on words and usually judged to be endearingly corny or unfunny,” is what this subject line would fall under.

Dad jokes are generally considered to be cringe-worthy, but many people still enjoy them. I am sure I do. Mack Weldon, a high-end menswear company, apparently agrees because they used this incredibly awesome dad joke as the subject line for one of their emails.

  1. Are You a Genius? You Could Be. (Dollar Shave Club)

By this point, almost everyone is familiar with Dollar Shave Club. They have a reputation for producing high-quality razors, streamlining the grooming process, and having excellent sense of humor.

In actuality, their 2012 advertisement with the slogan “Our Blades Are F***ing Great” is what made them famous.

Tips for Successful Email Marketing.

One of the most important aspects of successful email marketing is using your email campaigns to generate revenue. By using effective content, appealing design, and engaging messaging, you can help your customers stay engaged and continue buying your products or services.

Optimize Your Email Campaign

To reach the most potential customers, you need to optimize your email campaign for success. You can do this by identifying key focuses (such as product information or price comparisons) and designing email campaigns that hit those keys hard. Additionally, make sure to send out relevant newsletters and other notices regularly to keep your customers informed about your latest sales updates and offers.

Get More Out of Email Marketing

By using email marketing to create valuable customer relationships and drive traffic back to your website or social media pages, you can maximize the value of each interaction with your customer base. Use offers, notifications, and other communication tactics to get people interested in what you have to offer before they even open an email!


Email marketing is an effective way to reach a wider audience and boost sales. By using effective email campaigns and optimization techniques, you can increase your revenue and reach new customers. With the right tools in place, success is guaranteed.

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