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Best Email Plugin For Woocommerce

Choosing the best email plugin for Woocommerce is not an easy choice. There are a lot of different things that factor into it. It’s not about just choosing an email plugin for Woocommerce that talks about analytics and reports, but also one which will actually help you increase your sales, conversion rates and bring more people back to your store on a recurring basis.

Every eCommerce store should have email marketing as part of its strategy that I have understood, it gives them a great opportunity to engage with their customers even on the days that they are not browsing the stores. With all this, the best email plugin for Woocommerce is essential for boosting your sales by generating quality leads and nurturing them in order for them to eventually convert into a buyer.

Why Customize Your WordPress Emails?

Customizing the WooCommerce emails has become a crucial part of user engagement. The default WooCommerce email templates had become boring. As the technology updates and new features arrive, it becomes necessary to implement customized templates.

When the emails are customized, it offers many benefits over users like increased brand awareness, trust, and many more. It can also help the store owners to strengthen the customer relationship.

While using the regular email, the store owners cannot detail their brand details to the customers in an apt way. But at the same time, the customized email lets them deliver their business details in a layout that matches your brand style.

Therefore, it is essential to customize your emails as per the brand style and customer preferences. It increases the conversion rate and reduces the chance of low interactivity. When the conversion rate and interactivity increases, then automatically, the profit level of the business starts rising.

Now let’s take a look at 8 of the best free and premium WooCommerce email customizer plugins to install when you build an online store with WooCommerce.

YayMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer

YayMail Pro - WooCommerce Email Customizer

YayMail WooCommerce Email Customizer is a feature-rich plugin that offers a drag-and-drop email builder. Like with Elementor and Gutenberg, you can easily add any element or section to your email and customize it your own way by drag-and-drop.

The free version is available in the WordPress repository, while the single site license will cost you $59. With the pro version, you will get advanced features and functions.

Prominent Features

  • A live preview editing option that helps you save time without reloading the page.
  • Numerous shortcodes are available to add more functionalities to your email.
  • It offers eleven WooCommerce default email templates.
  • There are separate YAYMAIL Addons that will help you add powerful functions like YITH gift cards, YITH membership, Yith wishlist, and more.

 Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer

Decorator - WooCommerce Email Customizer

Decorator is a free WooCommerce emails plugin developed by Web Toffee. With this plugin, you can quickly edit your default emails and customize your template designs. If you are looking for a lightweight and simple email editing solution with no other functionalities, then Decorator is the right choice.

Prominent Features

  • The plugin offers a simple layout and design that makes your editing process effortless.
  • You can easily customize your element styles.
  • You can freely customize it with custom CSS as well.
  • It offers a live preview email customizing option that saves your time.

 WooCommerce Email Customizer

The WooCommerce team designed this Email Customizer plugin, so it is one of the better options in terms of functionality. If you want to customize your emails but still fit with the WooCommerce style, then this plugin is a good choice.

WooCommerce Email Customizer

WooCommerce aims to keep things simple for customers and businesses that use their platform. This simplicity can also be found in the WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin, and so it may not be suitable if you want to make a lot of changes to the default emails. However, if you are looking to keep things simple, then this is a perfect choice.

Some of the notable features of this plugin are:

  • All default emails can be customized with their own design
  • The customizer makes use of drag and drop
  • You do not need any coding knowledge

 Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer

Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer

Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer is a popular email customizer plugin that lets you quickly edit the style and text of all core WooCommerce emails. This uses the native WordPress customizer interface to edit email content and templates without reloading the page.

Prominent Features

  • It’s a free WordPress plugin.
  • You can easily import and export settings.
  • It offers numerous pre-built email designs.
  • You can edit your email templates with a live preview.


MailPoet Emails & Newsletters


The Mailpoet plugin is designed for use with both WordPress and WooCommerce. It helps you to create emails, newsletters, notifications, etc.

This plugin allows the user to bring out the emails that match their brand. The drag and drop editing makes the customization easier. All the significant editings like fonts, colors, and other factors can be managed with the plugin.

In case you are trying to boost the quality of the email marketing strategy, then Mailpoint is an ideal choice for you. Also, it can be said as an all-in-one pack for the email marketing strategy.

Special Features

  • Automation and segmentation options
  • Easy drag and drop customization
  • Adding images
  • All-in-one pack for email marketing

 Visual Email Designer For WooCommerce

Visual Email Designer For WooCommerce


The Visual Email Designer for WooCommerce by Smackcodes lets you design an email with a simple drag and drop method. And with the plugin, you can even create your emails as per the order status.

Besides the free version, the plugin also includes a premium version with a broader number of features than the free version. The Visual Email Designer For the WooCommerce plugin saves the work instantly and helps you to retrieve the unsaved works.

The plugin also includes a custom product delivered status and corresponding email template that you can customize and make the customers know that their products have been delivered safely.

Email preview, adding a brand logo, unique fonts, and changing the background color are some of the plugin features.

Special Features

  • Simple drag and drop method
  • Different customization methods like adding images, links, header, and much more
  • Able to customize emails based on the category and product
  • Helps you to send product-based and category-based emails.
  • Option to sign in the email electronically

YITH WooCommerce Email Templates

yith woocommerce email templates

YITH WooCommerce Email Templates is a premium WooCommerce email template plugin that lets you modify your WooCommerce emails and deliver stylish email templates. It offers various flexible and fantastic features that are specially designed to enhance your email customizing process.

Prominent Features

  • Four email layouts will let you easily embed the stunning styles.
  • There are numerous email styles options like typography, colors, and more.
  • You can add your desired logo in the header of your emails.
  • You can make your emails more clickable by adding customized links.

Email Customizer Pro

This WooCommerce Email Customizer Pro plugin transforms your default WooCommerce order emails into unique, fully-branded messages. Customize email templates – text, colors, header, footer, and others. Make your emails stand out, and provide clear content and calls to action.

Email Customizer Pro review.

Email Customizer Pro gives you professionally designed ready-made templates and flexibility to customize these templates using the WordPress Customizer. No coding required whatsoever.

Some of the notable features of this plugin are:

  • Customize WooCommerce emails and all eleven WooCommerce email templates.
  • Add your own content – text, image, video, links, etc.
  • Customize using HTML/CSS.
  • Show product recommendations within the emails and boost your sales.
  • Send test emails to see how the emails will look on the customer’s end, and tweak as needed.
  • Live preview.
  • Mobile responsive.
  • Compatible with the Smart Coupons extension, WordPress, and all the WordPress themes that support WooCommerce.

 SIP Advanced Email Rules for WooCommerce 


  • Flexible & Customizable
  • Tons of shortcodes
  • Excellent support


  • Premium plugin (paid)

SIP Advanced Email Rules for WooCommerce is a fully featured plugin for adding custom email rules to your WooCommerce store. The plugin allows you to send follow up emails on different criteria like the total amount, tax, weight, quantity, shipping, location, product name, category, etc. Once you have set the rules, the plugin will trigger the emails without any manual intervention.

When using the plugin, you can create follow up emails from the regular post editor. Therefore, you can apply various formatting and styling. There are lots of custom shortcodes to dynamically add the customer name, shop name, URL, order number, URL, item details, coupon, etc.

You can purchase the single site license of this plugin for $29. If you are not using SIP Advanced Email Rules for WooCommerce, you are leaving money on the table. While WooCommerce’s default emails are great, they are too basic for most store owners.

This nifty plugin can help you set up re-order reminders, up-sells, cross-sells, product rating reminders, store notices and all kind of follow-ups! Imagine the kind of ROI you can get on your $29 investment.

If you are running a physical products business, this plugin is a must-have.

Woo Email Control


The default WooCommerce email templates don’t allow you to add images in the body. Woo Email Control solves that problem for you. This free plugin allows you to embed or attach product images in your email messages. The plugin also helps you to customize the email header image.

Once you have added the product images, you can test the output on your browser or use real data to send test emails to your email address. Along with the default templates, the plugin also works with the custom templates, provided that the templates include the right hooks.


Emailor – Advanced Drag & Drop Email Templates for WooCommerce

Emailor is an amazing plugin that enables you to create custom emails without writing a single line of code. You just need to drag and drop the elements, like text and images, onto the email template. Thanks to the built-in drag and drop builder.

Emailor comes with ready-made email templates, like New Order and Customer Invoice. So, you can get started quickly and create new emails with just a few clicks. Also, all the elements are fully customizable. You can use shortcodes to personalize the email.

Emailor costs you $29/year for a single website. For up to 5 sites, the annual fee is $34. For the unlimited number of sites, you will have to pay $39/year.


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