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Best Email Service For Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to email list services for affiliate marketers, many if not all platforms cost a pretty penny. However, there are some email automation companies that are on the cheaper side — which we’re going to look at in detail shortly.

Finding a good email service provider is hard, but if you choose the wrong one you’re in trouble. Some providers will charge you an arm and a leg while others won’t even deliver messages to your contacts. Referral Candy offers some of the best affiliate marketing tools I’ve come across and they’ve got an affordable email service that’s reliable.

Why Building an Email List Is Important for Your Ecommerce Site

Simply put, a subscriber list contains email addresses that you have permission to contact on a regular basis. This list is fully yours. You have complete ownership.

A key benefit of building an email list that you can direct the majority of your marketing efforts there. This allows you to streamline the marketing process.

However, you’ll likely see two additional benefits:

  1. Increased income. You can use your email list as a way to offer special deals or promote your latest products. A connection between you and your subscribers will also make sales more likely.
  2. Improved site traffic. An email list enables you to send alerts to subscribers, including content notifications. This can result in a higher amount of targeted traffic to your site.

What’s more, your email marketing can be improved by using a plugin such as Easy Affiliate. This all-in-one affiliate program management plugin integrates with all the platforms below, enabling you to work with your email list within the tool itself.


Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing and automation platform that provides a straightforward way for users to create, automate and personalize their email campaigns. Moreover, the platform includes lead generation tools, such as subscription forms and a landing pages builder, and other useful tools like Refine, the subject line optimizer.

Moosend best affiliate email marketing program

Commission Rate and Type: 30% Lifetime Recurring

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Payout Method: PayPal + Stripe

Best Feature: 30% Lifetime Commissions

Signup for free here: Moosend Affiliates

Moosend is among the top-rated affiliate programs that can bring you one step closer to passive income with its lifetime recurring commission model. Specifically, affiliate partners earn a 30% lifetime recurring commission for every monthly or pay-as-you-go plan that your referrals purchase.

So, you keep making money for as long as your contacts remain paid customers. But wait! It gets better! In case your contacts decide to upgrade their plan, you earn an extra commission. The more they upgrade, the more your commissions increase. Moreover, even if your contacts decide to go for the free trial, you’ll get your commission when they upgrade.

Regarding cookie duration, Moosend gives you a 90-day cookie. So, if your contacts purchase within 3 months, the commission is yours. Moosend’s affiliate email marketing program is hosted on Partnerstack and you get a user-friendly affiliate dashboard. What’s more, Moosend’s team is always there to support you with SEO assistancecomparison one-pagers, and ready-made creatives to save you time.

Finally, Moosend approves payments within the first 20 working days of the next month. Reach the $25 minimum threshold and claim your commission through the PayPal or Stripe address linked to your account.

Overall, Moosend’s affordable pricing and established brand name make the program a must, since it’s easy to promote and conversion rates are high.


Stripo is an email design platform allowing you to design responsive email templates fast without having any HTML skills. From design ideas to gamification and quiz elements, Stripo helps you create emails of any complexity, including interactive, real-time, and AMP content.

Stripo email marketing program for affiliates

Commission Rate and Type: 25% Lifetime Recurring

Cookie Duration: 120 days

Payout Method: PayPal

Best Feature: 120-day cookie

Signup: Stripo Affiliate Program

Stripo’s affiliate partners receive a 25% recurring commission off every payment their referral makes. This practically means that you can earn from $3 to $55 monthly for 1 referred account, $30 to $550 for 10 accounts, and so on.

Stripo provides a generous 120-day cookie window to close the sale and get a commission. Payouts are processed on a monthly basis and there is a $100 minimum threshold that you must reach to get paid. Stripo sends commissions exclusively through PayPal.

The affiliate email marketing program uses Firstpromoter’s platform featuring convenient dashboards that allow affiliates to track clicks, sign-ups, and payments by their referral link. The program has a last-click attribution model that a lot of people find better.

Moreover, Stripo equips you with a wide range of promotional materials to nail the affiliate program and their support team is ready to answer any questions you may have or to provide you with extra materials.


GetResponse is a marketing and email solution combining features like marketing automation, landing pages, email marketing, and auto-funnels. Through this comprehensive marketing platform, users can create content, boost sales, and increase traffic.

Getresponse partner program email marketing

Commission Rate and Type: $100/sale Flat or 33% Recurring

Cookie Duration: 120 days

Payout Method: Check, ACH, Eurotransfer

Best Feature: Two different commission models to choose

Signup: GetResponse Affiliates

GetResponse’s affiliate program provides two different ways for bloggers, eCommerce vendors, and small businesses to create an additional income stream. You can choose between a flat $100 commission for every sale of a paid account and a recurring 33% commission. So, the first one applies to people who want to get paid quickly, while the latter provides a passive income stream.

With GetResponse you get a lengthy 120-day cookie to close the sale. Moreover, as soon as you join the program, you get access to free promotional materials such as videos, banners, and sales copy that you can use to boost your affiliate efforts.

You can earn unlimited affiliate commissions on all sign-ups and you don’t need to pay any fees to join. Payments are issued on a monthly basis and payout methods include a check, ACH, or Eurotransfer.

Last but not least, GetResponse provides its partners with dedicated affiliate support and business advice from their affiliate manager.


EmailOctopus is a simple and affordable email marketing service popular with small businesses, nonprofits, and individual creators. Unlike some of the other ESPs on the market, EmailOctopus is affiliate-friendly, too, making it an excellent choice for affiliate marketers and bloggers looking to promote affiliate links.

EmailOctopus is an easy sell thanks to its affordable prices, ease of use, and excellent customer service. And as an affiliate partner, you get access to a wealth of marketing materials and content ideas.

Earn 30% recurring commission for 12 months when you refer new customers to EmailOctopus


Sendy is an email marketing service that utilizes Amazon SES to send trackable emails while insanely reducing the price.

You’d promote Sendy to your clients for a variety of reasons. First of all, it pays out your commission within just 24 hours of closing a sale, which is the fastest ever.

You can earn $12 straight to your PayPal account for every qualified sale made within 60 days of clicking your affiliate link. All they ask you is to become a user of their service before joining their affiliate program so that you’re a legitimate advocate of their service.


Pocket a lifetime 30% commission when you promote MailerLite to your audience.

Recommending MailerLite to your audience would be one of the smoothest promotions you’ll run because it’s a service that has every feature covered in compact plans. Given that they have a free plan as well, your referred visitors won’t have a hard time deciding whether to sign up or not.

Besides, you get professional promotional assets and dedicated partner support to make things a lot easier.


mailchimp homepage

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services available – and for good reason!

The service offers an array of features that make email marketing that much easier, including custom autoresponders, professionally designed email templates, a wealth of analytics and email tracking (including full integration with Google Analytics), segmentation options, and much more.

In addition, you’re also able to easily collect signups on your website via an embeddable form, and track subscriber interactions. Both are essential for a thriving email list.

MailChimp is a freemium service in that it offers a completely free tier allowing 2,000 subscribers and one audience. Paid plans start at $9.99 per month.


aweber homepage

If you’re in need of a beginner-friendly email marketing service, AWeber could fit the bill.

Its drag-and-drop email editor is the star of the show, but it has many other features, including autoresponder follow ups, subscriber segmentation, embeddable sign up forms, and mobile apps to help collect signups wherever you are.

What really sets AWeber apart from its competitors is its wide selection of email templates.

With over 700 options to choose from, AWeber beats out many solutions on the market. Although some templates have a slightly dated look, there’s likely going to be something suitable for your next campaign.

AWeber offers a free subscription allowing up to 500 subscribers. Paid plans start at $16.15 per month.


convertkit homepage

If you happen to be a more on the right-brained side, ConvertKit is an email marketing tool designed with you in mind.

Built for creators who don’t want to waste time dealing with the technical side of things, ConvertKit will enable you to build beautiful landing pages to share your ideas on the fly.

The tool will also help you write the kind of engaging and imaginative emails necessary to connect with the people on your list.

ConvertKit‘s features include email capture forms, broadcasts, beautiful templates, autoresponders, tagging, and advanced email automation workflows.

ConvertKit offers a freemium plan, as well as two upgraded tiers starting at $29 per month for 1,000 subscribers. The two upgraded plans increase in price according to the number of subscribers.


Being an affiliate marketer, you have to be able to trust the email services you are using. One day, that email service can run out of business and leave you feeling sadly lost. That’s why you should start making your choices smartly today.

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