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Best Email Service For Sending Mass Emails

Aren’t you wondering what is the best email service for sending mass emails? It’s not expensive to send emails these days. You don’t even need a website to send an email. You just sign up for an account at a service like MailChimp and you’re good to go. But, there are some considerations you should make before starting your free trial with MailChimp or another big email company. For example, did you know that does not allow bulk emails? Most people don’t realize this. Also, there is no track record behind MailChimp and something could happen in the future where they suddenly close their doors without notice.

Sending mass emails can be challenging as you don’t want spam complaints and you don’t want to resort to templates or emails that now seem like what your grandparents talk about. Also, with so much competition out there it’s important to stand out from the crowd, but most importantly you want to get people to take action. This is why I’ve crafted together this email service comparison guide. After using AWeber and MailChimp I’ve gone ahead and given you my honest opinion on both such as: -What is AWeber -What is MailChimp -What are their plans -How much do they cost -What features do they have -Who would use either of these email service providers

How to Choose the Best Mass Email Service?

For any business, it’s very upsetting to know that the mass emails don’t reach their subscribers. Yes, surprisingly a lot of times such emails land up in spam instead! So it’s important that you chalk out a strategy before choosing a bulk email sender so that you get the best one suitable according to your requirements, infrastructure and budget.

Here are a few things that you can keep in mind to create more revenue from your customers. 

1. Check Your Subscription Process

Verification of the email-Ids is important as it prevents your email from being marked as spam. Your email subscription process should be double opt-in. The approval of the email users receiving the promotional emails is necessary, otherwise, a single opt-in process would lead to either unsubscription, deletion of the mail, or customer marking the emails as spam.

So, Double opt-in is a big yes!

2. Segment Your Mailing List

Every email user has different needs and have to be catered accordingly. By using your CRM database you can collect the different attributes of the user, and then segregate them on the basis of the persona.It is an effective way to increase engagement and convert the subscribers into customers!  

3. Track User Behavior

Every user creates a journey or persona of their own as they use your products or services. Tracking and analyzing their spent time and type of products they are browsing, can create a highly personalized campaign for them.  

You can further place the users in 3 categories- Interested → Engaged → Re-activate. This will help you segment your customers and then target them with relevant emails.

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4. Follow Email Authentication Process

Checking for email authentication process is the major deal-breaker. The ISPs depend on these practices to filter the emails into spam. Enabling DKIM, SPF, and DMARC for your email delivering domain will make your campaign much secure.

5. Warming Up IP/Domain

Another process that is highly recommended is the warming up of IP and domain. What is that? So, before you start sending those mass emails from your domain, start the warm-up process which involves slowly increasing the volume of emails that you are sending in a day.

Also, don’t forget to monitor the engagement metrics, reputation, inbox placement rates etc. This will boost the per day volumes, create a high reputation, and ensure smooth inboxing that will help to make an email program successful without any issue.   

6. Create Neat HTML Campaign

Content is the key in any campaign, as it communicates the image of your brand to the audience. Engaging and attractive campaigns can kind of fuel the revenue growth. Here are some good practices to create attractive campaign for your audience.

  • The HTML templates should have a simple and clean design.
  • No extra CSS styling.
  • An equal proportion of text and image.
  • No commented code or map tags.

Personalization of the content also gives good results. A personal touch, like including the name of the user in the subject line can enhance audience engagement.  

7. What Is Your Mailing Domain?

Using the domain of your website is always recommended. However, if there is a certain risk involved, then you can go with the sub-domain of the main website and then build your status on it. 

Also, make sure that you don’t use the same domain for transactional and promotional communication as it will increase the chance of your important transactional emails landing right into the customer’s inbox.

Pepipost – The Most Affordable Bulk Email Service

Pepipost is one of the best cloud-based email delivery engine. It works on Artificial Intelligence that understands the behavior of the customer as it captures the minute signals from the ESPs and analyzes them. The SMTP injection servers and the API endpoints of Pepipost support TLS and HTTPS respectively thus ensuring that the emails you deliver or accept are done securely. 


  • Ensures email safety (with VAPT).
  • It offers an immediate report on the health of email delivery.
  • The tracking history can be saved upto 90 days.
  • 24/7 live chat support(They have got the Best!).

The best thing is that you get all these features and many more at a very affordable price! And that is why it comes as No.1 in our list!


Next in line we have SendGrid, which is a mass email service for sending marketing email as well as transactional emails. They are very popular and provide modern workflows and automation services, you can send automated emails using single email trigger. For a deeper and better integration, it allows you to use SMTP API or web API. 


  • The tool allows the non-technical clients to send bulk newsletters using the drag-and-drop facility.
  • Its Webhook option notifies bounces, spam reports and unsubscribes.
  • It offers real-time analytics.
  • You can use the Comma-Separated Values file to add contacts.


Sendinblue is a SaaS solution for email marketing automation. It helps you to manage your customer using your current CRM. You can use this tool to set up the design, engagement, and delivery of transactional messages.



  • You can launch Facebook add from the Sendinblue account.
  • It enables you to build your own custom landing pages.
  • This tool helps you to automate your marketing messages.
  • It provides detail statistics of your mails.
  • Sendinblue allows you to connect numerous plugins, like WordPress and Magento.

Free Trial: Yes, No credit card required
Support: Email Support, Email Support, 24/7 live chat


Keap is an email marketing automation software that offers a huge library of templates, layouts, and styles. It is one of the best bulk email service provider tools that allow you to send personalized emails based on contact segmentation.



  • It helps you to send targeted and personalized emails based on automatic contact segmentation.
  • Offers numerous ready-made templates, layouts, and styles to choose from
  • You will get real-time insight into your email marketing campaign’s performance.
  • It allows you to perform A/B testing to assess which email will be more effective before sending emails in bulk.

Free Trial: 14-day free trial. No credit card required
Support: Email Support, Call, 24/7 Live Chat


Aweber – Best for all businesses, Digital Marketing Professionals, and agencies.


Aweber is an email automation/marketing tool that arms you with all the tools you’ll need to launch a successful email marketing campaign. Thanks to a comprehensive drag-and-drop builder, tons of pre-made templates, and a plethora of free stock images, you can design emails that serve a variety of purposes within minutes.

Its automation, segmentation, and tagging features make sending emails in bulk very convenient. The tool allows you to schedule messages in order to send emails automatically at a time and date you set.

With email segmentation, you can target your emails more effectively, making sure they reach only those individuals who are likely to be interested in the message.

Furthermore, you can organize your subscribers by tag to ensure targeted messages reach the right audiences.


  • Mobile-friendly HTML email templates.
  • Over 6000 free stock images.
  • Segment emails and manage subscribers with tags.
  • Easy email scheduling.
  • A/B Testing.

Verdict: Aweber has been around for at least 2 decades now. The fact that it is still relevant and used by all types of businesses for email marketing and automation should tell you how good this software is. This is a tool you opt for if you want to design stunning landing pages and send effective emails.


Best for small to large businesses.

Omnisend Pricing: Omnisend offers three pricing plans, Free, Standard ($16 per month), Pro ($99 per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). A free trial of 14 days is available for the tool.

Omnisend Dashboard

Omnisend is an eCommerce email marketing and SMS platform. It has pre-built automations for multiple channels. The platform is easy to use and will let you drag and drop the channels in a single workflow.

It offers pre-built workflows such as Welcome Series, Product Abandonment, Cart Abandonment, Shipping Confirmation, Order Confirmation, etc.


  • Omnisend offers various features for creating professional & personalized campaigns such as email templates, drag-and-drop content editor, campaign targeting, campaign optimization, etc.
  • It offers the features of A/B Split Testing.
  • It offers multiple reporting tools such as built-in message reports, automation reports, and advanced reports.

Verdict: Omnisend has robust email marketing capabilities. Campaign reports, campaign click maps, and advanced reporting for campaigns will help you to understand the engagement of your audience with emails. In a single platform, you get the functionalities for email campaigns, SMS campaigns, and Push Notification campaigns.

 Amazon SES

Amazon SES advanced cloud-based system makes it one of the best mass email senders

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is a highly advanced, cloud-based email marketing platform that integrates easily with developer applications. Like Elastic Email, it’s an extremely scalable option that lets you pay as you go. It’s not as user-friendly as the other solutions on this list, but when it comes to deliverability, Amazon SES comes highly recommended.

You can choose between various methods for sending out email blasts, such as SMTP or SES API. This tool also integrates smoothly with other AWS services, such as AWS IAM.

Other features include:

  • Advanced email personalization options
  • Advanced dashboard with real-time analytics
  • Easy tracking of sent and delivered emails
  • Sender reputation management
  • Email testing

Amazon SES is affordable, costing only $0.10 per 1,000 emails you send.

Additionally, if you host your application with Amazon EC2, you can send up to 62,000 messages per month for free.


Sending mass e-mails is one of the best ways to stay in touch with all your customers, but you’re probably not doing it. That’s because most companies don’t have a reliable email marketing platform. That puts them at a huge disadvantage from the get-go. They lack the ability to get in touch with their customers and leads in an effective manner because what’s the point of just sending emails through the regular email system when you can easily automate and improve on that?

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