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Best Email Service For WordPress

Working with WordPress is fun, but working with email can be a pain. Even if you have a Gmail account and install JetPack, you still need to configure all the settings on your own. It’s not easy to know what getting started. In this article, I describe the best email service for WordPress, which requires no setup and 10x more powerful than WordPress’s default email system and 500x easier than the built-in interface.

I get asked this question often and who can blame them for wanting increased productivity and better email deliverability. So I decided to test all of the top email service providers with a series of different variables, so that I could pick the best email service provider for WordPress.

 HubSpot WordPress Plugin

wordpress email plugins: hubspot wordpress plugin

Sure, the HubSpot WordPress Plugin includes forms and pop-ups, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. On top of the ability to develop forms and pop-ups with a simple drag-and-drop interface, HubSpot collects submissions from any form you have on your WordPress site and automatically adds those leads into your CRM, so you can begin nurturing them into loyal customers immediately.

The plugin includes a live chat tool, so you can begin engaging with site visitors, and even generate leads off of those conversations. You can also deploy bots to answer simple questions that your visitors have, ensuring that you’re supporting your website visitors even when your team is offline.

Once someone submits their information on one of your pop-ups, you can automate a simple kickback email to get in touch with that lead and deliver the content you promised them. You can also upgrade to a paid version of Marketing Hub to begin emailing those contacts right away.

Best for: We recommend the HubSpot WordPress Plugin for anyone. Between forms, pop-ups, live chat, and a fully integrated CRM, there’s no better free email subscription plugin available for WordPress.


wordpress email plugins: mailpoet

MailPoet is one of the most popular free newsletter plugins for WordPress. To manage your subscribers, you can easily import an existing list from your CRM or another marketing automation tool, or create forms and add them to your site using widgets. Plus, the drag-and-drop email editor lets you quickly create responsive emails that look great on any device or email service.

MailPoet is free for anyone with less than 1,000 subscribers but becomes more powerful upon upgrading. Premium users can see exactly which subscribers have opened an email and what links people are clicking on within your email, among a number of other advanced features.

Best for: Those who want a popular, free, and versatile email newsletter plugin for WordPress should try MailPoet and experiment with its subscriber management, email builder, and automation tools. Those with smaller lists can leverage premium features for free as well.


wordpress email plugins: newsletter

Newsletter is an email marketing tool built specifically for WordPress, and everything you need to get started is included. The plugin allows you to add a subscription form or pop-up to your site, compose emails in a drag-and-drop builder, segment your leads using multi-list targeting, and send newsletters to distribute your blog content.

Additionally, the tool has built-in reporting, so you can see exactly how your emails are performing. You can even automate newsletters to go out on a regular cadence to ensure you are consistently engaging with your subscribers. Newsletter also integrates with other tools, such as Mailgun and Spark Post, so you can optimize your email strategy based on your needs.

Best for: The Newsletter plugin is best for WordPress bloggers looking to automate their newsletters and track performance. It’s another popular, well-received option that’s worth trying out for free.


WP Mail SMTP email plugin for WordPress

WP Mail SMTP is the best email plugin for WordPress. If you’re having issues with WordPress not sending emails at all or you have too many WordPress emails going to spam, WP Mail SMTP is the solution you need.

The plugin replaces the default wp_mail() function to improve your email deliverability. In simple terms, that means that your WordPress emails are sent through an email server instead of your web host.

The Lite version of WP Mail SMTP is the most popular SMTP plugin for WordPress. It has 2+ million active installations and an average score of 4.8/5 in reviews.

WP Mail SMTP reviews

There are 2 huge reasons why beginners love WP Mail SMTP:

  • Choice: It supports SMTP servers and email provider APIs. That means you can send WordPress email through SMTP or a separate provider like Gmail.
  • Ease of use: You can easily set up any provider or SMTP server using the Setup Wizard. So you don’t have to work through a ton of technical settings to get your emails working. And if you’d like help, we have White Glove set up service to take care of your complete WordPress SMTP settings.

SMTP Providers: WP Mail SMTP Lite vs Pro

Here’s a quick list of the email providers supported in WP Mail SMTP:

Mailers available in all versionsMailers in WP Mail SMTP Pro
SendLayerAmazon SES
SMTP.comMicrosoft 365 /
SendinblueZoho Mail
Google Workspace / Gmail
Other SMTP

If you choose to use a regular SMTP server, you can add your account in the plugin or hard code your details using constants. That means you can save your login details in a file so that you never disclose your SMTP password in WordPress.If you’re sending transactional emails, it’s best to use a provider with an API. Transactional email providers can handle much higher volumes of email compared to a basic SMTP server. Many also give you a certain number of emails each day for free, and they’re typically more secure.

WP Mail SMTP Email Logging & Tracking Features

Most SMTP plugins for WordPress only reconfigure your wp_mail() function to fix email delivery issues. WP Mail SMTP goes way beyond that.

In addition to sending email reliably, WP Mail SMTP provides extra value with super useful features. In the free version, you can:

  • Use any Gmail alias to send email from WordPress, so you can use different From emails for different forms or plugins
  • Automatically scan your DNS records to check that your email provider is set up correctly on your domain
  • Send test emails from WordPress.

And in the Pro version, you also get a ton of very advanced email tracking features like:

  • Email loggingLogs every email sent from WordPress for troubleshooting or tracking. Includes the option to log the content as well as the headers and to search your logs for specific messages.
  • Delivery status tracking: If your mailer supports it, you can see if your emails are delivered right in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Open and click tracking for WordPress email: See if individual emails were opened, and see if the links in the emails were clicked.
Open and click details in WordPress email log
  • Resend emails: Click on any email to resend or forward it, or resend a bunch of emails in bulk with a couple of clicks.
  • Email log export: Back up your email logs to CSV, EML, or XLS so you can track deliverability in any platform or tool. You can also filter the results before exporting.
  • Save attachments: Want to send email attachments from WordPress? It’s common to receive file attachments from backup plugins or contact forms. WP Mail SMTP can automatically save sent email attachments along with the email log and email body.
File attachment in WordPress email log
  • Dashboard widget: Track deliverability easily with a chart that shows emails sent, failed, and delivered (if your mailer supports the ‘delivered’ status).
  • Email controlsDisable auto-update email notifications, new user emails, and any other emails that are usually generated in WordPress.
  • Detailed Email Reports: Track your email deliverability, opens, and clicks on a graph.
  • Weekly Email Summaries: Get deliverability reports by email.
  • Multisite logging: Use SMTP on WordPress multisite and give each site its own settings page. It’s easy for the network admin to review the email log for any site.

If you need some help getting started, the Elite license includes White Glove Setup. That means the WP Mail SMTP team will get everything working with SendLayer,, or Mailgun on your site.

So if you want the most powerful email plugin for WordPress that supports some of the most trusted SMTP providers, WP Mail SMTP is the best choice.

 WP Offload SES

WP Offload SES email plugin for WordPress

WP Offload SES is a WordPress email plugin specifically for sending WordPress email through Amazon SES. It doesn’t support any other APIs or mailers.

The Lite version has 25 5-star reviews and 30,000+ active installs.

WP Offload SES reviews

WP Offload SES allows you to:

  • Route your WordPress email through SES
  • Choose your SES region in WordPress
  • Set the From address

And the Pro version adds extra features:

  • Track clicks and opens in your WordPress emails
  • Automatically or manually resend emails
  • Get email reports

If you’re having issues with AWS not sending email, know that SES isn’t the only solution.

It can make sense to use it for high-volume transactional emails because it’s affordable for AWS users. But if you don’t need the massive sending allowance, you might prefer to use an email service that’s a little simpler to configure.

Pricing: WP Offload SES Lite is free. The Pro version is priced from $99/yr and includes email support and advanced features.


Now for rankings and links, we must think about an Email Service Provider that can give us a correct list of contacts to send our newsletters. Join us to learn more and discover the best email service for your blogs.

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