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Best Emails For Realtors

Following a comprehensive survey of 500 Realtors, we’ve compiled a list of the best emails for real estate agents and the unique psychology behind them. The average realtor spends only a few seconds formatting an email. But these few seconds will determine whether the recipient opens your email or not and that determines whether you receive a reply or not.

Tired of not receiving enough leads from your website? Of all the realtor tools you use, email is one of the most powerful. Generating leads from your emails doesn’t require any special skills. It’s all about understanding how to write emails that people want to read. By following these best practices and proven strategies, you too will get a lot more leads and make more sales using simple emails.

What We Look For in Email Marketing Services for Real Estate Agents

To help you succeed as a real estate agent, you need a marketing service suited to your needs. All of the services I’ve recommended will give you the following features that compliment the real estate industry:

  • Professional templates: Eye-catching templates designed for property listings, newsletters, or information sharing will speed things up when creating an email campaign.
  • High-res images: A great real estate marketing service should support high-resolution pictures so you can show off properties with stunning photos.
  • Mobile-responsive emails: Since many of your clients will be viewing your emails on their phone, it’s an absolute must for a marketing service to support mobile-responsive emails.
  • Email list segmentation: The ability to separate clients by location, emails they’ve opened, and links they’ve clicked will help you to send targeted messages related to your clients’ interests.
  • Email personalization: Including a recipient’s name or location in your emails will help make your messages, referrals, and follow-up emails more memorable.
  • Automations: A good automation workflow should allow you to set up related messages that are sent automatically when people click links, open specific emails, or visit your website.
  • Comprehensive analytics: Insightful analytics help you learn valuable information from statistics, such as who’s responding to which strategies and where you need to up your game.

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Platforms for Realtors

Before we get into the benefits and drawbacks of various email marketing platforms for realtors, it’s important to understand the factors to consider when selecting the right platform.

  • Triggers to a real estate drip campaign

 A modern email marketing software must have a large number of built-in triggers. What is the mechanism behind the triggers? When anyone interacts with your listings via email, for example, the app will send a series of targeted messages to warm up the lead.

  • Check out the real estate email templates and the template builder.

Writing successful emails is a difficult task for many realtors. As a result, email marketing platforms that have ready-to-use, easy-to-customize email templates may be beneficial.

  • Try list builder and segmentation

Consider the list builder and segmentation options before signing up for a paid plan. These will enable you to segment your subscribers into smaller lists, allowing you to send more targeted and appropriate emails to each segment for improved results.

  • Check integrations with CRM for realtors

If the real estate newsletter mailing service you use has smooth integration with the CRM tool you use, it’s a huge plus. For a complete list of integrations available for the vendor’s applications, go to their website.

  • Check user interface

Since you don’t want to spend time digging through a 1,000-page manual, the user interface should be well-designed and simple to use.

The Importance of Email Marketing to Realtors

Instead of waiting for potential clients in your area to find you when they’re ready, you can use email marketing to cultivate a list of people who aren’t ready to buy right now but will buy in the future. And, when they need a realtor, you’ll be someone they already know and trust.

The significance of email marketing to realtors includes:

  1. Email gives you more control 

Email marketing gives you more leverage than other digital marketing channels, such as social media or digital advertising. When you post on Instagram or Facebook, for example, you can predict who will see your content and when they will see it. You can’t be certain, though.

On the other hand, your emails will be sent to your email list at a predetermined time. Thus, no perplexing algorithm will prevent your content from being seen.

  1. Email feels intimate

Email is a one-to-one communication medium. It establishes a link. Your emails can also be personalized to read like a personal letter from you. Cold leads will easily become warm leads thanks to the closeness Irom an email relationship.

  1. Every demographic uses email

Since all demographics use email, you won’t have to worry about meeting your perfect clients online if you use email. If you cater to a specific category of home buyers or sellers, or you represent the whole community, email marketing will help you succeed.

  1. You can segment your audience

One of the few marketing tools that allow you to segment your audience and send different content to each segment is email. Email segmenting means you can target different types of subscribers with content that’s useful for them.

  1. You can educate potential buyers

Homebuyers spend an average of three weeks searching for a new home before approaching a real estate agent. You establish yourself as a trustworthy expert by using email marketing to inform these buyers about the home buying process from the beginning. If these leads are unable to locate a home on their own, they will seek the assistance of a realtor. They won’t have to go any farther than their inbox, most likely.

 GetResponse – best for long sales periods

GetResponse is a perfect tool for handling long sales periods in real estate, from scouting to selling to training and customer service. Discover easy-to-use tools that offer limitless creative possibilities. You’ll be able to build smart automated campaigns, segment your subscription list, and send out content tailored to particular groups with GetResponse’s support. 

It also includes over 500 fantastic email templates, all of which are mobile-friendly. For beginners, the most basic email plan costs $15 a month. You should note that GetResponse offers a generous 30-day free trial so you can check it out before you pay.

 Constant Contact – best for small businesses

Constant Contact is ideal for sharing vibrant photos and descriptions of your property listings to generate more leads. If you want to create visually appealing emails, it is the best service provider. Their email builder is simple to use, and their embed forms are simple to use. With a few clicks on this service provider, you can even purge contacts who aren’t involved or don’t open emails. 

The segmentation and tagging tools are useful for realtors. Brokers, realtors may use it to categorize contacts based on their interest in a property or the budget they quoted. Constant Contact can also be used to draw social media shares to your addresses.

Constant Contact has been a leader in small business email marketing since its inception. They were the first to make this technology available to small business owners at a reasonable cost. Their website is jam-packed with valuable resources aimed solely at small business owners. This, paired with an easy-to-use dashboard, provides Realtors with a good picture of their email marketing’s effectiveness.

You can find real estate-specific themes on Constant Contact. And there is also the “Create Campaign” section that has useful tools. For example, you can collect survey data from the campaign screen, create open house events, expand your Facebook page, and more. These tools can be extremely beneficial when attempting to increase the amount of traffic to your real estate website.

 MailerLite – best for beginners

Since MailerLite provides simple email marketing tools suitable for beginners, over 90% of businesses on the platform are micro. It uses smart automation and segmentation to help you nurture touch relationships. They’re also known for consistently launching user-friendly solutions and innovative features for email marketers. 

To learn more about email marketing best practices, novices can use their real estate newsletter template gallery or a resource page on best practices by industry. The best feature of MailerLite is how it can help you extend your lead generation strategies with email-based SEO landing pages.

Benchmark – The Best Service for Beginners and A Great Free Plan

While Benchmark lacks the standout features offered by the likes of ActiveCampaign and GetResponse it’s one of the easiest services to pick up (just read up on our Benchmark review). That makes it a great choice for beginners or those looking for something simple.

The biggest downside to using Benchmark is the extra charge it applies for image hosting. You have to pay an additional $5 per month once you exceed 10MB on free plans or 10GB on paid plans, which is very easy to do if you upload a lot of high-res images of properties!

On the other hand, Benchmark does offer a free plan, which includes 200+ templates and a lite version of its premium plans’ automation feature. Most importantly, you’re able to set up follow-up emails to nurture leads.

For example, if a contact opens an email about a 2-bedroom house in Colorado, you can arrange for a message to automatically send in three days’ time about similar listings. Tailoring your content to what your subscribers are looking for helps them stay engaged and think of your listings first.

On the downside, Benchmark’s simplicity, ease of use, and low cost come at the price of pretty underwhelming reporting. Its analytics will only give you basic email stats, such as open rates and links clicked.

This means you’ll miss out on e-commerce tracking and learning about how contacts behave on your website, which is really the information you need to up your real estate marketing game.


  • Real estate templates. 200+ free templates to choose from – including a template designed specifically for real estate, which is a nice plus.
  • Polls and surveys. Build questionnaires to send to your customers. You can learn common trends, such as differences between buyers and renters, and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Free automation. Even with the free plan, you get basic automations to set up time-based campaigns.
  • A/B testing. You’re able to set up 2-3 tests for the following types: subject line, campaign vs. campaign, multiple variables, or delivery time. You can then examine which strategy secures the most clicks and opens.
Starting price$15.00 per month
Free plan?Free plan available, but with lighter features
Supports high resolution images?Yes, but you have to pay for image hosting exceeding 10GB on paid plans.
E-commerce tracking?No
Support channels24/7 email. 24/7 live chat for paid plans. 24/7 phone support, as well as a sales number available Monday-Friday from 7am to 4pm PT.

Sendinblue – Solid Automation with SMS Marketing

Sendinblue is primarily suited to smaller businesses, so real estate agents with shorter mailing lists will benefit most from this service. You can store unlimited contacts with all Sendinblue’s plans, even on the free planThe Lite plan starts at $25.00 per month, which isn’t terrible, even if it’s a bit steep compared to some competitors.

Sendinblue offers pretty solid marketing automation to boost client engagement. You can set up automatic messages when visitors to your website perform specific actions, such as viewing apartment listings in Seattle, or when contacts open specific campaigns, like sending mid-budget home listings to anyone who opens an email listing a moderately priced house.

Along with emails, you can also set up SMS for contacts who sign up on mobile. This is a great way to further engage with your clients and turn leads into customers. In fact, it’s not just SMS marketing and automation, Sendinblue scored impressively high for its features in our Sendinblue review.

Sendinblue automation workflow.
You can set up automated SMS with Sendinblue.

For fine-tuning your marketing strategy, Sendinblue gives you basic statistics for campaigns, both email and SMS, and conversions. Reporting on conversion rate is especially great – this number tells you the percentage of subscribers who make a purchase after reading your email, helping you assign your emails a financial value.


  • Group segmentation. Four types of segmentation – demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographic – allow you to organize your contacts.
  • If/else automation. You can build automations based on both the activity and inactivity of your subscribers, like whether or not they visit a page for a home listing on your site.
  • SMS marketing. By coupling Sendinblue’s extensive automation feature with SMS, you can really up your text marketing game.
  • Basic CRM. Track the activity of your contacts, such as clients you’ve had meetings or phone calls with. This helps you stay on top of your contacts and turn leads into deals.
Starting price$25.00 per month
Free plan?Free plan available, and with unlimited contacts
Supports high resolution images?Yes, but image uploads are capped. Officially these are capped at 2MB, but I experienced a 5MB limit when I tested this.
E-commerce tracking?Yes, conversations are reported
Support channels24/7 email


Real estate is a tough market. Yes, it has its rewards — but there are also its challenges. How do you compete when everyone’s screaming “Rent my house!”? One of the ways to stand out is by sending an effective, personalized email campaign.

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