Best Free Content Creation Apps

Are you looking to create content for your business but don’t have the time? Well, we’ve got the solution for you. We researched 13 of the top content creation apps and put them to the test. The purpose of this study was to determine which apps were the best free options for creating content. And we’re happy to report that we’re 100% confident you won’t go wrong with any of these options. With all the platforms out there, we were determined to find a variety of tools to help streamline and simplify your content creation process:

Are you looking for the best content creation apps that are available for free on iOS, Android, and Windows? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tested all of the content creation apps on Google Play, the App Store, and Microsoft’s Windows Store to bring you these picks.

Open Office

Open Office: Chances are that you have already heard about this application package. The freeware and public version of Microsoft’s own Office, Open Office allows entrepreneurs and freelancers alike to use this product package. It allows a variety of content creation possibilities such as creating web presentations, emails, data visualization, written content and so forth.

Screen capture from the OpenOffice website.

All of the apps contained in this package are fully compatible with Microsoft Office with one difference – it’s completely free to use. There is no reason not to include Open Office in your content creation and workflow in order to boost your business’s growth.


Feedly: Did you ever wonder how you can stay up to date with current content marketing trends? If yes, then Feedly is the perfect platform for you. Gathering content marketers and creators from all over the world, the tool allows you to filter and receive news, tips, guides and inspiration from all over the web. The tool will only send you what you specifically tell it to.

Screenshot showing how Feedly works.

Feedly will never spam you with content you don’t want and it will always be relevant to your content marketing needs. Just insert your favorite creators, YouTube channels, blogs and RSS feeds and wait. This is a great way to stay updated and relevant on the market since Feedly is free to use and easy to navigate and customize.


Canva: Have you ever wanted to use an app that allows you the creative discovery of Pinterest and the content creation of Photoshop? Canva is one such tool that allows content marketers and creators to express their thoughts. Creating miraculous social media and online content through pre-created layouts has never been this easy.

Screen capture from the Canva website.

Canva is free of charge (with symbolic premium content at 1$). It allows not only the freedom to create and export content, but also network with other creators in order to stay in touch and exchange ideas. You will create content, enjoy it and best of all, it will all be useful to your business and conversion rates.


MailChimp: When we talk about content marketing, it’s only a matter of time before we turn to email marketing. This is where MailChimp comes into play. Designed as a free-to-use and simple to get into web tool for email marketing, it allows us to create smart, interesting and efficient content marketing campaigns. Anyone can get into its simple and intuitive interface, meaning that content creators don’t need specialized knowledge or training to use it.

Screen capture from the Mailchimp website.

MailChimp is built around reach and conversion rates, so every email you send will be tracked and evaluated in different categories. Using this platform in combination with a professional writing service such as MasterGrades will earn great results. This will allow you to further develop your business strategy and adapt your email to your potential customer’s needs.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools: Given the fact that Google has become the dominant search engine, it’s no wonder that they specialize in SEO research. Webmaster Tools is one of the apps in the plethora of free tools provided by Google in order to help content marketers create strong and competitive SEO optimization.

Screen capture from the Google Search Console tool.

The fact of the matter is that SEO is a must when it comes to content creation. This is simply because Google won’t show uninteresting or spam content – decided by its algorithm. So why not use this to your advantage?

By using Webmaster Tools, you will be able to continually track and evaluate your content’s performance and optimization so that it becomes and remains relevant. The tool itself takes a bit of getting used to, once you grasp the concept of SEO and how it works. You will be able to reach huge audiences and create relevant content in very short time right there on the platform.


Evernote: Keeping track of content you’ve created and plan on creating can be tiresome. It takes a single mistake and your complete system and workflow are compromised. This is where Evernote comes into the picture. Built around app sync and streamlined content creation, Evernote is an accessible and free-to-use content creation tool.

Screen capture from the Evernote website.

You can create relevant and exciting content wherever you are. The app syncs everything with your connected devices and it allows you to work anytime, anywhere, for as long as you want – moments or hours. Give this tool a try if you are looking for a new and refreshing way of creating content. It’s completely free to sign up and use, although it allows premium services if you end up needing them.


Word2CleanHTML: While not all of us are programmers, it doesn’t mean we can’t use basic coding. Word2CleanHTML is a tool that allows you to turn text files into clean HTML code, just like the name says. You may be shorthanded or in the middle of learning WordPress yourself.

Screen capture from the Word2CleanHTML website.

This tool allows you to create and insert coded text that’s ready for publishing with a click of a button. Like all tools on our list, Word2CleanHTML is free of charge and very easy to use. Why not give it a go if you’re in need of HTML optimized content creation.

Blog Topic Generator

Blog Topic Generator: Being a content creator isn’t easy. You always have to be inspired and full of ideas in order to create relevant and exciting new content for your audiences – but sometimes you just can’t think of anything. This is why tools such as Blog Topic Generator can come in handy.

Screen capture from the Blog Topic Generator tool.

By inserting a couple of relevant words that you feel like writing about, you can generate a surprising new idea to write about. The tool is very easy to use and you can create multiple combinations of topics in order to find what works best for your needs. All you need is a few nouns and a minute of your time.


Coffitivity: While not a content creation app by itself, Coffivity is an interesting tool that can greatly boost your inspiration and productivity. By simulating white noise and sounds of a coffee shop (among others), this tool aims to target your brain waves and boost your brain activity tremendously.

Screen capture from the Coffitivity website.

Coffivity helps with your overall productivity and keeps you focused on the task at hand, allowing you to create useful and original content. The tool is free to use and will transport you to your favorite coffee place in a matter of moments.

Hemingway App

Hemingway App: One of the best grammar and revision tools out there, Hemingway App is built around fast and easy text correction. You will work under strict deadlines and high expectations more often than not, and this tool is built for those exact purposes.

Screen capture from the Hemingway app.

It allows you to revise articles, blog posts, email content and any other type of written word. Content marketers are well aware of what dangers a typo or faulty grammar can cause in your customer’s eyes. Don’t fall into the trap of creating content without any revision tool at hand. Hemingway App is free to use and available to download so it’s always available for use.


Social media managers are very busy people, and they do love their mobile devices. Buffer’s team realized that and thus created a very neat mobile version of their tool. It has a very clean and understandable user interface—and has all the same features as Buffer’s web app. I was once planning social media even when vacationing—it only takes a couple of minutes and is very fun.

10 Best 10 Mobile Apps For Content Creation - Buffer

Google Docs

Google Docs wouldn’t be called this way if they weren’t accessible across platforms. Following Google’s minimalistic style, the mobile Google Docs apps are pretty simple and yet allow you to perform all the necessary operations. Now you can forget about your laptop—and just do the job on your mobile device. Immensely useful superpower for any digital professional.  

10 Best 10 Mobile Apps For Content Creation - Google Docs


Slack has been almost irreplaceable for many teams around the world. And if it didn’t offer the mobile content creation experience, it wouldn’t be even half as powerful as it is. Many complain that having a mobile app allows job issues to intrude their personal life—but in the end it’s always up to the person to balance that up and take care of the push-notifications settings.

10 Best 10 Mobile Apps For Content Creation - Slack

If you are a busy digital professional working with a lot of data and content, you can’t afford being tied up to your desktop. Hopefully, with the applications mentioned above you will be able to boost up your work experience, become more productive, and also have some great fun creating creative and professional content on your mobile.


Do you want to know which apps you can use to create free content for your blog, social media and emails? Let’s be honest. There’s nothing like an amazing idea with organic content, but on most days (or always) you don’t have the time to sit down and write an amazing blog post or piece of copy for social media or email marketing.

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