Launched in conjunction with Free Social Media Day, our Best Free Hashtag Tools infographic is an in-depth look at the topic of hashtags. Featuring the top free hashtag generators, list of popular Instagram Hashtags, plus a selection of tips on using hashtags effectively. is the Best Free Hashtag Tools. The free hashtag maker tool helps you discover new hashtags for posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. helps you create an Instagram hashtag list easily. Isn’t it cool?


If you’re choosing or creating a branded hashtag, RiteTag will show you relevant hashtags, along with information about reach, exposure, and retweets. WithRiteTag, you can get instant feedback on your hashtags and get recommendations of hashtags not to use. This tool is very flexible and it can give you analytics on any hashtag that you are following, not just the ones that you’re actively using.

Best Free Hashtag Tools


Keyhole lets you track Twitter and Instagram hashtags in real-time. This hashtracking tool will tell you the number of posts that contain your hashtag within a specific time period, how many users are using it, and each post’s reach and number of impressions.

The tool will show you a timeline of when your hashtag was first used and when it started to receive engagement. Keyhole lets you run a test search on its home page and offers a free trial, after which it has multiple paid plans.

Best Free Hashtag Tools

 Brand 24

Best Free Hashtag Tools

Brand 24 is primarily a tool to monitor your brand or product on the internet. However, it does include a powerful hashtag tracking search tool. This consists of both hashtag tracking and hashtag analytics.

The hashtag tracking allows you to track hashtags across Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks.  You can track and analyze contests and campaigns based on hashtags. Brand 24 helps you find top influencers and measure the social media reach.

You can use the tool to count the number of tweets/posts for a specific hashtag. This helps you analyze a hashtag’s popularity and performance.

You can also use Hashtag Tracking to find your estimated Social Media reach. Brand 24 helps you access the most influential social media profiles using specific hashtags. If you subscribe to Brand 24’s Max plan, you can even track your hashtags in real time.


Free 14-day trial with paid plans starting at $49/mo.

Best Free Hashtag Tools is a social media analysis tool. Unlike much of the competition, it includes image analysis. 

While YouScan does not make a separate mention of hashtag tracking on its website, it does claim to include all the standard features of social media listening – this will obviously include mentions of selected hashtags.

One way you can find the most important content in your YouScan message streams is to use their auto-categories.  Auto-categories help you pick out the most relevant information from a large stream of mentions. YouScan automatically sorts mentions by categories with the help of machine learning. One auto-category is Captions, which picks up hashtags in Instagram captions.


Free demo with paid plans starting at $12,000/yr.


Best Free Hashtag Tools

As BrandMention’s name indicates, its primary purpose is to he[p you track all of the online mentions of your brand. It claims to “dig every corner of the internet to find all the relevant mentions about anyone or anything.” It considers some of its major uses as competitor spying, brand monitoring, reputation management, and media monitoring.

Obviously, a product that claims to monitor the internet for relevant mentions of anything will allow you to track specific hashtags. This can be useful for any hashtag, but particularly for your own custom hashtags. You can use BrandMentions to determine whether your custom hashtag has become popular and has had much use.

You can also use BrandMentions to listen to industry trends. It can help you discover some of the best hashtags to use if you wish people to see you as an industry trendsetter.

At the same time, you can spy on your competitors and determine which hashtags they have been following and using regularly.


Free 7-day trial with paid plans starting at $99/mo.

 BuzzSumo – Brand Monitoring Tool

Best Free Hashtag Tools

BuzzSumo can be an invaluable tool for discovering “what’s the buzz” on social media. You can use it to analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. 

You can search for specific hashtags to see how popular they have been across various social channels. If you enter a hashtag in their Content Analyzer Buzzsumo lists the social posts where they most frequently appear.  Indeed, as you start to enter hashtags, Buzzsumo will make hashtag suggestions. 

Buzzsumo also offers brand monitoring, where you can track your brand mentions, the impact of your competitors’ content, who is linking to you and monitor your progress over time. You can use this to track the success of your custom hashtags and whether people are using them across the social web.


Free with paid plans starting at $99/mo.


Similarly to RiteTag, Hashtagify lets you discover the most trending hashtags and other, relevant hashtags. There are not many free hashtag monitoring tools out there, but Hashtagify is certainly one of them.

Here’s what it looks like exactly.

Image showing Hashtagify, yet another free hashtag tracking tool

In the basic mode, Hashtagify presents relevant hashtags in a bubble. By hovering over a hashtag, the tool displays data about popularity and correlation from the main hashtag. There’s also the Advanced mode which allows digging deeper into related hashtags, or Table mode showing popularity, weekly trends, or correlation.

The above-mentioned features are free of any cost. However, paid version of Hashtagify offers a lot more with a subscription starting at $9.99.


This tool to monitor hashtag performance comes particularly useful in the case of Twitter chats. The tool allows tracking hashtags and joining Twitter chats.

A screenshot showing Twubs, another hashtag monitoring tool

The tool has directories that allow aggregating hashtag relevant to a given topic, for example, business, conferences, events, and so on so forth. You can also register your hashtag and create a hashtag landing page displaying conversations from the Twitter chat.

The tool is completely free!


Another great hashtag tracking tool can be found in Awario, a web and social media monitoring tool. Awario, similarly to other monitoring tools have plenty of features that analyze online buzz around a hashtag.

A screenshot from Awario showing hashtag tracking

With their hashtag tracker and analytics tool, you can help yourself with:

  • Finding the right hashtag on the basis of social media popularity and engagement
  • Hashtag monitoring on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram and Facebook in real time
  • Hashtag analytics and metrics analytics in a marketing campaign
  • Event management and social media engagement thanks to tracking hashtags in real time
  • Sentiment analysis around a hashtag, marketing campaign, brand
  • Reporting collected data
  • Influencers that resonate well with your audience
  • Language and location analytics

Apart from hashtag data and analytics, Awario finds social media profiles that use your hashtags which is a great help in finding influencers or brand ambassadors.


Extensive list of free hashtag tools for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Blogger.

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