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Best Free Social Media Analytics Tools

There are scores of free social media analytics tools—but which ones work best? What do you need to really know about your social media audiences? I put together this list of some of the best free social media analytics tools out there, including some that are more focused on engagement, and others that focus on audience demographics and user behavior.

Social media is a platform for data (instantaneous digital communication). As a marketer, it’s essential that you’re monitoring your social media accounts to ensure they’re not going dark. To do this, you’ll need to use the right tools so that you aren’t dishing out hundreds of dollars every month. The space is growing rapidly with new tools popping up every day. There are tools you can use to track Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this video, I shall list down the top 10 best free social media analytics tools to get you started with quick and easy installation.


Followerwonk Twitter analytics

Followerwonk helps you explore and grow your social graph. You can dig into your Twitter analytics to learn who your followers are, where they’re located, and when they tweet. The app creates actionable visualizations that enable you to compare your social graph to others, as well as find and connect with influencers.


NapoleonCat is a social media management tool with built-in social media analytics and reporting features. It allows you to track the performance of your social media campaigns across channels for multiple profiles and pages. Interestingly, you can also track your competitors’ social media activity. 

Equipped with data from NapoleonCat, you’ll easily spot tendencies and craft social media content that resonates with your company’s target audience and brings the best results. Here’s what NapoleonCat can help you with:

  • Viewing what content types work best and when and how often you should post to achieve the highest engagement
  • Monitoring your team’s activity to keep your social customer service major-league
  • Comparing audience insights and post engagement of multiple social media profiles, including your competitors
  • Scheduling weekly, monthly, or quarterly social media analytics reports that will be automatically sent out to your boss, your client, or whoever else needs them


  • Allows you to benchmark your results against your competition
  • Automatically generates customizable social media analytics reports
  • Tracks social media key metrics in real-time


Screenshot from Cyfe, one of the best social media analytics tools

One of the best social media analytics tools is Cyfe – a business dashboard tool.

It syncs up data from many, many, many marketing tools in one place.

The number of available integrations and dashboards is astonishing and makes Cyfe a powerful tool – it covers not only social media analytics tools but also advertising, email, monitoring, sales, SEO and web analytics tools!!!!

However, let’s focus on the social media part.

In Cyfe, you can build your social media dashboard including following apps and data:

  • AddThis
  • Bitly
  • Facebook Ads: Cost, impressions, clicks, actions
  • Facebook Pages: Likes, clicks, active users, page views
  • Flickr: Top photos, slideshows
  • Google+: Plus ones, circled by
  • Google+ Search: Posts
  • Instagram: Photos, followers, following
  • LinkedIn Ads: Cost, impressions, clicks, conversions
  • LinkedIn Company: Followers, impressions, engagement
  • Pinterest: Boards, pins, likes, followers, following
  • Publisher: Schedule social media posts
  • Reviews: Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, YP
  • SlideShare: Views, favorites, comments, downloads
  • Twitter: Tweets, followers, listed, mentions, influencers
  • Twitter Ads: Cost, impression, engagement, follows
  • Twitter Search: Tweets, mentions, hashtags
  • Vimeo: My feed, top videos
  • YouTube

You can try it out for free.


  • Create reports with in-depth social analytics.
  • Easy set up.
  • Pre-built widgets for services like Google or Saleforce.


  • UI can be unintuitive.
  • No custom reports with social data.


$199for 4 users

Social media analytics tool - Agorapulse

Agorapulse schedules posts, analyzes performance, and monitors hashtags and keywords. Though it doesn’t really qualify as a social media analytics tool per se, its analytics and reporting feature makes it an excellent tool for beginners to get a clear picture of overall social media performance.

Agorapulse also has an asset library, so you can reuse the same assets for multiple posts. It also has team collaboration features for regulating workflows.


  1. It provides great social media competitor analytics.
  2. It provides insightful community management reports such as response and conversation rates to show how well your customer/community interaction is.
  3. The topic-wise labeling feature allows you to track the analytics of your post and generate reports quickly.

Verified Agorapulse User

The inboxing feature is something our team enjoys the most.


  1. It does not give Pinterest publishing, analytics, and reporting features.
  2. Agorapulse provides basic reports making them less useful for agencies.
  3. For the features it offers, Agorapulse is priced quite high.

Social Status

Social Status is the most comprehensive social media analytics tool covering organic and paid social, competitor benchmarking and influencer analytics. The live dashboard provides all the social metrics and performance stats you need for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Homepage - Social Status

Social Status provides an aggregate multi-channel view where you can see all your social accounts combined performance or you can delve into each account individually. There’s insights for demographics, audience growth, impressions, engagements, clicks and more.

You can also tag your posts (or competitor posts) by content pillar and filter the analytics to specific campaigns or particular keywords. Additionally, you can see insights based on media type, day of week and time of day to determine the best publishing strategy.

For digital agencies and marketers, Social Status offers the most flexible social media reporting functionality in the industry. You can export raw post data to CSV or export boardroom-ready reports to PDF, PowerPoint and Google Slides. Their Custom Reports feature is perfect for agencies who need to white-label or completely customize their report templates per client.


A limited free plan is available. Pricing plans start at $29/ month for the Starter plan.

There is also a 14-day free trial available of the Pro plan. No credit card required.


Iconosquare is a popular social media analytics tool that can help you keep track of all your social media metrics in one place. Using Iconosquare, you can view analytics such as reach, engagement, follower evolution, and impression history for a variety of social accounts including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Iconosquare Homepage

Iconosquare also offers Instagram story analytics, so you can measure the success of your story posts in the same way you do with feed posts. It also has a powerful social media listening feature, which allows you to keep track of how your brand is being mentioned across the Instagram platform.

And in a more recent update, Iconosquare has added TikTok analytics. A rare feature to find amongst social analytics platforms.

Iconosquare is very much an all-in-one social media tool, as it includes publishing and reporting features alongside its analytics tools. With the scheduling tool, you can schedule and publish posts to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, all from one dashboard.

This can help you stay on top of your social media posting schedule in order to remain professional and consistent. You can also use Iconosquare to gain insights about your competitors and compile reports that can be useful for brand collaborations, and social media managers.


Pricing plans start at €49/month for the pro plan.

There is also a 14-day free trial available. No credit card required.


Keyhole is a social media analytics tool that automatically collects social media data & creates reports for you. It excels at four key things:

  • Getting you inside the minds of your customers.
  • Simplifying your reporting — so you can easily share results with your team.
  • Showing you what attracts your consumers’ attention.
  • Saving you a huge amount of time — as you don’t have to crawl different social platforms looking for and reporting your social analytics.

These are critical features to look out for when making social media analytics software comparisons. 

As Neil Patel says, “This tool (Keyhole) does a lot of things others can’t. And as a bonus, it’s extremely user-friendly.”

The tool shows you when your users are most active, so you get to see your audience’s best engagement days and times. 

Keyhole Dashboard - Social Media Engagement

Using Keyhole, you can find, identify, track, and reach out to your influencers:

Keyhole Dashboard - Influencers

You can also conduct a detailed and in-depth sentiment analysis of social media posts over time:

Keyhole dashboard - sentiment analysis

With Keyhole, you get to see the number of impressions, reach, posts, and engagements that certain accounts or hashtags are getting. You are also able to identify key influencers who get the highest engagement rates and the number of followers in specific industries and reach out to them right from the tool.

And if you ever want to know the demographics of your hashtag users or account interactors or followers, Keyhole shows you those as well — including the percentage of positive and negative sentiments of your followers.

Also, Keyhole customers can publish and schedule unlimited posts each month from all the accounts included in their plan. Managing anywhere from 3 accounts to unlimited accounts depending on your needs.

Pricing: Custom pricing for businesses of all sizes.


Oktopost is focused on helping B2B brands manage, monitor, and measure all of their social media activities from a single platform.

Do you have global social media teams? Manage social media teams in more than one country all from one platform.

Social media management, social employee advocacy, and social media promotions are some of Oktopost’s best features.

You can measure your social media marketing performance and optimize your efforts accordingly. 

Top Social Media Analytics Tools - Oktopost

Pro: One huge Oktopost plus is that you can integrate other applications such as Google Analytics to access even more detailed social media marketing insights. 

Also, did you know Oktopost has recently partnered up with Keyhole? Powered by Keyhole, Oktopost now offers advanced social listening capabilities as well as in-depth research and analytics required to remain competitive.

Con: Unfortunately, the platform does not have the ability to cross-post between networks. 

Price: Contact Oktopost for pricing.


Facebook is a gold mine for gathering your target audience and ultimately creating well targeted content. Knowing your audience makes things so much easier, and when you know what they like, it will be more likely that they will like the content you create. So cut the fluff, get to the point and get clicking!

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