Best Free Social Media Listening Tools will come in handy for anyone that wants to track their brand on the internet. It’s difficult to know what people are saying about your business on social media nowadays, and it would be easier with some good information tools out there. This infographic gives a couple of these tools and some explainations and stats.

Social media can be a great way to promote your business, but it can also be an overwhelming and time consuming process monitoring several different networks. The question we get asked most often is, “What are the best free social media listening tools?” With the rise of social media and monitoring technologies like Radian6 and Sysomos , there are more free listening tools than ever before. I’ve compiled the following list of the 10 best free social media listening tools to help you monitor your brand.

Free Social Media Listening Tools

Mention is a social media mention monitoring tool that tracks social media conversation across the web, blogs and social networks.

It’s a very simple way to see what people are saying about your brand or industry, especially considering you’ll be able to track keywords, competitors and even specific employees–all for free!

Note: at the time of this writing all social media mentions were limited to 1000 mentions unless you have a paid account. Also note that only 3 projects can be created with this version.

After you’ve signed into your account, you can add social media keywords as projects.

How it works:

When adding a social media keyword project on Twitter,  you’ll want to include the social network name and mention frequency type . Then enter your keyword once on both screens.

To set up social monitoring of your brand or competitors, click on ‘Social’ from the top nav bar and then select ‘Brand Monitoring.’

You’ll want to specify which social networks you’d like to monitor (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blogs). Then decide what kind of mentions you’d like to follow:

  • Mentions Only
  • Favorites Only
  • Mentions & Replies (recommended).


social media listening tools - Tweetdeck

TweetDeck is a social media listening software that allows you to organize social profiles and social conversations in one dashboard.

How it works:

First, connect your Twitter account by clicking on the ‘Add Account’ or ‘Connect’ button under the social accounts heading.

After connecting social web profiles, you can view recent activity directly on each social network page.

Google Alerts

free social media listening tools

Google Alerts is a social listening platform that allows you to receive media notifications on keywords and topics.

How it works:

First, create your Google Account.

Next, click the ‘Create alert’ link under the ‘Alerts’ heading (this will navigate you to a page where you can set up social accounts).

In the dropdown menu for social networks (in this example we’re using Facebook), select a social network or list of social accounts that you’d like to monitor.

This social media monitoring platform also offers RSS feeds for each subscription so you can view recent activity from blogs or websites – this feature comes in handy if you want to track social media mentions from an individual blog post or web page.



TweetReach gives you a free “snapshot” report on the potential reach of any tweet that includes a given hashtag, keyword, or username. With analytics provided by Union Metrics, the tool offers a free signup for which you’ll be able to see who’s talking about which topics, how many impressions you’d get on a post about that topic, and more. TweetReach’s snapshot reports are free for the first 100 tweets, and the company offers paid plans starting at $49/month thereafter.



Followerwonk lets you quickly and easily search users’ Twitter bios and profiles for mentions of you or your brand. Log in with your Twitter credentials to check it out, or subscribe to the paid versions to get even more social insights.

Followerwonk is a very useful free tool for Marketers who want to focus their social listening efforts on the social media platform: Twitter. Yes, everyone’s favorite tweet-heavy place is the subject of a number of specific social media listening tools that offer free and paid services. What’s different about Followerwonk, and what allows it to stand out from the crowd, is FW’s ability to find, analyze, and optimize specific metrics, such as Twitter profiles, posts, and dynamic relationships between accounts and said accounts’ competitors. As a “Try it for FREE” platform, Followerwonk has cultivated a devoted following, and it’s not surprising that those that utilize the site often reuse it over and over above paid platforms.



SumAll connects to a variety of different social accounts — including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn — to provide you with insights about your followers, interactions, and engagements. The paid version provides content recommendations and automatic post scheduling.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics should be one of the first search results on google for the query: “Free Social Listening Tool, Google”, but alas, it’s not. Which is a shame, because this free-to-use social listening platform is a great example of available services online that don’t require a subscription or a premium price. Essentially, Google Analytics is a very straightforward, but extremely dependable site. Built to help brands improve engagement through unique AI-based software, GA builds upon an established system of reams and reams of data, always updating in real-time in order to provide an accurate, accessible full picture of the current state of the market and general sentiment levels of your consumers. Companies like Panasonic, Sephora, and Minted, have all taken advantage of Google Analytics, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t either!

When you’re able to effectively monitor the health of your campaign, see what people are saying about you and your competition online, and provide pinpoint data that can help you avoid brand crises, then you’re dealing with a high-end product; thankfully Google Analytics is a free tool and you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice by not checking it out and trying it for yourself… AGAIN, for FREE!


Keyhole, while an excellent social listening platform, and a reliable tool for marketers who wish to focus more heavily on influencer tracking and social media analytics, it’s important to note upfront that it’s a free-by-trial option, with an available demo that can be acquired upon request with limited features. With all of that said however, Keyhole impresses with a wide, wide variety of services ranging from easy-to-use dashboards and visual graphics, to complimentary how-to videos and customer support. What’s so great about Keyhole, compared to other subscription-based social listening tools, is that it doubles as an in-house internal communications hub that can allow for idea and solutions sharing service. That’s a whole lot crammed into such a neat little digital package.

As the winner of three G2 industry awards (Fastest Implementation Winter 2020, Higher Performer Winter 2020, & User Love Us award), Keyhole has something for everyone when it comes to social intelligence services. We could go on and on about the various other notable elements of KH, like how its optimized for almost every social media platform on the market, or how its paid subscription option is a low low $79.99 /mo, which is way cheaper than the other game in town, but there’s no point. Just check it out for yourself and see how Keyhole is a great platform to try for free and then adopt for very little if you decide that’s the right choice to make!


A lot of Marketers are spending time on Social Media, but what are they Hearing? From tools that find your competitors biggest mentions, to the best free social media listening tools, this post covers it all.


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