Best Free Social Media Scheduling Tools 2020

Are you looking for Best Free Social Media Scheduling Tools 2020 , Are you need a for your business. Here is a great opportunity to Get it. All of our Best Free Social Media Scheduling Tools 2020 will be reviewed by experts and software engineers.

Free Social Media Scheduling Tools 2020, Top 15 tools you should use as a professional (self-employed) social media manager such as Hootsuite & CoSchedule. Ideal for those who cannot afford to pay for a premium version of the social media management tools mentioned in this post.

Social Pilot

With its simple and easy-to-use interface and affordable price, the Social Pilot Package has gained many fans. It enables the platform to schedule, curate content, and manage brands. This is one of the most popular social media management tools


  1. Bulk scheduling feature enables you to add up to 500 posts.
  2. It is easy to see how the different programs operate and when to invest more time focusing on consumer engagement.
  3. This tool augments your social media efficiency
  4. Their calendar function is a gold mine in particular. Users can go in to find the messages they need using filters. The calendar gives insightful coverage and review.


So you need a content manager, but you are a single person responsible for creating, supporting, and designing evergreen content? See MeetEdgar. Check out MeetEdgar! MeetEdgar is your handy automated content manager and is a tool for social media management that manages your content and optimizes your social traffic.


  1. You will increase your traffic and improve your interaction by positioning your evergreen content there regularly.
  2. You would not run out of daily posts for an instant auto-refill list.
  3. MeetEdgar also has an In-App Click Tracking URL shortener that will enable you to follow your clicks.


SEMrush is a set of social media tools, content, and SEO. It is one of the best social media management tools. Google engine optimization and search engine ads have also been the primary priority of this tool. Hence this tool serves both the functions of a social media tool and an SEO tool. If you want to build a robust content then you may consider utilizing this tool. It comes in the list of the most powerful social media management apps.

  1. It is one of the most popular SEO tools and also effective reporting and analysis tools.
  2. Keyword magic tool is a premium feature of this product. This helps you to fetch different reports for keyword research.
  3. The social media poster of SEMrush is incredibly well-thought-out and strong. It includes Facebook pages (not groups) and Pinterest, as well as Instagram (push publishing notification only). It is integrated into Facebook pages. Check the complete Semrush reviews in detail.
  4. A basic Buffer-style framework is a queuing device in SEMrush. For each social network, you can set a different schedule.


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, with over 1 billion users active on the platform each month. Later started as an app dedicated to Instagram as a scheduling tool, but since its inception, they’ve added support for other social networks and are continuously adding new features. The app has a strong focus on visual content. Whether you want to schedule in-feed image or video posts, stories, or carousel posts — Later supports all of these options. Later has a free plan available that you can use forever, but you get features such as analytics, saved captions, scheduled stories, and more for paid plans. Their paid plans start at $9/month.

A screenshot of the later dashboard


Those who rely on Twitter to get their message across will find much to like about TweetDeck. TweetDeck is a free application that enables you to manage multiple (unlimited) Twitter accounts from a unified interface. You can create your own customizable social media dashboard that allows you to send and receive tweets and manage and monitor your Twitter profiles. You can use TweetDeck as a web app, Chrome app, or desktop app. TweetDeck can be set to post scheduled tweets, build Tweet lists, and more. And the extra special part is that it’s always free.

A screenshot of the TweetDeck dashboard



ContentCal is the ultimate tool for bringing your team together. It’s essential for creating social media content production workflows and managing ongoing projects. 

You don’t have to provide any credit card information to get started with their free trial. You can also sign up for their Hobbyist plan, which is free for single users to get access to four social profiles, one calendar, and 10 posts per month.   

Their features cover all the bases, from planning and publishing content to reviewing analytics and responding to conversations.

For creating content, your team uses the content hub to collaborate on all ongoing social media content initiatives. You can integrate with all your favorite tools, including Trello and Slack, and the pinboard makes filling your calendar as easy as dragging and dropping posts.

This platform also includes snippets to save commonly used phrases and a web clipper tool so you can grab resources you want to share while you’re browsing the internet. 

Other notable features include:

  • Robust analytics reports for measuring content performance, follower growth, engagement, and more, all displayed in colorful graphs and charts. 
  • Tagging options to organize all your output by theme, category, or any other category you want to track. 
  • A shared team inbox for managing all social media conversations in one central location.

ContentCal Upgrade Options

  • Pro: $17/month when paid annually
    • You must sign up for a full year to access the Pro tier. 
  • Company: $47/month when paid annually
    • $59 for month to month
  • Premium Custom: Reach out to get a custom quote. 
  • Enterprise Custom: Reach out to get a custom quote. 
  • Agency: Reach out to get a custom quote. 
  • Learn more about their pricing options, optional add-ons, and additional services here



Like many of these tools, Hootsuite offers both free and premium plans. Their free plan is pretty robust and allows you to:

  • Manage three social profiles in one place.
  • Schedule up to 30 posts in advance.
  • Generate leads using social contests.
  • Easily integrate with 150+ free and paid apps.

The free plan also includes some basic analytics to help you track followers, various growth and content stats, and two RSS feed integrations. Not too shabby for a free tool.

We love using this tool to schedule out our social posts because of the way it’s organized – a visual calendar dashboard shows you what you’ll be posting and when. Now that’s organization.

Hootsuite Upgrade Options

  • Professional: $29/month
  • Team: $129/month
  • Business: $599/month
  • Enterprise: Custom plan; contact for pricing 


Deciding the best social media scheduling tools for you to use in 2020 can be stressful! There are so many free social media scheduling tools available today that it can get really overwhelming trying to decide which one you should be using.

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