Searching for social media posts and tweets from your business is a key part of your marketing strategy. You want to be able to find all the information you need quickly, without leaving your work space. That’s where search engines come in. They can help you find all the posts related to your business, as well as tweets about it. However, not everyone uses these tools for good reasons. Sometimes search engines are used for manipulative purposes, like making it difficult for you to succeed in your business. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the Best Free Social Media Search Tools, best social media search tool and free social media management tools 2022, so you can get started on finding those tweets and posts linked to your business today!

How to Use Social Media Tools to Find Your Business on Social Media.

To find your business on social media, start by using the tools that are available to you. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer a variety of ways for you to connect with your audience, including posts, tweets, and other forms of communication. You can use these platforms to share photos, videos, and news about your company or product.

In order to find posts and tweets from your business, use the search engines provided by social media platforms. For example, Google has a search bar that lets you type in the name of your business or product and it will provide results related to that search term. In addition, LinkedIn offers its own search engine for finding related job postings and company contact information.

Once you have found relevant posts and tweets from your business on social media, it’s important to spread the word! Use hashtags (#business #socialmedia) and other appropriate marketing tactics to reach out to potential customers and followers alike. And don’t forget about following other businesses in order to get “word-of-mouth” recommendations for products or services that may be helpful for your company.

Best Free Social Media Search Tools

Best Free Social Media Search Tools
  1. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a comprehensive social media search tool that enables users to find hot topics. You can learn everything about your brand, competitors, and other pertinent keywords using this social search tool. All social media platforms are scanned, and a single dashboard shows the pertinent results.

Mentionlytics makes social search a simple process. Setting up your Mentionlytics account and entering the search term will bring up results that are pertinent to your query. As a result, you can find mentions, pertinent news, and get email alerts that display relevant search results.

  1. Social Searcher

Users of this free social search engine can conduct searches across all significant social media networks. Users can efficiently conduct real-time searches on social networks using the search engine, which also offers a report with analytical data. It is useful for businesses and individuals who want to keep track of social media mentions in the general public.

The results of Social Searcher’s measurement and tracking of mentions are displayed in an intuitive dashboard. By streamlining social media monitoring, the tool enables businesses to seize opportunities. As a result, the tool allows you to find customer feedback and instantly respond to it. In addition to alerting you to social mentions, Social Searcher offers actionable social analytics that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of content shared on social media.

  1. Mention

Companies can use this social search engine to evaluate the effectiveness of social media campaigns. Real-time analysis of brand mentions and tags is possible thanks to this social search tool. The platform will review mentions on various social media sites. Therefore, the Mention tool will make it easier for you to maintain an active presence across various platforms. This is accomplished by monitoring and compiling information on remarks made about products, brands, and rivals.

The user can easily keep track of everything with Mention and receive real-time reports. It is designed with the Boolean search in mind, which enables businesses to focus on particular brands or rivals and produce accurate market research. The social search engine works well for interacting with your audience across various platforms.

  1. Pipl

One of the best social search engines is Pipl, which offers information services from a vast array of sources, including social media platforms. Pipl enables businesses and individual users to conduct searches using a variety of criteria, such as user names, brand names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Access to various demographic, contact, and professional information is made possible by this social search tool.

Employing Pipl, businesses can create content that is more specifically targeted and thus reach thousands of prospects. Pipl works with strategic technology vendors who provide complementary goods and services to improve the user experience. As a result, the platform can extract more value from the information that is currently available for its users.

  1. Snitch.Name

Are you sick of having to search through various sources to learn details about your clients? is the social search engine you might need if you’re looking for information about your brand or products. offers crucial data that reveals how businesses rank on social media platforms. As a result, it is known as the main entry point for social media search. does not have a fancy design, but it aids businesses in resolving the social media monitoring issue. This is accomplished by facilitating the development of social services that aid in selecting the profiles to target when conducting online marketing. By entering the search term in the visible search box, a search can be carried out.

Best Free Social Media Search Tools
  1. Buzzsumo

This well-known social search engine was created to assist marketers in locating and researching data. Discovering brand influencers and keeping track of mentions are both made simple by the platform. The fact that hundreds of marketers use Buzzsumo to find social media events is sufficient evidence that the platform is built to be effective for targeted marketing.

Buzzsumo is a potent tool that was created to help with performance benchmarking by offering competitor intelligence. When it comes to developing your content strategy, the tool is also incredibly useful. Therefore, use Buzzsumo to identify your followers and gain insights into behavioral triggers if you’re looking for the best strategy for producing engaging content.

  1. Mahalo

Users of this subscription-based alert channel have access to various reports on online mentions. The social search engine is set up to deliver relevant, high-quality search results. The platform gives users access to news and information about the newest trends in their industry. You can stay on top of the curve because you can make decisions that are well-informed. The user can choose the category they want to follow from the platform’s various categorizations. Mahalo, dubbed the “human-powered search engine,” offers users a “Omni-experience” when it comes to information access. It has an improved deployment and a great ability to keep up with technological developments.

  1. Keyhole

Users of this social search engine can benefit from cutting-edge analytics and media monitoring, which enables them to comprehend the full scope of any conversation. Users of the tool can keep an eye on the hottest hashtags and track keywords. Utilizing the real-time and archived data that the social media monitoring tool provides, you can look back and see what you might have missed.

Keyhole is made to be used by businesses and agencies, giving them access to the proper social media analytics that are essential for maintaining business operations. When it comes to monitoring accounts and social media mentions, the product is perfect. The tool offers a simple method for users to learn more about user engagement levels, enhancing marketing strategies.

9. BoardReader

BoardReader is an accurate and efficient way to find social media mentions. It was created to address the shortcomings in social media monitoring. The tool aids in finding things and searching the web while displaying data from various web sources. The program functions as an online feed aggregator and provides companies with access to insightful data analysis. By providing the information, it allows the user to focus their search so that only pertinent details show up in the search results.

  • a useful social media search engine that enables businesses to access forum results.
  • Platform-specific Engine for Social Search

How to Use Social Media to Connect with Your Customers.

One way to connect with customers on social media is by creating a social media campaign. This involves planning and executing a marketing campaign that uses social media to reach your target audience. For example, you could post a tweet or post on your website that promotes an upcoming event or sale. In addition, you could create a Facebook page for your business and post regularly about new products and services.

What Social Media Tools Can Help You Connect with Your Customers

Social media tools can help you connect with customers in various ways. For example, they can allow you to interact with your customers through automated chatbots or mobile apps. Additionally, they can help you collect customer data and track customer interactions across different channels.

How to Use Social Media Tools to Get Customers to Visit Your Site

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to online customer relationships is make sure your website is easy to visit and navigate. By using social media tools and following best practices for web design, you can ensure that visitors are quickly able to find what they’re looking for on your site. Additionally, by using search engine optimization techniques, you can increase the chances that people will find what they’re looking for when searching for information about your business online.

Best Social Media Search Tool

Best Free Social Media Search Tools

Social searcher

Popular brand hashtags and mentions are found using Social Searcher. It is a free social media search tool that performs comprehensive searches across many well-known digital platforms and produces analytical reports. It delivers results in a simple dashboard by measuring and tracking the brand’s visibility.

As this tool streamlines social monitoring, brands can seize opportunities, discover customer feedback, and take immediate action. It provides actionable social analytics to assess the efficacy of social media content, identify behavioral cues, and effectively tailor content to relevant viewers. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are the main six networks covered.


This search tool evaluates real-time mentions and hashtags across various platforms to evaluate the effectiveness of social media campaigns. Due to the Boolean search used in its construction, it provides market research in addition to tracking and reporting mentions.

Given that it enables users to search social media platforms for particular keywords, it is an effective tool for engaging the target audience across multiple channels. Mention offers a single stream of data that has been accumulated, personalized email alerts, and independent evaluations based on sentiment.


Locobuzz is a platform for managing customer experiences that offers thorough social insights to businesses, consumers, and competitors for positioning brands, growing engagement, and thorough analysis of social and digital networks.

Locobuzz offers audience analysis and monitors changes in the digital landscape that are important to the brand and its rivals. It gathers insightful customer feedback from the majority of digital platforms and logs the tone of user voice in posts, replies, and reviews for sentiment analysis. Additionally, it recognizes important influencers, studies engagement patterns, and alerts you when activity related to your brand increases.


Software from HubSpot to connect and highlight social media users, conversations, and interactions. Brands can better understand their target audiences on social media by using their contact databases to develop pertinent content. Brands can use HubSpot to manage multiple social media profiles from a single tool, prioritize social engagement, and pre-schedule social media posts across platforms. By looking up pertinent keywords for your brand, it also keeps the brand abreast of modern trends.


With the Keyhole search tool, Keyhole Brands can benefit from enhanced analytics and media monitoring. Brands can understand all nuances of conversation thanks to Keyhole. This search tool offers real-time historical data to review what you missed along with the ability to look for trending hashtags and tracking keywords.

The Keyhole search engine is primarily made for businesses and agencies that need precise social media analytics. Additionally, by using social measurement, sentiment analysis, influencer identification, and social reporting, it offers insights on audience engagement levels to enhance marketing strategies.


Brand24 targets all different types of businesses and provides comprehensive information about brand mentions. It provides specific mentions that enable you to learn more about the social media reputation of your brand. Brand24 shows a Discussion Volume Chart that graphically represents your brand’s mentions, allowing brands to respond to audience questions directly from the platform.

As you observe the spikes in brand mentions, it assists in identifying issues. With the help of Brand24’s own influencer score, you can locate influential people in your niche and connect with them. Additionally, it offers a precise classification of sentiment in three tones—positive, negative, and neutral.

Free Social Media Management Tools 2022

Best Free Social Media Search Tools
  1. Postly

You can post to LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook groups and pages, Instagram business accounts, and Postly is a freemium social media management tool. There are many practical features that make scheduling text, image, and video posts easy.

special qualities

  • enables scheduling for Telegram, Reddit, and YouTube
  • Writing captions and descriptions is expedited by an AI writer and hashtag generator.
  • Telegram bot assists with automating your Telegram marketing and saves time while uploading posts.
  1. SleekBio

Another freemium social media tool is SleekBio. For your social media accounts, it makes it easier for you to make a free “link in bio” page. It’s simple to introduce yourself on this page and direct visitors to your website and other social media accounts.

special qualities

  • Free to use with an extremely cheap paid plan
  • Add products, blogs, videos, and links.
  • Publish link previews that tempt viewers to click
  • Your “link in bio” page can be easily created using a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Utilize analytics to enhance clicks and design
  1. Hootsuite

The most well-known social media management platform is probably Hootsuite. It has a good free plan and has been around for a while. You can schedule posts using its integration with a variety of social networks.

special qualities

  • To ensure adherence to your brand’s and social media policies, the Proofpoint feature screens and analyzes posts.
  • Monitoring your accounts and communicating with followers and potential customers is simple with the Streams feature.
  • Organize both paid and organic posts.
  1. Buffer

Another well-known social media management tool that has been around for a while is Buffer. Users appreciate how easy to use it is. It was also the first piece of software to include the slots feature, which allows you to schedule time slots in advance and add posts to them.

special qualities

  • It’s simple to plan and manage your social media presence with the Pablo tool’s visual creation capabilities and Buffer Calendar and scheduling features.
  • provides in-depth analytics to help you with social media marketing
  1. Beatflyer

You can post videos to social networks with Beatflyer. Your videos can stand out by using animations and effects. It is a paid application with an unlimited video creation plan.

special qualities

  • Use the templates or the 2 million stock photos to quickly create videos from scratch. Additionally, you can import movies created in Photoshop and Figma.
  • Sync music with the video by adding it to the Beatflyer or Apple Music libraries.
  • To make your videos stand out, use 50+ effects.

Tips for Using Social Media to Connect with Your Customers.

When it comes to social media, posting information about your business can be a great way to connect with customers. Showing customers what you do and how you help people can help increase website visibility and customer engagement. Additionally, using social media to promote special events or services can draw in new customers.

Use Social Media to Get Customers to Take Visits to Your Site

One way to draw in more visitors is by offering special deals or discounts for visits to your site. For example, the American Express credit card offers 20% off all visits when redeemed through their website or Twitter account. Similarly, the Hilton Hotel & Resort offers free room nights when booked through their website or Twitter account.

Use Social Media to Increase Your Website Visibility

One way to make sure your website is seen by as many people as possible is by using social media to post high-quality photos of your site and products available for view online. For example, Subway has an official Twitter account that posts great photos of their restaurants during lunchtime; this allows customers who are visiting the city center for lunchtimeto see beautiful examples of Subway’s food right there on their screen!


Connecting with your customers on social media is an important part of your business. By using social media tools to connect with your customers, increase website visibility, and get customers to take visits to your site, you can build a successful online presence. By following these tips, you can ensure that your business receives the attention it deserves.

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