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Best Free Social Media Tools 2022

What is social media management, and why do you need it? Social media management is the practice of making your brand or business visible across multiple social media channels.

If you’re looking for the best free social media tools of 2022, we’ve got you covered. This guide is packed with 99 (yes 99) of the best free social media tools and apps to help you succeed with your social media strategy.


Agorapulse is an all-in-one social media management software solution that provides everything you need to dominate social media right out of the box.

AgoraPulse New Homepage

As an all-in-one tool, it comes with a diverse range of powerful features to help with all aspects of your social media marketing efforts. These features include:

  • A unified inbox to manage communications across your social platforms
  • Advanced publishing tools to create and schedule your social posts in advance
  • Social listening tools to help you find out what customers are saying about your brand on social
  • Team collaboration tools to make it easy to communicate and collaborate with your team members and clients
  • Insightful analytics to help you gather data about your social media marketing performance
  • And more!

Agorapulse also offers next-level support. They’re always available to answer any queries you might have, with an average 30-minute response time. If you’re running a social media marketing agency, this kind of rapid-response support is key to avoiding costly business interruptions.

Considering the depth of features Agorapulse offers, the price is very reasonable. There are various pricing plans available depending on the size of your team.


Agorapulse offers a free pricing plan limited to 1 user and up to 3 social profiles. Paid plans suitable for larger teams and more social profiles start at $79/month. A free trial is also available.



ContentCal offers a 14-day free trial. Feature-wise, it is a CoSchedule-like tool. It offers a powerful collection of features to help you manage our entire content marketing plan. It’s segmented into 3 tools. Here’s a look at what they do:

  • Publish: This is where you’ll go to collaborate with team members on content ideas, create workflows, and publish articles, emails, and press releases. ContentCal also comes with Web Clipper, a tool that captureS content you come across on the web and saves it to your content library for use later. 
  • Analyze: Dig into audience engagement with content and campaigns. Track hashtags, stories, top-performing content, and competitors to see what’s working and how to improve your content. Reporting is a major component of driving growth, and Analyze lets you visualize data for paid and organic analytics across platforms, and export your u findings in PDF or PPT format.
  • Engage: Connect with customers through ContentCal’s team inbox. Depending on the size of your organization, you can assign queries to specific teams, handling messages from all platforms. Engage also offers a notes feature for messages from customers. These can be added by team members to formulate a complete and effective response to customers. 

ContentCal’s also working on a fourth feature called IQ. It’s an AI-powered intelligence solution to offer deeper insights. It will help identify channel performance, assign a content quality score, benchmark competitors, attribute revenue to campaign performance, and deliver industry benchmarking.



Although Falcon is not a free social media management tool, with the cheapest plan (Essentials) costing $129 per month for single users and small teams, it does offer a 14-day free trial. It doesn’t give a price for its more advanced Full Suite plan, targeting larger companies with multiple teams and markets, although it enables you to request a demo.

Falcon emphasizes that it offers 7-days a week support, with a real-time in-app chat, email, and telephone service. It also provides weekly training sessions, and you can find answers in its help center.

The Essentials plan focuses on publishing & scheduling and social media engagement. You can use an editorial calendar to plan, schedule, and edit across multiple social networks. It offers a content pool, meaning you can store assets for repurposing, plug into your DAM, and use Falcon’s cloud storage. It provides a customizable inbox, where you can arrange multiple feeds to build the inbox that suits you best. If you have a team, you can share notes and add messages to your team members. Existing contacts’ profile cards appear beside their messages. Falcon offers advanced metrics for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

The Suite package offers everything available in the Essentials plan (allowing for larger teams and more significant usage) and adds a number of additional features. These include social listening, where you can monitor social media and the internet to discover much information about your business. You can track brands, topics, keywords, and phrases and even refine them with advanced parameters.

With Falcon’s Full Suite, you can benchmark your strategy across all major social networks. Falcon has a database of over 100,000 brands, letting you benchmark your performance on multiple levels. You can also schedule and post ads on Facebook and Instagram without having to leave Falcon.

 Social Champ

Social Champ homepage

Social Champ is a social media management tool with some next-level automation features supporting the six major social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business.

With features, such as Auto RSS feed, Bulk Upload, Social Media Calendar, Analytics, Team Collaboration, Recycle, Repeat, and others, you can fully automate the processes.

Social Champ also has integrations for Canva,, UTM tracking, and a royalty-free image library. All-in-all, Social Champ allows you to perform all social media tasks, ranging from creating and scheduling to analyzing and tracking.

Screenshot of Social Champ

Use the content dashboard to create, edit, design, and schedule posts. View all the scheduled/published posts in a calendar view and reschedule them using drag/drop features. Analytics and reports allow you to track the progress of different socials with platform-centric metrics.


Free social media management tools - SocialOomph

Source: SocialOomph

Tools like Hootesuite and Buffer are helpful for scheduling posts. But if you don’t want to pay for social media scheduling, you’ve still got options. SocialOoomph is a freemium tool that lets you schedule posts to your favorite social channel.

The free version gives you one profile, unlimited scheduled posts, and up to three posts per hour. Yes, if you want to post across multiple social feeds, you’ll need to purchase a premium membership. But if you just want to double down on one channel, this is an easy option.

Free social media management tools - Social post by Alexander Lewis

Many B2B businesses like to double down on LinkedIn. With SocialOomph, you can schedule posts to publish multiple times per day, every day of the week, so that you can sit back while your content works behind the scenes for your business.



While Loomly doesn’t provide a free plan, it does offer a free 15-day trial, and its cheapest plan is $48 per month (or $36 per month if you pay for a year up-front). That Base plan permits two users and a maximum of ten social accounts.

You can connect all your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts to Loomly. It is a simple process, although, like all social media management software, you have to live within limitations set by the social media networks, e.g., you can post to Facebook business accounts, but not personal profiles.

Loomly asks you to set a workflow that matches the way you run your accounts, whether you are part of a team, or operate your accounts solo. 

You can select from three views in Loomly:

  1. Calendar view – shows all posts spread over a calendar month.
  2. List view – displays all posts as a list and includes essential information for each
  3. Post view – allows you to examine individual posts

You can do more than just schedule posts in Loomly, however. It offers an interactions feature where you can manage comments, messages, and track social handle @-mentions.

Analytics are available for each of your social accounts, as well as Loomly’s main dashboard containing an overview.


Free social media management tools - Later

Source: Later

Ready to spruce up your Instagram feed? Later is a tool that helps you customize your feed to create an intentional, powerful presence when people click to your channel. Setting up an Instagram profile is 100% free, so you can launch your influencer career by creating (instead of paying). Get analytics for your IG profile as well.

Free social media management tools - Later's platform

Source: Later

Check this out: Later also gives you, a way to drive traffic to your ecommerce store right from Instagram. Later’s free plan does give you access to lite, so you may want to consider making your posts clickable for increased conversions.



Sendible offers a free 30-day no-credit card trial on all plans. Its cheapest plan is the $24 per month Micro plan, which accommodates 12 services for one user, with unlimited pst scheduling and up to 10 queues. Other plans add additional features, along with more services and permitted users.

Indeed “Services” are Sendible’s principal point of difference. They are like channels or profiles that you create within your Sendible account and allow you to select which features you need.

Sendible has operated since 2008, evolving with time. You can use it both for scheduling content to your social platforms and drafting and publishing posts on all the leading blogging platforms. You can create your own content, or use Sendible’s  Google Chrome Extension to publish or schedule content you come across while browsing the web. You can also find high-quality content to share with your followers through Sendible’s content tool, RSS feeds, and Google Alerts.

You can also use Sendible to help you centralize your social media management, including such things as Facebook moderation (automatically removing comments and posts from your Facebook Pages that contain words or phrases you specify) and uploading and scheduling Facebook Page cover photos to match your marketing campaigns.

Although Sendible doesn’t have an in-built graphics editor, like PromoRepublic, it does include Canva integration, allowing you to create social media graphics with Canva and schedule them to your profiles and pages.


Use these web, mobile, and other tools to boost your social media networks and grow your business.

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